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I was sponsored to attend FFFWeek 2012 by TS14+

fffweek olivia

It feels a bit weird to be talking about the end of FFFWeek without explaining all the fabulous things that happened in the middle but this post may be considered time critical. Before I fully explain myself I wanted to show you a happy photo of myself, hanging out with the gorgeous Olivia of Wait Until the Sunset. We’re mingling after the show talking to and photographing as many people as possible. I felt like I hardly saw Olivia the whole time I was in NYC but I’m glad I was there to photograph her when Ben proposed in front of the Statue of Liberty on the river at sunset… magic moment.


This dress blew me away when it sashayed down the runway. It was so different and beautiful… and I could buy it and it could fit me. That’s the biggest revelation I experienced during FFFWeek runway shows. Everything on display, everything on offer, I could buy. Suddenly a whole world, far bigger than anything I could have imagined, suddenly opened up before my eyes. I was no longer the exception, my curves had become the rule.


I sat and photographed the shows as best I could from my designated position. I looked longly at the press pit, wishing away my sparkly dress and longing for my black skinny jeans and converse. I wasn’t really sure where I fit into the whole fashion blogger scene but it was in that moment that I realised what I really wanted. It wasn’t to sit in VIP and be photographed, it was to be the one taking the pictures. I swore that if I came back in 2013 I’d be myself and let my work shine for me rather than fuss over my outfit.


On the night I wore a Calvin Klein  Burgundy wrap dress with black sequined shoulder pads that I picked up on Sale at Macy’s. I also wore Caitlin’s Jeffery Campbell Lita’s which for me a very was hardcore outfit. I’d packed my thongs in my camera bag so I could wear them on the way home. Carring all my gear all week, all over NYC had left my back and shoulders a mess. I shyly did all the press photos, a video interview and photos with friends but I wasn’t feeling my outfit, it didn’t feel like me or the “me” I wanted to be. When it came to take the runway photos I was shaking. I barely drank enough water whilst in New York and to be honest I was kind of over the pomp… so I changed into my thongs. The Lita’s were leaving me wobbly and I couldn’t focus. I made a decision and now… well I feel kind of bad.

flip flops

So Gwen DeVoe, the awesome woman behind Full Figured Fashion Week sent out a status this afternoon and I have an inkling it was about me. I thought I’d laid low, that no one would notice and I was no longer being filmed or photographed but maybe I was. All I knew was that as soon as I put my thongs or “flip flops” on I felt more stable and more effective in my role. In hindsight I shoulda, coulda, woulda done a lot of things differently. Like maybe not freak out so much about clothes in the first place. Maybe construct an outfit around the most comfortable closed toe shoes I owned.


I’d just like to apologise to Australia for letting you down. When I travelled to America I had two pairs of shoes: trainers and thongs. I bought all my 9.5 Wide shoes whilst I was over there and as I broke them in they broke me. I promise not to embarrass you this year. I will be an appropriately attired, fashionably relaxed and above all enchanting individual who you can be proud of… and I’ll take plenty of kick ass photos too.

I hereby promise not to wear my thongs/flip flops to FFFWeek 2013.

I’m sorry Gwen xx


  1. 1


    I have to say I love the burgundy dress.
    I’m sitting here wondering why I feel uncomfortable about this post. I think its because FFF is supposed to be about body acceptance and the right to be fashionable at any size. I know flip flops are not really fashionable but where is the acceptance here?
    The reality is that it is very hard to find fashionable practical shoes for wide feet here in Australia. Those people from New York dont know how lucky they are. Having said that I STILL had trouble finding pretty shoes even in 2 weeks of New York. So Danni I encourage you to be the person you are. We are already proud of you. I hope you can relax and enjoy the trip more this year but dont let anxiety about what we think get in your way. You have already done pretty well by being you after all.
    And by the way I think your work did shine. I cant believe how many of your photos I saw from that week all over the internet. Cant wait to see more.

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    charlie says

    this post is funny cos i was watching american news this morning where the designer of haviana thongs was on, did you know they have been around for 50 years in america? she was giving away 30 pairs to the audience and she had some exciting news to spread.. havianas now come with new colours, you can get whatever colour strap you want so its mix n match oh and they have really cute charms to attach too so you can match your fashionable wardrobe wherever you wear them.
    basically saying they are the new heel lol
    i think FFFW should be more accepting of them, the day after all is about whos in front of the camera, the person behind it should feel comfortable and able to move freely rather than wear heels or some other type of shoe.

    maybe buy a pair of thongs from those “old lady” show shops, my mum got a lovely pair of thongs from them and they even had a heel lol

  3. 6


    Uhhhhh…you were wearing thongs? LOL! I was talking to you the whole time and I didn’t even notice. You’re a rockstar darling! Hope to see you this summer again!! xoxo

  4. 7

    Belinda says

    Wow, that was a bit bitchy of Gwen to make such a fuss about wearing a pair of thongs. Maybe she should have come and asked you if you were okay rather than getting all judgy about the type of shoes you were wearing.

  5. 9


    When I saw your post on FB I checked out Ms DeVoe’s page. Maybe I’m in a bad mood, but it mad me stabby, I just thought it was rude.

  6. 11


    Good Grief that is pure out and out snobbery … it’s almost discrimination ;) Doesn’t this woman know they’re part of our national dress?
    Has anyone checked whether LVT or Lou Bouton (sp) or Jimmy Choo or Chanel or any other high end footwear manufacturer make high priced leather “flip flop” style footwear marketed as sandals??? C’mon we’ve all seen them heavily embellished with a lovely heel and straps in pure leather with the thong between the toes ;)
    Love to know what shoes she wears as obviously her feet don’t ache to the point of agony … Oh well you can always go barefoot ;)

  7. 16


    You DID not let Australia down. Please don’t be so apologetic.You are an amazing, gorgeous and stylish woman. You wore clothes that you felt suit the occasion, and the fact that you had to change into more sensible shoes after the pomp and cermony sounds totally reasonable to me. Also, thongs are iconic. Think of it as adding some aussie flavour <3

  8. 17


    Agreed with everyone else, you did nothing wrong by changing into flip-flops, and you have nothing to be embarrassed about!

    On a different note, that dress with the feather skirt is AMAZING. Which designer is it by?

  9. 18

    Stacey says

    I’ve never felt compelled to comment on your blog until this post. I’m a long-time reader and I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through your blog.

    This post is silly. There is absolutely no need for you to dedicate your precious time to writing a post which apologises for wearing thongs, regardless of what someone else has posted on social media. You wore thongs, you had justifiable reasons for doing so, it sounds like other people did too and as a result, someone has written a subjective status about it on Facebook. So you know not to do it again in 2013. End of story, lesson learnt. No apology, blog post or fanfare required.

    Dani, I feel like lately (on the basis of feeling like I ‘know’ you through your blog) you’re caught trying to make sure you keep everyone else happy and live up to what they expect you to be without much consideration for who you want to be.

    To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Just be you – there isn’t anyone better.

  10. 19

    Toni Brockliss says

    This post reminded me of one of my favourite mottos –

    Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else.

    To me fashion is to be celebrated! Fashion is about finding your own style.
    Dani I think you are gorgeous and to be congratulated. You were likely the most comfortable and fashionable person there.
    Fashion is not about herding a bunch of women into a room and making them feel that they have to compete and not be themselves so that they fit in.
    I find it almost ironic that you are there to celebrate the fact that there IS fashion week for plus size women. Unheard of back in the day and instead of making the women in the room feel empowered, they make you feel bad for footwear choice.

    Someone needs to send Gwen to Newtown to get her worries of the world in the right order.

    And just because it’s me and I like to prove a point, here is a good one – super stylish SJP in thongs on the Huffington Post site and people did a poll…..79% said it was a hit!

  11. 20

    Jade says

    “I’d just like to apologise to Australia for letting you down”. Seriously? You really feel like you ‘ve let down the nation because you wore thongs? Perspective. Get some.

  12. 23

    Ally says

    “This post is silly. There is absolutely no need for you to dedicate your precious time to writing a post which apologises for wearing thongs, regardless of what someone else has posted on social media. You wore thongs, you had justifiable reasons for doing so, it sounds like other people did too and as a result, someone has written a subjective status about it on Facebook. So you know not to do it again in 2013. End of story, lesson learnt. No apology, blog post or fanfare required. ”


    Good luck at FFFWeek 2013, I hope you really do enjoy yourself.

  13. 24

    Rachel says

    I wore thongs at my wedding when my feet hurt, and I would do so anywhere else as well – they were silver and sparkly – so harden up America.

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