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I was surprised when a reader tweeted me to say I’d been mentioned in the February issue of Weight Watchers Magazine. I wasn’t aware at all as I don’t read it and I’d chosen to pass on the work opportunity offered by the WW marketing team last year to my friend Amanda who needed it more. Seems the ladies at the magazine like what I do regardless, thank you! In case you can’t read it, it’s says:

“This mum, photographer and fashion enthusiast shares her thoughts on what’s hot, what fits and life in general.”

Amanda has since lost over 17kgs and despite her troubles along the way she’s inspired me. Suger too with her delicious salads and smoothies filling my instagram feed. Why can’t Suger, Kelvy and their fancy Thermomix  live next door? I used to worry about combining fitness and food related posts on the blog. I tried a separate weight loss blog in the past but it just wasn’t me, I’m not a weight loss blogger.

Over the years my size has waved between an 18 and a 24 and it’s currently sitting at a 22 and if I’m not careful my arse will be a 24. I’d like to get back to an 18 but I don’t spend all day obsessing about it. I’ve been so busy the last six months I let myself slide. I focused more on what I could do for you that I stopped looking after me. I also developed a mild addiction to Twirl bars.

Just before New Years I started walking which quickly turned into jogging which occasionally turns into running. I wake up at 6am, chuck my gear on an go. Most mornings my eyes are still blurry and I probably look like a plump pink jogging zombie but instead of chanting “BRAINS” all you hear is my lungs rhythmically weezing. I’m out there, I get it done, I come home and by then Steve’s finished giving Aidan breakfast and is ready to leave for work. Then for the rest of the day I feel slightly smug that I’ve pounded out my 30 mins exercise before the day has even started, weirdly 6am just works.

If you’re reading my blog hoping for tips on weight loss and cheap healthy recipes you’ve got the wrong place but if you want to read about feelings, fashion and my own personal journeys please stick around. I might talk about it from time to time but don’t expect too much. I’ll never stop trying to improve myself but sometimes my body just isn’t the part that requires as much of my focus. I don’t let my weight dictate who I am or who I could be tomorrow and I hope that by sharing those honest parts of myself with you, it will rub off.

Have you done Weight Watchers?


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      erin says

      Not trying to be rude, but surely the fact that you have to do it more than once means it hasn’t worked?

      Diets don’t work.

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        I’ve done WW loads of times and always lose weight. When I stop the weight loss stops. It’s not the plan that has gone wrong but I have lost my mojo. When I am in the right zone it’s there for me and it works. “Diets don’t work” always depresses me as I don’t feel destined to be over weight.

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          Erin says

          Diets work in terms of loosing weight, but certainly don’t in terms of addressing the causes of being overweight or obese. Simple.

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            WW isn’t a diet in that it doesn’t say eat this but not this. All it does is give guidance on the amount of food you can eat each week and expect to lose weight. Exercise, why you over eat etc is touched on but that’s so individual to each person, you have to sort of deal with that yourself. But WW gives you a frame work to get started with if you are ready and willing to work in the other stuff. Not very simple!

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    I recently joined Weight Watchers and I’ve already lost weight. I don’t think of it as a diet, I think of it as a lifestyle change and as I’ve already felt the benefits of it. I’m feeling ready to take on the world!

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    Hey Dani, Thanks for the shout out! Congrats on being mentioned in the Mag! I think it’s great you are working out this whole health thing your own way. There certainly isn’t a right or wrong way to do it Whatever works for the individual is the right way for them! Weight Watchers certainly has been a great program and source of support for me, and despite my hiccups along the way, it is a program that is changing my life and becoming a part of my everyday life!

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    I like that you don’t make this a weightloss blog (I’m a long time lurker). You promote positive body image regardless of size and I’d much rather read about life, feeling and fashion than dieting.
    I’m embarking on a healthy lifestyle makeover this year but I only plan to share the ocasional milestone or epiphany on my blog.
    I have tried weightloss blogging before and I felt like such a failure when I gained as I had an audience.

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    I have also started a 30 minute minimum a day program! Not getting there everyday, but most days I do & it does really feel great! Especially when I can fit it in first thing – it really sets the day up in a great way!

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    Great things happen without you really trying, especially since you started this morning thing for Charlie, but keep going because you want to. love you.

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    I was on weight watchers once a while ago and I left because the one week they told me I had lost 3kgs but the next week said I had gained 3kgs, turns out the stupid bitch didn’t do the scales properly. I hadn’t lost 3kgs, I had lost zero which I was happy with but then be told that you had gained is terrible but I hated her for doing it even though it was a accident they should be more professional and focus in the job at hand

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