Aussie Curves – Yellow

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Super casual outfit photos for this week’s theme. I found “Yellow” really difficult and nothing ever seemed quite right when I was out op shopping… that is until today. Steve, Aidan and I are spending the weekend by the sea thanks to a wonderful friend who understood I was in need of a break. We’ve been here since Friday morning and spent the majority of the time barefoot and covered in sand. It wasn’t just me who needed a sea change either, I haven’t seen the boys this chilled out in ages.

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I haven’t brushed my hair since we arrived, whats the point when you’ve constantly got hat-hair. I didn’t pack any make up, I’ve just smeared on sunscreen and only brought along a change of clothes, my swimmers and a big smile. I didn’t even pack shoes, just my thongs and I’ve barely worn those.

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We headed out to the op shops in the next town to see what we could find and give Aidan a chance to have a sleep in the car. I was on the hunt for yellow and found this lovely yellow gold star brooch for $4, a yellow enamel hinged bangle for $2 and vintage gold medallion clip-on earrings for $2. I borrowed the wink button from Aidan’s hat and that’s about as yellow as I was ever going to be. Here’s to a super casual outfit and even more casual post! Did I mention I didn’t even bring my camera on this trip… I know, soooo not like me.

yellow 4

  • Chambray Shirt – Target gifted
  • Blue Maxi Dress – ASOS Curve
  • Gold Clip On Earrings – Thrifted
  • Yellow Enamel Bangle – Thrifted
  • Gold Star Badge – Thrifted
  • Wink Button – Aidan’s




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      All in the eye of the beholder Kt lol. I felt like a mess but it was me, just as I was in that moment and I guess I wanted to remind the Aussie Curves ladies (and myself) that the challenge isn’t about glossy photos although they are fun, this challenge is about “doing” and just living it.

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      So they put her tail over to the sides. A horses ass by any other name is still where the horse turds come out. Same to you, you ignoarnt, simple slut.

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      Happy accident. I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to find yellow things in the op shops. The bangle is light and cute, I think it’s a keeper.

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    Dani you look like a family trip to the seaside was just what the Dr ordered. You look so happy, relaxed and refreshed. Oh and the pop of yellow is fab too.

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      I slept for 10 hours on Saturday night… TEN, totally unheard of. Woogs warned me about the peacefulness but I didn’t believe her. I want to escape there on my own and hide out for a week lol.

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    Um, you could wear a potato sack and still look beautiful! It does not matter what you do, you are so luminous. But, I do have to say that I’m loving the maxi dress fabulous beach casual look!

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