How to Apply False Lashes

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Earlier this year I placed my very first Tarazz order of Sephora products. After being introduced to the cosmetic powerhouse in New York last year I couldn’t wait to get my hands on more goodies, especially at very reasonable prices compared to Australia’s overpriced counters. Fragrances, skincare, make up… it’s all there. In my last order I bought some high quality lip products and an eye lash applicator. When I showed you a few were keen to see it in action so here you go:

I think my next DSLR will have video, the lack of creative control is starting to annoy me but looking past all that, you can see it’s really easy to apply a false lash. I think it’s the curved rubber applicator tip that holds the lash just so. I have big fingers and handling delicate lashes all covered in glue always ends up messy but now it’s simple and quick!

Tarazz has just launched consolidated shipping to further increase your savings, here’s what the team have to say:

We have recently streamlined our operations to bring our customers cheaper shipping prices with faster delivery to their door. Customers will really benefit when they purchase multiple items as shipping gets cheaper the heavier the weight of the package.

Sephora Examples

  • Old Shipping: 1 x Nail polish set + 1 x Mascara = $30.45
  • New Shipping: 1 x Nail polish set + 1 x Mascara =$20.90
  • Old Shipping: 1 x Eye shadow palette + 1 x pencil eyeliner + 1 x Nail polish set = $26.45
  • New Shipping: 1 x Eye shadow palette + 1 x pencil eyeliner + 1 x Nail polish set =$24.10
  • Old Shipping: 1 x 1.7Oz eau de parfum + 1 x 2.2 eau de toilette = $30.45
  • New Shipping: 1 x 1.7Oz eau de parfum + 1 x 2.2 eau de toilette =$26.65

Tarazz is totally committed to customer satisfaction so we are constantly assessing the price of shipping and are making changes wherever we can to optimise the efficiencies of our operation. We have already received some great feedback from customers and look forward to delivering you access to brands not available in Australia at great prices.

tarazz picks

Mothers Day is this Sunday and whilst an order wouldn’t arrive in time to physically be here on the day, I’m prepared to wait knowing it’s on it’s way. The last time I ordered Sephora products from Tarazz it took exactly 14 working days then it was at my door, I’ve waited longer for ASOS packages to arrive. These are a few things on my wishlist… I wonder if Steve will get the hint?

$10 Flat Rate Shipping from Sephora!!!

For the next three days (7th-9th of May) you wont have to worry about calculating shipping prices and you can order as much or as little as you like without having to worry about weight! I’m lucky enough to be able to walk into a store in just six week’s time but I’ll still be placing an order (to save space in my suitcase) and if you want to get your hands on some great brands I suggest you do the same.

Sephora prices are so so good which is why I’m so excited to help Tarazz spread the word. You can also keep up to date with other current promotions via the Tarazz facebook page… Happy Shopping!


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    Ugh says

    Ugh. Just ugh. All the pouting and flipping the hair is not cute or funny it’s gross.
    Everything you post now lacks heart, it’s all just fucking sponsored shit.

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    Thanks for the video – looking forward to trying to do it myself. Will also be making a Benefit purchase thanks to you & this deal.

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