How to Take a Pretty Licence Photo


Licence photos aren’t meant to be flattering but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t at least try. I renew mine every year mostly because I like that I have the opportunity to take a new photo. As I sat and thought about how I could make “Danimezza’s Drivers Licence of 2013” super awesome it also dawned on me that other people might give a crap about this sort of thing too so I decided to share my tips… enjoy!

Lighting for these photos are always terrible so the best way to combat darkness or shadows on your face is to use illuminating products, I’ve layered several and you can see the full list at the end of the video in the order that they were used. As always feel free to ask me any questions or feel free to share your top tip for a great licence photo.


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    Great tips. I need a new passport photo soon (NZ driving licenses are good for 10 years so I have a while to wait for a new one). Hoping the tips will work for that too.

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    Toni Brockliss says

    Oh my stars you are so nice!
    I wish you lived in Melbourne. We would be friends… a non-stalkerish way!
    Thank you for the tips. I look like a hobbit in my drivers photo. I am so doing this next time!

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    I don’t think mine expires for ages but it gives me time to practice!

    My last one was taken when i had endo and my period hit me while i was at the counter. I also had wild and unruly hair and looked like one of charles mansons girls. Plus it was when the new rule came in about no glasses and no smiling. Worst. Photo. Ever.

    Yours look awesome as in all your photos!

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      Oh worst timing EVER. It’s happened to me to but for my high school ID and it was my first period I think, I look like I should be in hospital!

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    Marg says

    I am a “make up for dummies” kind of girl. This video was just so brilliant thanks.
    I am in desperate need if new foundation. Is the one you used good for everyday wear?

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      Definitely Marg, it’s light which is why I love it. I can’t stand heavy foundations. I have a Dior one that I wear when I need something a little stronger.

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    Love it. Is is possible to link to where you got those products, or where we can get them? Did you get them all in one spot? I really want to brighten up under my eyes too, but I know next to nothing about contouring.

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      Priceline, BigW or your local chemist warehouse or those type of places will have your L’Oreal products. Benefit Cosmetics is available online via Myer or if you want to buy a few product shipping from the US site is usually free over $100 or so. Adore Beauty is also a great site:

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    Love it!!

    Mines scary but not for the usual reason. My learners from when I was 16 to my recent one have the same hair style and similar makeup – I feel like I’ve not changed ever :P

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    Sam-o says

    My best one ever was taken on a day I had a migraine, wet hair and no makeup. It’s pretty random!

    Its a good photo. You would not have got away with that mini smile at my RTA, btw. Smile police would have shut that puppy down!!

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