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A few weeks ago I headed into the city really really early to work out… I’m serious. I’m not a morning person so I’m still in shock that I actually managed to make the train and stay awake for the entire journey in and then punch out a work out. Did I mention I’d be working out whilst surrounded by polished magazine people and fitness bloggers? You could also say I was the token big girl but that didn’t stop me being me and doing my thing…

I was looking forward to trying the Pilates Reformer machine and it didn’t¬†disappoint, the only negative I found was that there were no pilates studios in my area that used them. I felt really supported throughout the exercise, I felt ease in movement and yet at the same time I felt the burn. Using the resistance method meant that the weight I was pushing against was my own so I wasn’t surprised when I was more red faced than others at the end. If I could I would do it twice or even three times a week and no matter your physical condition I highly recommend you try it. Thank you Running Bare for the lovely invitation, the comfy clothes and the blow dry afterward. I left feeling fresh, pretty and energised.

Have you tried Pilates Reformer?


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    I love the way you challenge yourself and remain open to new experiences. bravo for doing the early morning thing too. Watching you made me feel I could do it too. love always………..

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    I Love pilates, its so good for anyone, of any age and any fitness level. I have plenty of pilates studios with reformers in my area, for me alas it is the cost factor of upwards of $50 a session, which makes it a little pricey, once a week, let alone twice. However pilates mat classes are more affordable and although not as fabulous as the reformer beds, still really worthwhile.
    You ahve talked me into re-looking into these, as its been a while and I need to get some of my flexibility back, which pilates is great for,
    thanks for sharing Dani

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