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I’ve sat on this post all week because for me it’s a big one. This post is meant to sum up all my feelings about Aussie Curves, how thankful and grateful I am for your contributions, for reading, for even caring. This post is meant to express how the challenge has changed me, how it has altered my self awareness, how it has moved me. This post is meant to sum up all the emails, comments, tweets, messages and updates I’ve received about the project, about how it’s changed your lives, your self awareness, your emotions.

For the past week I’m been crippled every time I start to type. The words all sound a bit too corny, a bit too wanky, a bit too over the top and I end up getting weepy. I started this challenge to inspire others but I’ve felt inspired by you all tenfold. I never wanted to preach, to tell you how to wear clothes, what “rules” to follow, how to shop for your shape etc because I would rather show you by example that there are no rules, just self expression.

I’d like to thank Melissa from Suger Coat It for being a strong supporter of my project for the past year and for assisting not only myself but the Aussie Curve members with all the fiddly and geeky issues we encountered along the way. Her time is limited this year so she’s stepping back from the role but will still be making time for challenges. I feel so lucky to call her not only my bloggy buddy but one of my close friends. Much love Sug xx

This week is the start of a shiny new year of challenges and what better way to do so than to “Celebrate”! A few of the ladies from Sydney met up for cocktails and nibbles at The Clock in Surry Hills recently for the Aussie Curves First Anniversary and it was brilliant. I made a little video of our evening so those who couldn’t make it could feel like they were there too, outfit photos included. I’ve also attached a graphic listing all the challenges for the year, save it to your phone, your desktop and never miss an outfit opportunity!



A special mention to Jo from iCurvy who made the amazing cake for the party!

AC Party-1

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    Happy Birthday Aussie Curves! You have made an impact on me – starting from slowly creeping through all of the outfit posts via the blog roll to joining instagram to post my own OOTDs to committing to this year’s photo challenge with my own blog.

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    I often find it hard to put my feelings to words when I feel strongly about something, and thats kind of how I feel about you as an inspiration, and of how much of a joy being able to participate in Aussie Curves it’s been. So thank you Dani, for everything! You = awesome x 836273.

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    Nat was able to sum up my feelings. So many women – inspired by your vision and courage. How do you thank someone who created a community. You’ve started something big. something special. something that changes attitudes, people and lives.

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    BIG UPS to each and every single one of the ladies that participates in the Aussie curves challenges and that posts on the Aussie curves group page. I never contribute to the challenges (not a great selfie taker) but I love seeing each and every one of your outfits, it makes my heart sing that such a community exists.
    Special mention to you Dani & Melissa for starting such a wonderful and inclusive group.

    Looked like a fabulous night, everyone looked gorgeous, would have been lovely to attend.

    WOW Jojo – such fabulous cake decorating skills – that cake looks AMAZING!!!

    thanks again



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