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Melnyczenko Family Christmas 2013-1

I don’t really have any more fancy parties to attend, my silly season is officially over and I literally just tied a bow on the last bit of work I had to do for the year. I’m officially done. We will be driving up the coast to celebrate Christmas with my family and I can’t wait to chill out and relax. I’d be surprised if you found me in anything more than a bikini and sunscreen this week. The make up, heels and hair extensions are definitely staying at home but I will be wearing this dress on Christmas day. Gotta love a dress you keep casual or go glam.

Melnyczenko Family Christmas 2013-5

I really wanted to take a nice family photo this Christmas, Aidan’s growing too fast and I wanted a fresh, bright, happy photo of us all together. Of course I wasn’t organised enough to do it whilst my sister was staying with us so I had to rely on the old tripod and remote trick. All I can say was that it was painful. Aidan was in a defiant mood but I won. Some turned out too blurry, some had our bodies cut in half but there were a few that turned out ok.

Melnyczenko Family Christmas 2013-3

Some were too hilarious not to share.

Melnyczenko Family Christmas 2013-7

I’m very lucky to have my little family. A day doesn’t go by without me reflecting on our past, how we got here and why even the hard moments are worth it. I might be busy, I might be chasing dreams but I know my life, my reason for being, my loves, are right there with me just as I am for them.

Melnyczenko Family Christmas 2013-2

I’m lucky.

Melnyczenko Family Christmas 2013-6

I’m grateful.

Melnyczenko Family Christmas 2013-4

I’m all wrapped up in love… Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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    Toni Brockliss says

    I love all the photos, but the one above the words “I’m grateful” is very special. I can see that one going out on a christmas card.
    Merry Christmas to you Dani. Drive carefully and have a relaxing holiday.

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    You look stunning Danni. You actually inspired my Christmas outfit which i went out and searched for yesterday, a red dress, i wanted nothing else and i found one :) You have a gorgeous family and its so nice to hear people being grateful after all we only live once! Merry Christmas xx

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