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This time last week Steve and I were running away from home for the night. It had been almost 3 years since we’d had some alone time, just the two of us, doing something exciting and different. This is partly due to the fact that we don’t have a baby sitter or disposable income. So when my sister came to stay we took full advantage and booked a night away in Blacktown… yep, you heard right.

I originally planned for us (I book our hotels, it’s my thing and Steve honestly loves it) to stay at QT Sydney in a luxurious corner suite but then Steph and I went to the Skyline Cinema for our own little bonding date night which is right next to Atura, a new hotel owned by QT and I thought… that looks nice! So I cancelled the first booking and changed to Atura and I’m so glad I did because it was lovely.

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Atura Blacktown is only 30 minutes from home, has a pool, lots of free parking, a pool, big new fluffy king size beds… did I mention they have a pool? They were really affordable too, like $130 a night thanks to opening specials which is crazy good. I booked the “Date Night Package” which included one nights stay in a king bed room (all the rooms are exactly the same), buffet breakfast, two course dinner and strawberries, whipped cream and tequila shots on arrival all for less than $300… WHAAAAAT?! I know right, amaze!

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I never planned to instagram anything from our time away but it’s just so damn ingrained in me that I did it without thinking. I’ve always been this way though. I was a blogger before there was bloggers if that makes any sense. Steve didn’t bat an eye, “It’s who you are, it’s your thing.” It’s one of the billion and trillion reasons why I love him.

It was a moment worth recording. We realised we’d never done shots together. In the 10+ years that we’d been together, not once had we squinted our eyes shut and knocked back a shot. I taught him how to do it (apparently Tequila is also my thing), we did it and it was awesome. Did I mention it was only 4pm? Epic parentals-off-duty moment.

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After a few sneaky Jack & Cokes and feeling slightly buzzed we slipped on our swim gear and headed for the pool. It was 5pm, drizzly and only about 23 degrees but we were determined, we were going in that damn pool. I couldn’t wait to flaunt my brand new bikini that had only arrived the day before.

Caitlin shared on the Aussie Curves facebook group wall that OzSale had some Sorella Swim pieces hugely discounted. As shipping them from the US is pretty expensive and they’re a high quality luxe garment to start with I was keen to check it out. Usually this set would go for about $160 USD but I snapped it up for $58 AUD. I know, even better news was that it fit PERFECTLY. I immediately jumped straight back on to buy another set but they were sold out.

I still can’t believe I own a bikini… why did I wait so long?

danimezza date 5

After our swim we had a shower and got ready for dinner. I was so excited about the fact that everything was taken care of, no need for wallets or budgeting, just relaxing. The Date Night package came with a set options menu for dinner, it took two seconds to make a decision then we ordered drinks and chatted about, well… us. Not the baby, or bills, or house stuff, just us and it was really lovely. I might even go as far as saying it was the best meal out I can remember us having in a very long time.

It’s easy to forget sometimes that you’re two infinitely different people, especially when you’ve lived intimately alongside each other for so long. Yes, I understand 10 years might not seem that long but I’m only 27. You get so used to each other, you find routines and seamlessly fall into them without meaning to, making it harder to surprise. We were fine and happy bouncing along with our life then we realised so much time had gone by without celebrating it, our togetherness, just us.

I understand if you want to click away right now, I’m a bit of a sap.

danimezza date 6

Our meals arrived, we obviously ordered exactly the same thing although I’m pretty sure if we’d split it we’d still have felt full. The most beautifully rich and perfectly cooked steak. Steve’s a critic at the best of times but this one got two thumbs up and not a single complaint. I’d call that a win.

We’ve already made plans to go back, it’s too convenient not to. Let’s be honest thought, Blacktown isn’t really a sexy-weekend-away kind of destination but I’m glad we took a chance on it. The hotel was built because Wet’n’Wild Sydney is right next door, you can literally walk to it. We haven’t been yet as we think Aidan’s too small to really get the most out of it and well, we can’t go without him.

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After dinner we strolled back to our room but not before a quick outfit photo in the hallway to show off one of my new favourite dresses, a Christmas gift from TS14+. It was such a relaxed evening, so chilled out. I felt pretty, loved up and slightly buzzed. You know those moments when things get a bit hard, a bit shit and you wonder if, after all the difficult stuff is gone or put aside, would you still be those two people who fell in love all those years ago? That meal alone, with every trace of our normal lives removed, reminded me that we were.

danimezza date 8

Usually Steve sees me all dressed up just briefly before heading off to hang out with other people in the city. He doesn’t get the ultra glam version 24/7, he usually just gets me in all my natural glory so I wanted to make a particular effort to show that I loved to doll myself up for him too.

I slipped on my dress, a belt, added some simple heels, a pink lip and a subtle cat-eye and I was set. I piled my curls into a big messy bun and played off the casualness of the dress. The print is pretty amazing, feminine and edgy and the cut makes it so comfortable. Like I’ve always said, you don’t have to like everything a brand offers but if you overlook them completely you might miss out on a gem and lately I’ve found lots.

danimezza date 9

I don’t usually write about my marriage and I guess I don’t really plan to but I did want to share this weekend, to record it on my blog. It was a wake up call in many ways, a reminder of why we’re still in this thing together, that it’s important to stop and celebrate us, our love and all that other mushy crap you’re probably tired of hearing about. Also, breakfast was awesome.

I managed to score a late check out of 12pm but we were up at breakfast by 9am and it was pouring rain so we skipped the markets (Skyline Drive in has them every Sunday) and we couldn’t go swimming so we decided we’d just check out. On the way home we went to Kmart and picked up my Christmas present and a sorry-we-abandoned-you-for-our-own-pleasure guilt present for Aidan. A totally normal and very “us” way to end the weekend.

Hopefully my next “Resort” post will come from somewhere a little sexier than Blacktown… Hello Queensland! (I wish!)


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    Kylie says

    Glad to hear your weekend was so lovely, not nearly as awesome as those eyebrows though!
    Happy New Year beautiful girl xo

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    Thanks for the tip! I was able to get onto Ozsale and pick up a Sorella Swim bikini top for myself. I had been looking for a cute top for a long time and could not find anything that made me happy. And now I am just waiting for the parcel in the post…

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