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I get a lot of questions about how to deal with the dreaded chafe. The warmer weather rolls around and in our minds we’re lustfully dreaming of pretty printed cotton dressed we can twirl about in but before we click “Buy Now” we’re reminded of the irritating stinging. The bow-legged walks. The jeans you forced yourself to wear all last summer.

Chafe isn’t pretty. It hurts. The worst part is it hurts much more than physically, it’s almost as if chafing has a direct link to your self esteem. What I hope to achieve with this post is that you kick that “direct link” in the ass and remind it that your awesomeness rubbing together is nothing to be ashamed of.

I’m not just talking about the whole box-gap/thigh-gap drama, that’s another tale all on it’s own. Chafe can occur in areas other than the thighs, it can be under your arms, your breasts, your neck, your belly… basically anywhere skin touches skin and it’s hot and sweaty. I know, this is not the prettiest topic to write about but we’re in deep now, let’s keep going.


… and tunics. This was me for a long time. In warmer months I’d always find a way to make leggings work with a long top so I didn’t have to worry about my thighs rubbing together and they were way cooler than jeans. If you want to start wearing tunics and dresses leggings are a great way to work yourself up to it and they come in so many colours, fabrics and patterns now.


This is an easy solution for most, slip your shorts on and go. However they can create unwanted lines, can roll up, slip down and ultimately they add another layer. Having grown up wearing black bike shorts under everything I was quick to ditch them for something a little more freeing.


I was sent a pair of these to try and whilst they were lovely and soft they just didn’t do it for me personally. Maybe I got the size wrong, maybe the top of my thighs were just too soft to keep them in place, who knows. I wanted to love them. A lot of the Aussie Curve ladies swear by them. That’s the thing with chafing, it’s such a personal thing. You have to try all the options until you find what works for you.

3B Cream

This is my holy grail. I put a generous amount on my hands, perch on the edge of the bed and rub it into my inner thighs where they touch and tend to chafe. I wash my hands and I’m out the door. I can go all day twirling about in a dress no problem. It changed my fashion-life. In summer they usually sell them in boxes of two at a discount, buy four and it will last you more than a year. Freedom I tell ya!


There are special powders you can buy or you can just stick to baby powder but personally I haven’t found them to work. Lots of mess, lots of fuss and no result. Personal choice though, depends on your level of chafe and if you have dark carpet.


Are you kidding me, unless they’re denim shorts forget it!

Actually that’s what prompted this post. I was at the outdoor mall, it was over 30 degrees and I was in a barely-there sundress and I still felt like I was melting. A lady about my size and age walked by miserably in thick jeans, a tank top and a cardigan to cover her arms. She fidgeted with the sleeves, she’d sweated through the back and her brow was wet. She did all that to cover herself. It killed me. It was killing her.

I wasn’t brave enough to hug a random stranger and buy her 3B cream but I sure as hell can urge you to!

There are still so many days of Summer left, please don’t spend them hidden under dark heavy clothing. Your legs deserve to meet the sunshine (sunscreen too ladies), to wear shorts, to wear dresses and pretty little skirts. Knees deserve to meet the sun too, you’re the only one stopping you. Every part of you is lovely… even the chafing parts!

Want more posts about chafing? Here are two of my favourites for you, you’re welcome!


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    Excellent post Danni!! If only all us curvy ladies would be on the same page and we could go up and hug someone, tell them to strip off and embrace their curves!

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    I have 3B cream but it doesn’t seem to work for me? I’m not sure if im using it wrong or what.

    Do you apply it and leave it like a thick layer? Or do you rub it right in?

    I have had times when I either have forgotten to put on some shapewear shorts, or wore some that didn;t fit right, and chafed til I bled. So, So bad. The worst was when I went to Australia Zoo with my daughter and friends. I didnlt think about the sweat/chafe factor and was in awful pain by the end. I tried to tuck my maxi skirt in between my legs at one point to walk. It was embarrassing and painful :(

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      I use a generous amount and really rub it in all over. Then I sit there for a moment and let it dry. Then wash my hands. To completely remove it I make sure to scrub my inner thighs in the shower so there is no residue build up.

      I’ve been there with the bad chafing, it’s intense and embarrassing, you’re not alone xx

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    ohhh, thanks for the 3B cream tip, I’ve never even heard of it… actually when I worked in Turkey my boss suggested a tiny (and i mean tiny) bit of baby oil which mean your legs just slid back and forth, well lubricated. Hahha.
    Yeah, I never the whole baby powder thing… seemed ridiculous.

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    Chafing is the one thing that stopped me wearing dresses. Well that and my legs, and arms and…….

    I have never heard of 3B cream before, will need to try that one out. I have only really thrown myself into wearing dresses again over the past couple of months (thanks to BelleCurve & the Aussie Curves Group), and so far have avoided the chafe as I have been wearing dresses generally at night when it is cooler.

    Thanks for the tip Dani, you’re a fountain of useful information as always :)

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    Steph says

    3B is AMAZING!! Before it, I would wear short bike shorts like a 8 year. It was embarassing if there a gust of wind. So glad those days are behind me. And the tube lasts forever. My bf and I both use it. And 1 tube seems to be endless. I urge all curvy ladies to try it. Just rub it on in the mornings before you leave. It does feel a bit yuck to wash off your hand afterwards but it wears off eventually. It will change your life and your summer! Great post. I also feel sad when I see fellow big girl sweating it in layers on a hot day.

  7. 10

    Di says

    Thanks so much for this great blog! I’ve always had to wear shorts or leggings under dresses and have always bought dresses & skirts with that in mind to make sure I didn’t get anything too short (ie. can’t wear leggings for corporate work wear so work dresses etc. need to be long enough to cover shorts). Even as a teenager when I was a size 8/10 I had issues with chafing so it’s not just a ‘big girl’ issue! I decided to take the plunge today and bought a tube of 3B cream and was amazed with the result! I know this cream has been on the market for years and I don’t know why I’ve never tried it before. I look forward to many more days of breezy fun with dresses and skirts :)

  8. 11

    Pumba says

    I also use the 3B cream and find it a lifesaver.
    In the past I have also tried other brands that do the same job.
    Much better than the bike-shorts under dresses that I did for years.

  9. 12


    I have started wearing dresses after a good decade of avoidance because of shapewear shorts. I am in the minority, I know, but I love wearing the high waisted short types. Zero chafe and clothes just feel better. I am lucky as I don’t find they fall down or dig, they are just comfy.

    I’m pretty excited about this 3B cream though! I remember the TV ad with the weirdly drawn crying cartoons, anyone else?? I’ll have to give it a crack, through I’m not sure if it could overtake my love of shapewear shorts :)

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    Amy B. says

    Just browsing around and found this older post. I just discovered split slips last summer, and immediately filled my closet with dresses. I have always worn hot-as-heck-jeans year round, and was astounded at how cool and amazing wearing a dress feels! I like the appearance of a slip under a dress, to keep everything smooth, and to be sure my dress does not stick to my skin or get caught in my underpants when I stand up LOL Here is one example, that is snip-able to three different lengths.

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