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Danimezza House Tour 2014-1

Earlier today I shared the journey of my lounge room. I know, epic right. Well I wanted to elaborate further and give a much more detailed overview of where it’s at now, where I sourced things and what I have planned next. It’s a long one, feel free to just look at the pretty pictures if you like.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-7

I honestly never expected our beige wool rug to last this long without major staining, seriously it’s been almost 5 years now but that confirmed in my mind that I could justify a beige couch. It’s been the best purchase so far. It’s simple, slimline and seats three comfortably. It’s lovely to sit on, sleep on and lightens the space. I bought it this time last year from Plush Sofas for $800.

The quilt I made Aidan when he was a baby lives permanently on the couch, it’s so silky soft now. The cushions were from EziBuy but I’ve since restuffed them with feather down inserts from Ikea, they’re so luxe now. I bought a new coffee table from Ikea on Saturday, round white tempered glass which reflects light and matches the dining table. It’s easy to clean, has simple storage and a space for Aidan and I to work. I liked that it was on castors so it could roll where we need it.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-6

The room feels so much bigger and since I’ve added the turquoise pieces I don’t hate the butter/mustard yellow walls as much. I’ve added magenta and yellow highlights throughout the room offset by white and natural fibres. I wanted it to be a colourful. A fresh and bright space that was functional and playful. It’s almost as if my studio style has taken over the living areas… and I love it! In fact, the boys really love it too, no complaints, only compliments and unquestioning assistance from both.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-19

The old tv unit, the china cabinet, the coffee table, they’re all gone. We cut the emotional cord and embraced the new chapter. This moment was so huge that it totally warranted a good twirl around the room. I looked at simple tiny white units (man there were plenty!) but as soon as I saw this one at Ikea I knew it was mine. It’s blue steel (hehe), has sliding doors and plenty of room for our consoles. Because the doors and sides are mesh you can still use the remotes to operate them without opening the doors.

Our TV is considered tiny to most but we don’t mind as we don’t use it that often. I like that it doesn’t dominate the space and I’ve slightly angled it so we still have good vision from the couch. Above the TV is our favourite wedding photo, surrounded by messages of love from friends and family. The butterfly is symbolic to us and the framed cork coaster is from our honeymoon in Bali. Woven baskets are underneath to store assorted small toys Aidan likes. The giant Lego head was a Christmas gift and gets daily use and still looks good. I’ll be getting rid of the CD rack and moving the lamp, I just haven’t figured that bit out yet.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-3

Earlier this week (after my first trip to Ikea) I picked up a pair of curtains for $12 and then cut them both in half, hemmed them and hung them as panels at either side of the main windows in the living area. They’re the same colour as the TV unit and match perfectly. I did something similar (with the help of grandma) in Aidan’s room when I was setting up his nursery and it still works today so I thought I’d expand on it out here. I also use them to tie back the white curtains to let the breeze through.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-4

The bunting has been up forever. I hung it for Aidan’s first birthday, loved it so much I never really took them down. They’re made from scrapbooking cardboard and brown twine, too simple. The owners of the house took down the curtain rods (who does that? why?) and since we never planned to be here long we never bought new ones but I made do with curtain wire. It’s not polished but it works. Renting isn’t a “perfection” game.

The table is an $80 Gumtree find. It is by far the best table we have ever owned. We can get 6-8 people around it if we need to, it’s bright and reflective, slimline and doesn’t take up much space. That’s where I take all my product shots. That space gets such amazing light so I decided to capitalise on it and turn it into my own little lightroom. The chairs are easy to wipe down, comfy to sit on and compact. I bought magenta chair pads from Ikea that are so soft and break up a lot of the blue. Best part is they’re machine washable. “Monica” the only plant I’ve ever been able to keep alive for more than three months, is still going strong. Placemats were from Aldi.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-5

I also bought the white draw unit from Aldi. They’re currently in stock again now, along with my “selfie mirror”. Again, that whole area was designed around the light, even the furniture works double time reflecting it. I keep all Aidan’s art and craft supplies in the draws. I liked that everything was easily accessible to him. On top is the cookie jar and a bowl of sunscreens, mozzie sprays and the like. You could call it a seasonal decoration lol. Above the draws is usually the annual calendar but I haven’t bought a new one yet.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-2

This was one of the first paintings that Aidan brought home from school. I still adore it. It’s been blutac-ed to my bedroom wall for almost a year now. I like that there is lots of colour, but not too blended. I like the big yellow “M” and well, just everything about it, so I framed it.

Below it is our new fruit bowl. You’d think it was overkill but it’s not… we haven’t done this week’s fruit shop yet. We used to have three fruit bowls, all crammed in and it was crazy. I got the trolley from Ikea and each shelf fits a crate of fruit. We go through a lot of bananas, apples and oranges, this type of storage just makes sense. Aidan has easy access, nothing is crammed or squished and it frees up so much counter space.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-10

Can you see why I’m so happy now, everything has a place!

Danimezza House Tour 2014-11

The steel shelves and the steel lockers are new from Ikea too. I’d just like to say that this is a sponsored post for no one and I have the empty wallet to prove it. Now that’s out of the way I can gush about my shelves! All the fragile, precious, gorgeous things that were in my old china cabinet have been packed away properly in moving boxes and put away. I used them frequently but sacrifices had to be made.

Now I have slim, easy to clean and easy to adjust shelves. My collection of Real Living Magazines are safely in their place (although 2009 seems to have gone missing!!!) and family photo albums finally have a space. I’m intentionally leaving spaces until I know what should go there, no rushing these things. Yoga mat and vacuum have a home out of the way and the blue lockers look amazing.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-14

In the first locker I’ve stashed the pink playstation (I only use it for SingStar) and our DVDs. It’s so great to have these things organised, out of sight yet still easy to find.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-15

Below is Aidan’s DVDs and his tech gear. It’s now under lock and key to really monitor his usage. This also holds our work out stuff and hand weights will go in there too.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-16

Here’s Charlie in is favourite spot. This is our back door and he sits on his little bed and watches us when we’re inside. The doormat was $4 also from Ikea and it’s great, non slip, easy to clean and low enough that it doesn’t catch on the door. Aidan’s bouncy dragon has been one of the best toy investments ever, still gets heaps of use and looks totally cute.

My Vibrodisc hasn’t had much use lately as it was constantly in the way but I do love it and now it has space. It’s always plugged in now and ready to go. We’ll also be buying an elliptical in the next few weeks and the whole living area layout has been designed around it. It’s not going to be pretty but it’s going to be used.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-9

Basically it will go where the dragon and the Vibrodisc is now and will come out to about the end of the coffee table. The Vibrodisc will move to the opposite wall. It’ll be our little zen work out area. Steve bought a cheap elliptical machine off Gumtree and we’ve both been using it outside for the past few months. It’s a bit crap (the new one will feel like a Rolls Royce) but it proved to me that we’d use it, that it wouldn’t become a clothes rack. It had to pass the test before it took up any of my precious living space.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-12

I’m writing this post from this exact spot. All curled up in fluffy feather goodness, tip-typing away. The pink bowl is a cheapie from Target, it matches my dining chair pads perfectly. I’m trying to add colour to the room not just by adding objects or pretty things, but functional things too.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-13

Beside the couch is floor cushions from Best & Less that have stood the test of time. My favourite pink minky throw blanket from Aldi and my latest reading material all neatly stored in yet another light woven basket. My silver leather Moroccan pouf from Table Tonic is still shining in all it’s glory. It still makes me so happy.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-20

Now to my mantle, my favourite place to play and rearrange… not so much to dust. Family portraits taken by my dear friend Rachel Devine when Aidan was two take pride of place. My new digital radio, $49 from Kmart was a prompted christmas gift from Steve and it’s used every second that we’re home. SmoothFM and Buddha radio are my favourite stations. I have bits of crystal, figurines, faux plants, candles and my clock on display, things I love.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-21

The little wooden elephants are from our honeymoon to Bali, the pink flowers from my tree in the front yard and my inspirational print for Aidan (and myself) from Kal Barteski. “Be Kind. Be Curious. Be Smart. Be Brave. Be Yourself.”

You might have noticed ceramic lanterns are by far my favourite things to collect, I’m very picky though (not to mention they’re not cheap) so I don’t have many. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen them lit but they emit the most soft romantic glow. If I ever did a pottery class it would only be to make these.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-17

The thorn in my side right now is this fireplace. I’ve managed to get rid of every single oversized brown thing in this room except for that! Now that the room has really come together I plan to throw caution to the wind and paint the brown border the same colour as the walls, I’m doing the owner a favour. I’ll leave the mantel the way it is and scrub the bricks back. The rest of my plan… you’ll just have to wait and see.

Danimezza House Tour 2014-22

So here we are, you deserve a medal for getting this far, congratulations! Now I’m off into the depths of Pinterest to soak up ideas for my little kitchen makeover… yep, I’m nowhere near done yet!


  1. 1


    I love seeing how people organise their houses…. It always gives me inspiration to get motivated to redo our house. Love the lighter colours in there, makes a huge difference getting rid of the dark stuff :)

  2. 3

    Sarah says

    What about removable wallpaper or fabric to cover the dark brown surface of the fireplace? It could be a pattern or a neutral if more pattern would be too busy for the space.

    Everything looks so much fresher and brighter, great job :)

  3. 5

    Belinda says

    The room looks so much more light and airy and SPACIOUS. Job well done! I would love to see the fireplace filled with something pretty to make a feature of it… I wonder what you are going to do…?

    BTW, I saw you a few days ago, out shopping with Steve and Aidan, you were just about to walk into City Chic. I was just leaving the gym (which is right around the corner from the store) and almost stopped to say hello but didn’t want you to freak out hahaha :-)

  4. 7


    I’ve been wanting to renovate the living area for a LONG ASS TIME, and your posts finnnaaalllly got my ass into gear. GOOD BUY RIDICULOUSLY BIG DINING TABLE, hello space!

    In other news, do you know anyone that needs an 8 seat pine dining set by any chance? :P ;)

  5. 9

    Megan says

    Looks great Danni – I recall seeing a few in progress piccies over the past year or so. The turquoise really looks great, I love that colour and the whole space looks light and airy and spacious. Decorating while renting can be hard as can defining your own ‘style’ so taking your (and reading Real Living – me too!!) has really paid off. I’ve been eyeing off that locker from IKEA but when I was there it was locked with no key so I couldn’t see inside !! Now I know it has shelves, I am very tempted! Can’t wait to see the fireplace transformed.

    • 10


      Thanks Megan, the lockers are seriously so good. I can see Aidan stealing them for his room when he’s older or they’d be good in a laundry… so many ideas.

      • 11

        Megan says

        Sorry – that should have said taking your time. We (I really mean I) am in the process of a house refresh also so it’s great to see what others are up to. I definitely see that locker in my future!!


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