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You might remember my blog looking like this but last week I began the creative yet tedious task of redesigning it myself, you might have noticed that I went quiet. It has been several years since my last redesign, the ever lovely Liz & Jarod had custom designed my last one to perfection. Over the years though the needs of my blog changed and eventually I just wanted an overhaul. I missed the freedom and challenge of building my blog like the old days (hands up if you remember blogger coding before editor) so I researched and got stuck into it.

The colour scheme has changed, replaced with bolder colours that I’m more drawn to now. It’s also a lot cleaner in design, brighter and most importantly it’s optimised for mobile devices in a very slick way. Go on, check it out on your phone or tablet… oh you’re already on it, well I did it for you baby! I really listened to what you all had to say in the annual survey and I tried to take on board as much as I could.

You wanted clearer navigation, less clutter, bigger photos, less ads, better mobile conversion, faster upload… now you have it. Seriously there is still so much more to do but I’m chipping away at it day by day so if you see something that’s not quite right just know I’m getting there. I’ve made it easier for you to subscribe so my posts come straight to your inbox as soon as they’re live, just insert your email address right at the top of the page.

You’ll also notice the #AussieCurves tab which currently showcases all the Instagram pics tagged for the project and they’re updated live. Did you know there are almost 5,500 photos so far? It’s beyond amazing. Keep an eye on that tab because I’ll be adding a few other cool features in the coming weeks.

Another frequently requested feature was a plus size shopping guide… that was kind of awkward because I had one. The fault is all mine though because I didn’t really let you know about it and it was hidden amoungst a bunch of other links. My bad. There is an A-Z directory and specific links for categories like plus size maternity, wide shoes, activewear etc BUT I’m still adding to it and it’s not quite polished yet. Feel free to look about and I’ll update you all again later when it’s done.

Another thing to go was the header. It was kind of a big deal for me to delete it, it really marked a point in my life. All things have their time though and after five years I felt ready to explore different avenues. You’ll also notice “Danimezza Blue” is gone (a term you guys coined) making way for a bright and glittery new beginning.

I hope commenting is painless (seriously, please let me know if you have tech issues), I hope you’re able to find what you’re looking for and pleasantly surprised by the things you weren’t.

Thank you for reading, for your honest feedback and for making this place feel like home.

Dani x


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    Megan says

    Love it – well done. Always amazed that people can figure all this techie stuff out on their own and make beautiful websites, so you have my full admiration!.

  2. 4


    Hey hey! I love it! A change is good yes? I recently moved from Go Mumma to The Squee & it was the best decision! Yay for sparkles and bold colours!

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    Maria says

    Hi Dani! I read your blog regularly and I am wondering if you would consider including bloglovin as one of the options to follow you. In any case, i will continue enjoying your posts :-) I am in Uruguay, so we share seasons and it is always nice to see outfits that are season-appropriate!!! Cheers, María

  4. 7


    Love the new look, and think it’s amazing that you’ve done it all on your own. I’ve been too scared to take on WP simply because of the design side of it. But kudos to you, love the glitter especially. :)

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