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After the Christmas holiday break with my family in Port Stephens I was really unhappy. I missed the togetherness, the seaside living and weirdly enough, the disconnect. I left my laptop at home for over a week, barely used my phone (except to take pics) and put my email in vacation mode. That might not sound like a big sacrifice to most but for me it was like going completely off the grid… and I liked it. I liked it so much that after we got home a week later Aidan and I left Steve at home to work and we headed back up for more summer time fun.

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My parents live in a beautiful part of the world called Port Stephens on the NSW coastline about 3 hours north of Sydney. This year I intend on visiting a lot more, I just feel at peace there. I’m also a lot more physically active there which no doubt has an effect on my state of being. I always seem to be walking somewhere, driving to new beaches, observing the wildlife and constantly covered in saltwater and sand.

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Being home also means other comforts like hugs from Grandma. Yes, even grown up Mumma’s need hugs from their Mum too. Sharing meals, cleaning the house or watching tv together in the evenings with family is therapeutic. Simple everyday things. I can rest knowing there is a net to catch me, a little community of love to help raise our son, that it’s not just all on Steve and I. We can steal away (or even just sleep) for a few hours knowing he’s with kin.

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I don’t have a strong and wide support network, it’s micro-sized. At home I have Steve and I have Monica, they’re the very best but that’s kind of it and I can only lean on them so much. Mum and Dad are 3 hours away and have their own lives and commitments. My sister lives in Tasmania and the in-laws all live in Melbourne. My best friends live in Darwin and in rural Victoria. I don’t think people realise how much it takes to commit to what I do. Sure I could pack it all in and call it a day but I’m driven by a passion. It’s juggling that passion along with everything else that gets tough sometimes. Not all the time, just sometimes.

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Want to start a blog, share some outfit photos, get “free” stuff from brands and get paid to write blog posts? Go for it, it’s seriously awesome and has become inextricably linked to my lifestyle (in some ways my blog and I have grown up together) but please don’t for one single second think that any of it is easy, or better yet easy money. Blogging full time, especially when it’s your main source of income, can become a beast if you miss the signs. Thankfully I learnt to notice them after “the big blog freak out of 2011”. You have to step back and reassess and that’s exactly what I did over the break. I also discovered my love for boarding.

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You might have noticed things have changed a lot around here (more on that in another post) and there are more changes to come both online and off, all good I promise. The quiet of the coast, the love of family, the time to really reflect and work on new projects as well as sprucing up the blog all by myself has left me feeling pretty content. I think summer agrees with me.

Good times people, good times.


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    Oooh, I love the new blog look! Not sure when that happened, but this post prompted me to click through from Bloglovin. So shiny and sparkly and pretty!

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    Toni Brockliss says

    I completely understand how nice it is to have family around.
    My Husband and I moved from Perth to Melbourne nearly 6 years ago and whilst we are a fantastic team sometimes it would be nice to have some extra help as both our little children are autistic.
    I used to blog eons ago and you used to read me! I had to stop because I lost all motivation and couldn’t find the time.
    As much as I would never change the path that has played out along the way, I do miss the comfort and help that comes with people who know you best.

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    charlie says

    you have and will always have me, your just such a busy woman, its hard to get hold of you
    our network of friends have spread, divided and some just needed to be left behind lol
    keep in touch

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