How I Curl My Hair


Those who have followed me for awhile know I’m a teeny tiny bit vain about my hair. I’ve learnt over the years that it always looks best when I embrace it’s natural state, if I try to make it be other than it is, it fights back against me. I was obsessed with straightening my hair for a couple of years then I suddenly realised that I’m not a slick and straight kind of girl. I’m a messy, curly wurly girl and that’s just as sexy.

My hair has a lot of volume but these days I’m actually trying to create more of it, the bigger the better. I do it using curling tools and products and since I get quite a few questions about my hair I thought I’d give you a bit of an insight. Doing my hair can take anywhere from two minutes to an hour depending on what I’m doing to it. I wash it twice a week and put a treatment in once a week without fail. I use heat protectant products (currently GHD spray) and conditioning sprays.

I’m slowly changing my hair colour, graduating my natural regrowth into the lengths of my hair by using very fine blonde foils sparingly. It’s a work in progress and may take a couple of months to get a result I’m happy with but having more of my natural colour is something I’m happy to wait for. The all-over flat blonde just wasn’t working for me and my scalp really wasn’t liking it either. Basically foils are my friends and the new depth of shade will really work to highlight my curls.

How do you curl your hair?

Dani x



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