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The blog might have been a little quiet of late but my life offline has not. Actually it’s been quite loud, aggressive and bossy. A part of me missed the quiet times of allowing my words to pour out onto the screen in the dark but if I’m entirely honest I also revelled in my time away.

I’ve been dealing with things, repressed and present things, it hasn’t been that easy but I’m proud of myself. There is something about this time of year that drains me mentally and physically, I pour everything I am into becoming the person that I want to be. I organise, contemplate and it’s go-go-go. The rest of the year is for working and dreaming but summer has always been about personal development for me.

As March draws closer and my working year begins to pick up speed, readying itself for a brand new season, I feel good about where I’m at. The site has a brand new look, everything has been rebranded to reflect my new found sense of self. I shook off everything I felt I was supposed to be and just embraced what I loved. It’s something we tell ourselves all the time, be true to who we are but often it’s easier to say than to do.

 I’m a work in progress.

My (rental) house is feeling that way too at the moment. I’ve gutted each and every room, one by one and I’m almost done. I only have the linen closet left. I’ve been brutal, after finishing a room I’ll go back a few days later and cull further. There is so much space, areas that were crammed now have ample room and some of it is even spare!

The part I’m looking forward to most is having a clean slate and then I can begin the best part of the whole process, redecorating. I’m an eclectic decorator, jumbling new finds with old, mixing patterns, colour and texture. Trying to do that in a minimalistic way as to not add further clutter is pretty difficult actually. I think it will take practice.

When I haven’t been lost in thought or pulling my house apart I’ve been watching TV. I’m not a regular viewer, the TV is usually off 80% of the time, I’m more of a binge watcher. I’ll get a full season and consume it in one or two evenings then I wont watch TV for a few weeks. If you’re into downloading shows you should check out My Mad Fat Diary, it’s beyond amazing. I’ve watched season one twice already and the second season has just started. Feeling all the feelings.

I’ve also been feeling a little prepared as far as my wardrobe is concerned. With no hard plans to travel to the US this year (… a girl can still hope) I’ve been sorting through my things and getting ready for autumn and winter. Yes, I’m aware it’s still summer but I like to plan ahead. With new season gear ever so slowly dropping in stores I’m excited but more on that in another post.

So in short, I’m here but you can find me in a lot of other places as well. My usual haunt is Instagram, if you haven’t followed me yet you should. Seriously. I’ll be updating more regularly as I seem to have gotten my groove back. I’m kind of liking this whole go-with-the-flow thing, I think it’s becoming.

Dani x

PS: Thanks to @CurvyCartel for the beautiful necklace, a wonderfully thoughtful gift xx


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    Love that series, been waiting for season 2 for ages so thanks for letting me know, think I will watch season 1 again as it has been awhile since I watched it. Have a happy relaxing weekend :)

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    LINDA j says

    well done with all the de-cluttering…I find it so hard to find the motivation to clear out years of ‘stuff’

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