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You should all know by now how much I love Benefit Costmetics. They’re a girls-girl beauty brand that doesn’t follow fashion trends or focus on artistry, instead concentrates on solving the problems women face. I like that. I like that their products do what they promise in an easy to understand way, I’m sure its one of the many reasons why so many of my readers have jumped on the bandwagon too.

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I don’t back a product unless I love it, you guys know that. The brand ethos is so in sync with my own that not only do I support them with my hard earned cash but I’m happy to talk about, video and feature what they do. Did you know that the world’s top Benefit Brow Bar has recently been announced… Sydney Myer, a huge achievement!

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Several months ago the brand changed PR agencies, from one that treated me like family to one that only sent me press releases for Spanx. From a business perspective I totally respected the changeover, the new agency was in line with their branding, sexy, young and flirtatious but I kind of ached for the great relationship that had built up over the years. Over Christmas I touched base with the brand directly, expressed how much I missed them and a few weeks later I was attending an intimate dinner by the harbour.

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Not only was it a great opportunity to catch up with the Benefit team who I simply adore but to also meet their new agents in person and give them a bit more scope on who I am and why I back Benefit so proudly. I’m not just about making women feel good about clothes, it’s about so much more than that for me.

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I know that as far as the beauty blogger thing goes I’m a small fish in an insanely large pond, I don’t even class myself as one I just occasionally share things I love and what I really use with my readers. So you can imagine how extremely touching it was to be included at a gathering with some of the top beauty vloggers in Australia.

benefit cosmetics danimezza

We met at Flying Fish in Pyrmont last Friday, a place I’d never been to before and it was lovely. We sipped the signature “Lollitini” cocktail and sparkling glasses of Veuve Clicquot. Justin, the general manager of Benefit in Australia gave a wonderful speech that was so humble and filled with admiration that it made me adore him even more.

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We chatted, ate fancy schmancy food and chatted some more. Honestly, I hardly took any photos at all because I was having such a great time, these were taken by the event photographer. I got to hang out with Hannah again which was awesome. Some of you might remember her from Plus Size Fashion Weekend in 2012. Wow… was it really that long ago?

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I intentionally left my cheeks and lips quite bare because let’s face it, who better to apply the new Lollitint than the brand educator and I was really pleased with the look. My go-to tint has been Posy but Lolli is richer with more blue tones (or “Candy Orchid” as they call it) perfectly suited for my complexion. It’s also great on darker skin tones too. Check out all their tints.

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I planned to wear a particular dress to the event and I went to get it out of my closet to steam only to discover that I’d sold it. Damn my high turnover closet. As luck would have it on a quick dash out that night I managed to find this little number for under $100 and perfectly on theme. It was quickly coined the “Lolli Dress” and I received so many compliments. I also have it in orange. I went glam with nude pumps, a glitsy pineapple necklace, my X By Trollbeads bracelet and my vintage gold Glomesh purse… which they’ve recently re-released and sells for $420, winning!

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The part that I’ll always treasure from the evening was just chilling out with Annie, global beauty authority, daughter and niece of the Benefit Cosmetics founders. If you want to find out more history about the brand I recommend you watch this, seriously so fun. I first met Annie back in 2011 at the skincare launch but this time we got to sit next to each other and talked all night, it was lovely.

I got the chance to tell her the impact Benefit has made on me personally, I talked about Aussie Curves and how I too believe that not only can you blend business and pleasure but also make a positive difference to those around you along the way. We also talked about dogs, partners, travel, NYC and Babysitters Club books, you know, the usual.

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 I drove home on a high. Something stirred within me and I can’t really explain it, which is part of the reason why this post has taken so long to write. It was a lovely evening, I wore a cute outfit, I met up with someone important and I got an awesome goodie bag but there is something else and I just can’t put my finger on it yet. So I’ll leave it at “Thank you”. I’m so grateful for a great evening Benefit Cosmetics it was really special and I hope everyone loves Lolli just as much as I do, I’ll do a tutorial soon.

 Oh and after years of lusting after one, I was gifted my very own mirror. I squealed. 

What’s your favourite Benefit product?

Dani x


  1. 1

    Mandy smith says

    I love Benefit too! Have you tried their ‘They’re Real’ Mascara? It’s FAB. Just mentioned it in my latest post. x

  2. 2

    Rach aka stinkb0mb says

    Sounds like you had a fab evening!

    I’ve never tried a Benefit product ….I rarely shop online, would have zero idea where to buy the products in person [if you even can over here on the West Coast], plus when it comes to makeup, I’m completely clueless re shades etc – I wish I wasn’t!

  3. 3

    Stephanie says

    Lets see now. Thanks to your introduction I now own the foundation hello flawless, porefessional primer, they’re real mascara, browzings, smoking eyes pack, shes so jetset pack and the bella bamba blush.
    I love porefessional so much it would have to be my favourite.

  4. 4

    Martina says

    You certainly can get benefit on the west side. They have a counter in myer in the Perth city store.
    My fave product is rockateur blush but the best thing is the brow bar. Simply adore my experience there almost to a one

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