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It’s been several months since the initial email from Maddy popped into my inbox asking me if I would like to join the team. I still remember letting out a squeal, grabbing my laptop and racing to show Steve. That short email felt like validation of all my hard work, my late nights, the budget-stretching networking attendance, sacrifices and passion for the industry. I’ll never forget that moment. When I read the welcome note this afternoon it all flooded back and I cried like the professional that I am.

For those that don’t know Maddy or Plus Model Magazine, it’s the #1 international digital magazine for the plus size fashion industry and Madeline is the Editor in Chief. It’s the curvy girl’s Vogue but Maddy is a ball of sunshine, inspiration and mile wide smiles unlike Ms Wintour. So you can imagine how excited I was to get started and how thrilled I was to be invited.

Besides wanting to bear hug my laptop I also became a little tormented because I couldn’t tell anyone… for months. There were a lot of things that I wanted to change with regards to how I ran my business and how I devoted my time, both online and off so I busied myself with those tasks and bit my tongue. I bit hard.

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Now, finally I can announce to the world that you’ll find my work published in PMM over the course of this year and hopefully into the future. Articles, editorials… it’s going to a fun, creative year and my fingers are itching to get started. I kick off my very first piece in this month’s issue with a four page spread on the sexy hot topic of lingerie, just in time for a little Valentine’s Day inspiration. Read the entire article here.

Huge thanks goes out to Steve & Aidan for their love and patience. To Mum, Dad, Stephanie, Monica and Samantha for their unwavering support and to all of you who read my blog, my online buddies. Thanks to Maddy, Reah and the rest of the PMM team for their continued support and warm welcoming arms, I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2014.

I know I didn’t just win an Oscar, I’m just extremely thankful and grateful xx


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