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It’s only a week away and I’m beginning to get nervous. My suitcase is lying on on the floor of my studio mocking me, so far it only has a Glomesh purse and my good pair of thongs in it… this isn’t going as well as I’d hoped.

The most stressful trip I’ve ever packed for was New York in 2012 for Full Figured Fashion Week. I’d never travelled internationally before and I still hadn’t discovered my personal style, I was still in the experimentation phase which basically means PACK ALL THE THINGS!!!

Try to be Unique

I’ve learnt from that experience and since then it’s gotten easier and easier to sort out my looks and leave enough room incase I do a little shopping. The problem with this trip is that so many people within my peer group are going to be there and unlike America, Aussies are still greatly limited when it comes to fashion choices, especially those who have yet to shop online. It would be a miracle if no one wore the same dress, the odds just aren’t in our favour.

Plan Your Looks

That said there are things you can do to keep your looks unique and fresh, yes I said outfits. I’ll be in Melbourne Friday, Saturday and Sunday which means I’ll need about 5 looks, 3 daytime and 2 nighttime. I also throw in my basic ‘incase of emergency’ outfit which is jeans and basic tee, so really it’s 6. Then I have to find room to shove in all the shoes, makeup and jewellery… oh and my camera gear and laptop.

Watch The Weather

On top of all that you have to deal with Melbourne weather which is essentially four seasons in one day, this means wearing layers is pretty much essential. I never go there without a jacket and enclosed shoes that keep your feet dry, I usually pack an umbrella too just to be on the safe side. Might sound crazy but if I’m there for 3 days I have no doubt in my mind that at some point it will rain.

Seek Inspiration

Magazines and Pinterest are my biggest sources for inspiration. You don’t need to find and copy an outfit off the runway, you could simply be inspired by a colour arrangement or even the form and shape of one. Colour trend forecasting is huge and Aussies tend to pick up the US SS14 trends and blend them into our AW14 as our climate is still warmer than most so we can pull it off. Really have fun with it and be open to new ideas as it will be the perfect place to try them out, be outlandish.

Build your Outfits

So you’ve pulled every unique piece of clothing that you adore from your wardrobe and it’s in an indistinctive pile on your bed. Now you have to go through it all and start pulling those 5 looks together like a jigsaw. Start with the key piece for each outfit, what’s going to make the biggest statement and make you feel the most confident, from there you can put the rest of the look together.

Show us what you’ve Got

Trust me this weekend is the time to BRING IT seriously, wear the most bad ass thing you have in your wardrobe because you will be surrounded by people doing the exact same thing. If you think it’s too “out there” then it’s perfect because this crowd of ladies will be one super hyped up bunch. That said if your style is laid back and casual, that’s cool too. This section is mainly for the women that need a push, encouragement to embrace the fashion they really love without feeling like they have to dilute it to fit in.

Be Comfortable

I know I’ve just told you to be fearless with your fashion choices but at the same time you need to be a little realistic. If you spend more time adjusting your clothing than you do actually meeting people that’s a fail in my book. I skip any outfit that requires me to wear a strapless bra because I just don’t have time for that. Same goes for bottoms that slip down every time you sit and body con dresses that ride up or require a spanx smackdown in the toilets when there are a million women waiting in line… not cool.

Don’t Forget The Little Things

Take some time out this week to do your nails, your eyebrows and break in those new shoes. Make sure you have enough cash to buy food and maybe something from the market stalls. Why not play with some different make up looks over the next couple of days so your not experimenting the morning of the event which may leave you frazzled. Charge your phone and maybe tuck your charger in your bag just in case. If you have them, bring along your business cards.

Remember What You’re There For

It’s easy to get lost in it all trust me, I’m right there with you but I just think of seeing my awesome friends that I rarely get to see and all the new ones I’m about to make. Sure my outfit might get me noticed and it might be a great conversation starter but ultimately I want to talk to people who care about what I have to say, not what I wear and you should too.

Have Fun

Ultimately we’re all going to have a bit of fun, support Australian plus size fashion and enjoy getting dressed up. Don’t let outfit stress rob you of joy because it’s honestly not worth it. Seriously.


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    Guh! I’m still not sure what to wear! I’m arriving Thursday and leave Monday, and I’m staying with my boyfriend, annnnd I only have carry on! I’m kinda stressing :p

      • 5


        So, around 9pm I filnlay agreed that he could call his parents to let them know they would likely be getting a call that night to come stay with Addison while we went to the hospital. a0About two hours later, my contractions were consistently seven minutes apart, so he got the green light that we could leave. He called his parents and I went in and kissed my sleeping little girl goodbye and cried. It was so crazy to think that this was the last time she would be my only child…. (to be continued)

  2. 6


    I must be from another planet or something because I’m just intending on wearing outfits I would usually wear! I fall into the category of just wearing whatever I want all the time anyway so there isn’t really that ‘jumping off a cliff’ feeling. Perhaps it’s because my comfort zone is boobs out & butt clearly defined? Lol. On the other hand – I’m SO looking forward to seeing everyone else’s outfits! They all sound rather magnificent!

    • 7


      haha you must be one of the lucky ones who has defined her style, a majority of my readers haven’t yet so this post was mainly for them and also a reminder for me. I think my biggest problems is that I’m a bit too poetic with my choices, I really want them to make a statement and say something without me having to say a word. Can not wait to see you rock the broccoli dress xx

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    Jess says

    I’ve never been to an even such as this before, and I’m so excited. I have no idea what to wear though, or what to expect. I have no involvement in the fashion industry at all… I’m a teacher! I’m covered in clag and paint all day! I’m quite nervous about what to wear…
    I’m really looking forward to meeting some awesome people and seeing some gorgeous outfits.

  4. 9


    Awesome post Dani! It helped me a little bit in choosing my outfit.

    I’m not wearing anything groundbreaking, but it looks über trendy, is really comfy and breaks down some personal barriers for me. I think the perfect word would be ‘chic’.

    I can’t wait to see what you wear, I’m sure it will be ah-mazing! I’m so excited!!!!


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