ASOS Curve Wide Fit Shoes


I’m pretty sure everyone in my town just heard me shriek with joy, car alarms and dogs are going off like crazy. The reason I was so excited was because I ordered shoes online and they fit.

Kk, to most people that’s not a huge deal but for me it was monumental, a complete and utter game changer! Now I know I can buy wide fitting shoes online from overseas but it comes at a huge cost for shipping alone and then there is the high probability that the sizing is wrong. I know a lot of my wide-footed readers have been burnt in the past and for them it’s just not worth the risk. 90% of the shoes I currently own have all been purchased in NYC so I totally understood…

… that was until I found myself browsing ASOS Curve and discovered they were FINALLY stocking not only wide fitting shoes but also shoes in larger sizes, shoes that go up to a size 12! I’ve sat with baited breath for three days, waiting for them to arrive. Trying not to get too excited, numbing myself for the inevitable sting of disappointment.

They arrived, I tossed the dresses aside and carefully unwrapped the gorgeous black sandals, smelling the leather, eyes widening, anticipation building. I slipped them on… slipped, meaning no struggle or shoving required. My heart sang and skipped a beat. The next challenge was strapping my thick ankles. I guided the strap through the buckle… success!

I squealed… loudly.

Then I pranced into the lounge room, pointing my toes about like a four year old in her first pair of princess shoes. Aidan gushed at how beautiful my shoes were and how perfect they fit me. Honestly I think he just liked seeing how happy they made me. They’re not exactly the sexiest pair of shoes but they are my very first pair of real leather sandals and I know they’ll serve my wardrobe (and my feet) well… now I just need them in white!

I’m beyond excited about this revelation. Seconds after my prancing I sat right down to write this post, hopefully capturing all the joy, excitement and relief I’m feeling right now. I wanted to share the news with you, my personal experience, because I know I’m not alone in this hunt. Sizes are selling fast so don’t dilly-dally. I really hope that ASOS and New Look see how much Aussie Curve ladies need this and they keep restocking and bringing out more options.

 Do you wear “wide fit” or have problems buying shoes?


Dani x


  1. 1

    Daniela says

    This excites me so much!!!! I have so much trouble finding shoes that fit! Thank-you for letting us know! The shoes look fabulous by the way!!!!!

  2. 2


    Oooh, that’s super-exciting! I also have wide feet, and I have such a hard time finding shoes that fit. It looks like their selection of wide shoes isn’t that big right now, but I hope they expand it to include more fun and trendy options! (Like rainbow metallic or holographic sandals…I *so* want those.)

  3. 3

    Penelope Cherry says

    I am so excited! I have wide feet and small ankles – the quest to find stylish shoes that fit has long been a problem, which is compounded by my ability to roll said ankles on flat surfaces while wearing sneakers.

    Next Asos shopping surge may have to involve shoes :D

  4. 4

    Erin says

    Can I ask where in New York you get wide fit shoes from? As I also find it extremely difficult to find shoes to fit perfectly

  5. 6

    Steph J says

    I want ALL of them!! I didn’t think I had particularly wide feet until I moved from NZ to Sydney and I can barely find any shoes to fit. Especially heels. I’m a normal size 8-9 but I just can’t get them to fit right. I can’t wait to get some asos ones. Great find Dani and thanks for sharing :) xo

  6. 7


    I noticed this brand too! I have skinny feet but a proto bunion (always had it, trying not to let it develop into a real one), which makes it hard for me to find comfy shoes (although boots and sandals usually fit me fine after a painful break-in period). I bought a pair of wide fit ballerinas from that exact same brand, the fit was great, but I didn’t like the pointy toe and they weren’t very well made, so I sent them back. For heels I think I’ll just start shopping for d’orsay shoes that don’t cover the bone, last week I bought a pair from Aldo that made me feel exactly like you described there when I tried them on! So happy for you! :)

  7. 8

    Elizabeth says

    I don’t have wide feet at all, but I have long feet… so sadly the revelation that ASOS Curve now stock shoes up to a size 12 means nothing to me. I cannot walk into a normal shoe-shop and buy shoes either. I’m a size 13 – 14 and have had to buy my shoes online for quite some time now. Sometimes it’s hit and miss and I have to return shoes that don’t fit, but generally they do fit. I find is a pretty good site (they also carry a variety of wide sizes, I think).

    Now, not to rant, but I find it so frustrating sometimes that everything is so hard to find. I’m very tall, plus size, very busty and I have big feet. Clothes – hard to find (admittedly there are more options now though). Bras – a nightmare. Shoes – have to buy online and purchase a long time in advance for when I plan on wearing them. Makes a girl want to cry.

    • 9

      nicole c says

      where online do you usually buy shoes from? i have big feet as well and im looking to buy shoes that arent vans or converse or anything like that. thanks!

  8. 10


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  9. 12

    Robyn Datt says

    I struggle to find wide fitting shoes that are stylish, elegant and comfortable. I have terrible trouble with my feet – size UK 5, very wide at least E or F fitting – extremely high arches and puffy ankles. I ordered a few pairs of shoes from the ASOS online site (New Look – wide) and all of them fitted! This is so exciting as I was getting very despondent! I cannot just walk into any shoe shop and find shoes that fit me! The only brands that usually fit are Gabor, Ara and Wide Step, which cost a fortune! These shoes are trendy and affordable. This has made my year!

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