Aussie Curves – Campari House, Melbourne


The last six months have been intense personally, along side of that Aussie Curves has exploded into the community I had always dreamed it would be. Everyday hundreds of people apply to join the private facebook group and there are thousands upon thousands of instagrams using the hashtag #AussieCurves to connect and inspire. I was asked over the weekend how I felt about AC and all I could say was… I’m blown away.

I always knew that with positive intention and peer support the community would flourish. The time was right economically for the plus size fashion industry, we’re currently within a huge growth period and it’s only going to get better. I was also asked if I would be returning to NYC this year and I replied a simple no,  now that I’m able to contribute to an international platform outside of my own the Australian industry needs and deserves my focus.

I was also asked why I did it, why I fight for the exposure of Australian models, designers and brands and it got another simple answer, because it deserves the attention, because it deserves the exposure. I also wanted the younger Australian generation to be knowledgable and informed about our local industry, to have local role models to aspire to. To know that it is possible to be successful and inspiring without having to “make it overseas”.

What I do with brands, agencies, publications, buyers and journalists often goes completely unseen, mostly because it’s confidential. It’s a silent role but I don’t mind. You basically just see facets of my life, a small portion of what I’m able to share but know there is so much more to what I do than just posting outfit photos, so much more.

I couldn’t do what I’m doing now without help, my awesome sister Stephanie and my good friend Jo from iCurvy have been managing the Aussie Curves facebook group like total champions. It literally wouldn’t exist without their support and I can’t even begin to show how much I appreciate all they do not only for me but for the community they serve. Love them.

Now, enough talking, it’s time to see what you’re really here to see… the event video! I know a lot of ladies couldn’t attend so I wanted to capture the evening so you could feel like you were there because in all honesty you were, the spirit of Aussie Curves was alive and kicking!

Dani x


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    I freaking love this video – and not only becuase I’m in it. I love all the smiling and laughing beautiful girls – you really captured the night.



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    Claire G says

    Love the video Danni! The music is perfect, it shows off what a great fun night it was. So many beautiful, happy ladies :) Have shared with my friends. Thanks!

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