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On Sunday Jo had organised an Aussie Curves Meet Up Event at the City Chic Factory Outlet in Campbeltown, NSW. Jo and I were on the tail end of a huge weekend (more on that later) but we were still excited to go shopping with Claire, Rachel and Sunny. I’ve only been there once before and I have to say that going with a group of friends is way better than going alone. Of course I didn’t want you to miss out on the fun either so I filmed it all…

City Chic Outlet Store

Brands On Sale
32 Queen Street, Campbeltown
9am – 5pm
7 days

city chic factory outlet campbeltown aussie curves copy

Despite a slight issue with one of my dresses being left in store (the cap sleeved pink/black dress in the video) this is what I brought home from the outlet. I’m really happy not only with the price but also with all the new colourful prints gracing my wardrobe. Hopefully my dress will be in the post this week and the rest will be worn to events really soon.

  • Chambray Dress $99.95 $40
  • Cardigan $59.95 $30
  • Floral Dress $159.95 $79.95
  • Polka Dot Dress $179.95 $30
  • Neon Jacket $129.95 $30
  • Pink Dress $50.00 $20
  • Poppy Dress (not pictured) $159.95 $30

TOTAL: $839.70 $259.95 …. SAVING: $579.75

cc group ac-1 copy

Thanks again ladies for a wonderful day!

Dani x


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    Steph J says

    Ohhhh I wish I had remembered about this! I looked up the event page on Aussie Curves on Sunday evening! I am hanging out to meet you girls. This looks like the funnest shopping day. Gorgeous, all of you. And Jo, you are one styling pregnant lady. Now to convince my boyfriend to drive me down to Campbelltown.

  2. 3

    Angela says

    Looks like you ladies had so much fun! Maybe the melbourne ladies should organise a shop so I can go….or maybe not or I’ll be broke!

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  1. […] Dani was nice enough to snap some outfit pics for me in the hallway of our hotel before we left for the event. It was an epic weekend for Dani and I who packed a crazy amount of fabulous into one weekend with Indigenous Fashion Week runway and blogger drinks on Friday night, the Masterclass and Cocktail Reception on Saturday, and a trip out to the City Chic factory outlet in Campbeltown on Sunday – Dani has put together an awesome Changeroom video of the Aussie Curves girls shopping up a storm – check it out here. […]

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