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On the weekend I was honoured to be inducted into the Kidspot Voices Hall of Fame for blogging. I’ve been a part of the competition since it’s inception many years ago, I even came Top 5 in 2012. A special thanks to the unwavering support, love and nominations from new and loyal readers of my blog. It’s so exciting to see fresh faces entering the arena even if I did feel a bit like a dinosaur, because not only was I celebrating the induction but on Monday my blog turned 8 years old.

danimezza kidspot voices 2014 hall of fame

I spent the entire weekend with Jo, we were practically joined to the hip and it was lovely. It was great to be able to talk about Aussie Curves, discuss outfits at length, get dressed up, go out and socialise and then go back to the hotel, lay in bed and talk in the dark until one of us fell asleep. I love this photo because I’d spent my entire Saturday morning doing an filmed interview and Jo is halfway through her pregnancy, it just captures how happy and tired we were all at once.

kidspot voices 2014 school woogsworld babymac

The Masterclass was good, varied speakers with different backgrounds, experience and authority. If you get the chance to go to one, I recommend it even if for the networking alone. Most of the content from my own personal point of view was stuff I already knew but I noted a few organisational tips and apps which should come in handy, there is always room to learn more.

danimezza kidspot voices hall of fame 2014

When Kayte and Beth took the stage I wished I could have been up there with them, we were on the same page on so many levels. Kayte even asked me why I wasn’t on a panel speaking and all I could say in reply was that I wasn’t asked. I guess what I do now is too niche but essentially the game is still played the same way, the hurdles are often more challenging, I just do what I do and enjoy the ride.

boohoo calvin klein plus size pastel blogger outfit

After the panels were over and we’d devoured our lunch Jo and I headed outside into the gardens to take some outfit photos. It’s still one of my favourite Clavin Klein dresses that I bought at Macy’s back in 2012, I’m not sure I’d ever be able to part with it. Perfectly accessorised with white pumps and handbag with an extra splash of comforting pastel thanks to my boohoo jumper which was gifted for an upcoming project that I’ll tell you about later.

danimezza kidspot voices hall of fame 2014 icurvy

After the Masterclass Jo and I headed back to the hotel for a nap, a freshen up and then we frocked up ready for the official launch party that evening. Not the best photo of me as it appears that I’m still slightly asleep but my new wool coat looks damn fine with my new dress… the hard rocking hottie next to me isn’t too bad either, I never looked that badass when I was pregnant!

kidspot voices danimezza icurvy 2014 plus size outfit blogger aussie curves-6

We managed to have enough time to grab some quick photos in the hallway before jumping into a cab and heading off the party. The quality isn’t great but you get the idea. Have I mentioned how much I hate down lights? It was raining for most of the night so I was glad I brought along my new bright pink wool coat, especially as my dress was light, floaty and gave me nothing in the way of warmth… however it was damn cute!

kidspot voices danimezza icurvy 2014 plus size outfit blogger aussie curves-9

  • Wool Coat – Land’s End
  • Dress – Asos Curve
  • Earrings and Bracelets – Lovisa
  • Handbag – Kmart
  • Heeled Sandals – Target
  • Lipstick – Covergirl
  • Lashes – Velour Lashes gifted
  • Hair – DIY w/Perfect Curl


Oh, did I mention I saved a goat that night? Read all about it here, the cute kid she is.


Thank you everyone for all your support, I’m still in shock can you tell?! I still can’t believe I’ve been at it this so long and I honestly see no signs of stopping. I’m extremely grateful, humbled and fortunate, much love to you all!

Dani x


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    You are an inspiration gorgeous lady and I would have loved to have met you. I was supposed to be there for that fabulous day and evening but woke with a migraine. One day. You are an inspiration to so many and deserve this Hall of Fame recognition. Go You

    • 2


      Oh no, I hope you were able to rest over the weekend. I’m always out and about, never be afraid to come and say hi, I’m usually the shy one around new people lol.

  2. 3


    Without sounding like a stalker, I loved the outfits you were wearing at both events and totally regret not introducing myself to you. Huge congrats on your Hall of Fame achievement. So well deserved x

    • 4


      Thank you xx Well I can safely tell you I really loved your curls lol and I feel the same way. I’m generally pretty shy at events and stick to my circles, I love it when people come up and say hi to me.

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    Steph J says

    Congratulations Dani! You are such an inspiration. I have an off topic question. My boyfriend and I have booked at night the Oaks Golf Resort in the Hawkesbury on Friday for a country mini break. What are your suggestions for things to look at places to go on Saturday? Particularly op shops, markets, nice parks/gardens etc. I know you live up that way and I don’t know anyone else who does. Thanks! And have a fabulous Easter weekend with your little family. x


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