MBFWA Trends Translated To Plus – Part One


All this week designers are showcasing their collections at #MBFWA and I’ll be following the action from home this year. I couldn’t miss it completely so I’ll be live streaming the shows and stalking instagram for all the best shots. I understand a lot of Aussie Curve women aren’t attracted to fashion week as we’re undoubtably excluded as far as actually being able to buy and wear pieces but I personally find the whole experience thrilling.

I also wanted to show you how I see trends on the runway. How I convert the look or feel of a show over to clothing that I can buy (or make) right now and bookmark certain trends I plan to wear next season. So over the week I’ll be breaking down each show into four relatable pieces in plus sizes that you can order and wear right now!

Fashion is an energy, an emotion, an experience… regardless of size.


Aurelio Costarella



ac Collage.jpg

a) Eloquii        b) Asos Curve        c) Igigi        d) Saks

Alex Perry



alex Collage.jpg

 a) Calvin Klein          b) Eloquii          c) Sydney’s Closet          d) Lala Belle





kahlo Collage.jpg

a) Asos          b) Asos          c) City Chic         d) Saks


ellery 5


Ellery Collage.jpg

a) Asos          b) Asos         c) BooHoo          d) Lafayette



carl 5


carlucci Collage.jpg

a) Asos          b) Calvin Klein          c) Lafayette          d) Vince Camuto


By Johnny



johnny Collage.jpg

a) Asos          b) Eloquii           c) Marina Rinaldi          d) Tbags

 (Part Two… Coming Soon)

Dani x


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    Stephanie says

    Oooh I love that first dress by igigi and that beautiful piece of artwork by ellery! All the pretty things!

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