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    I think that it is good to get this off your chest, I bet it felt cathartic to write it Dani. Everything you say is true and the realization for me was that I was doing this (my blog) for me, not really for anyone else. I mean, it started when I was overseas to show off tailored outfits to friends in other countries, and it has grown to me starting a business but, my blog will always be just my creative outlet. I did a Madame Butterfly inspired post the other day when I was feeling sad about some stuff, after taking the photos and posting it, I felt better. Not completely, but substantially.
    Your blog and the whole aussiecurves movement is something that you, personally, should be SO freaking proud of and it is your blog that started it all. And I would prefer to have a smaller base of readers who comment and engage with meaningful comments, than the 50,000+ spammers saying ‘cute dress’ ‘lovely outfit’. Lookbook is the worst for that!

    Anyway, I love your blog, even though I have only been reading it since I came back to Australia 6 months ago, and I think your decisions about making it about you is perfect, and the way blogging should be. xox

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      Thank you so much Jacqueline, it did feel great to write it. I felt a lot of pressure as AC grew bigger to be more, do more, set an example and comparison played a huge part in that. I was either told directly or subtly that I needed to be just like (or better than) X, Y, Z to succeed, to make a difference. That I had to bound over several hurdles set out by others before I could do what I wanted.

      I’m immensely proud of my readers and I know that sounds wanky to say but I am. I’ve read their comments, I’ve seen them change over the years and I’ve even been lucky to have met a few of them, some who have been reading since 2006. What we have, it’s priceless. I guess it’s hard to smell the roses whilst your surrounded by manure.

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        Hmm, yeh, I think the conclusion you’ve reached to set your own hurdles is a great plan. :) and i read a quote recently somewhere (no idea where) about roses that I’ll loosely paraphrase, since we’re trading rose analogies. Many people complain that roses have thorns, but I am more grateful that thorns have roses. ;)
        oh, and it doesn’t sound wanky at all. <3

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    Good for you – and I mean that sincerely, Dani. I found your blog in 2011 and loved it and to be honest I’ve been loving it a little bit less over the past year or so. I think that it’s because I’ve been able to see the attempt to do things the way you “should” be doing things. It’s not because you share less about your life but it’s because to me you’ve seemed preoccupied with the comparisons and trying to emulate others’ success rather than just chasing your own triumphs your own way. If this post was a status I’d like it about 800 times over.

    I’m a freelance marketing & pr consultant and I’m phasing social media management and assistance out of my business because of the fixation on the numbers. I personally wish people couldn’t see them because nobody uses them the way they should. I have a client at the moment who through previous activity on their page has ended up with nearly 1000 fake fans and they don’t want to fix or address it because “it looks good to have bigger numbers”. It’s all it feels like it comes down to people. I tell my clients all the time you are better off having 100 people who genuinely care about and want to interact with your brand than 10,000 who don’t

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      Thank you so much Chelsea. As I said, something clicked and I realised I didn’t really want a part of that race anymore. I walked away from my agent, lots of money, I’m constantly turning down opportunities that others feel are a “great fit” and I just decided I wanted more.

      I wanted to blog like it was 2008. Carefree and emotional with no thought of SEO, analytics and multiple platforms. To just put it out there, the real stuff and hope it connects with someone else out there. There were no endorsements, bitchy competition and the most money anyone other than Dooce could make was a measly cheque every few months from Google Ads.

      I’ve been following Gary Vaynerchuck for years, I’ve watched him grow and by far he’s the only one who really gets the digital landscape and understands it’s possibilities to be a real, relatable personal space… we just have to cut the crap. I thought I understood what he meant but I really didn’t… until I did.

      I’ve made equal and sometimes more than some of the top bloggers in Australia and numbers didn’t have a damn things to do with it. We all have more to bring to the table than that. Good for you, I completely agree, engagement and relations is much more important than a number.

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      Yes, it’s taken awhile to get back here but I feel ready, I feel stronger. More than just my hair colour has changed… growth inside and out. Thank you for always being there xx

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    Thank you for sharing your feelings on this subject honey and opening up to us. Being true to yourself is the most important part. You are the only blogger I still follow religiously. I’m quiet but still here my love :)

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    Toni Brockliss says

    These are my favourite posts of all. You could be my friend chatting at the end of a telephone line. I love that connection.
    I pop by every day and I follow you on Instagram. It is nice to know you are always there.

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    I just discovered you a couple of weeks ago and LOVE this post! Thank you for sharing. You definitely made me feel better about not comparing my measure of success to another bloggers. Thank you!!! xoxo – Vee

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    Amber Gwynn says

    I love this post. Your words a truly inspirational, and as I have previously advised, all that you do is too. As someone newly starting out, your comments have had a profound impact on me, given the fear and uncertainties about the unknown associated with starting a new business.
    I particularly love how you stated the following- ” I believe in myself and what I can achieve and in turn the people I collaborate and work with do too. They see my stats and compare me to others but the difference is they believe in me, my ethics, my voice, who I am and what I do. I can attest that the brands you’re really meant to work with will value that more than a stat figure so I implore you to stop focusing so much on reach and engagement strategy, instead… just reach out and engage.”
    This has given me encouragement and focus. So thank you x

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