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Over the years I’ve been lucky to have met plenty of people who inspire me, Donny Galella is one of them. When I was invited by boohoo to catch up with Donny and talk fashion, style and the label’s latest offerings I couldn’t refuse! You might remember our last collaboration but since then we’ve run into each other a lot on the Sydney fashion circuit.


A car came and picked me up to take me to the city, it’s always such a treat! I used the time to put my face on and answer emails, messages and scroll through instagram. As I sat there trying to distract myself I was starting to get nervous. I wasn’t sure how today would go as I was being filmed and I hadn’t done much video at that point so I felt a bit awkward. I needn’t have worried as Donny and I were able to just be ourselves and it was fun!

I’m so happy with the outfit we put together, it was comfy yet the overall look was polished, I liked that. Lilac, mint, white and nude are colours I’m constantly attracted to this winter. I’ve almost completely ditched all of my black clothing and accessories in the closet and garage sales I’ve had recently. There are a few key pieces left in there but for me it’s all about keeping it light and colourful with pastels, neons, texture and metallics for fun and flair with white and nude as my base.


What I Wore

Jessie Oversized Jumper (sz 24) $40 now $25
 Margot Quilted Fabric Midi Skirt (sz 24) $35 now $16

Wearing anything other than the standard red/black/grey garments that are offered to plus size consumers in Australia every winter is so liberating. Not to mention the fact that a trendy, runway inspired, regularly updated collection is available to ladies up to a size 24 AUS standard cut and at a low price point. What’s more, they offer free international shipping which I always love. I was kindly gifted my outfit and I had a fabulous afternoon hanging out with Donny and boohoo.

Have you tried boohoo yet?

Dani x


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      lol I didn’t realise we were doing a “before and after” type thing until I got there. With that in mind we’d chatted earlier on camera (wasn’t included) about how my go-to outfit when I get “fancy” is a dress. Donny wanted to dress me up in separates for a change :)

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    Steph J says

    I brought this top and skirt today plus the lilac skirt since the price is so good! I am crossing my fingers they fit. And that I look as amazing as you do in it. Thanks for the inspiration as always. You are gorgeous x

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    I have to ask you this Danielle. I notice that many of your videos on youtube don’t have the huge amount of views than many of these other successful (if that’s the word) youtube serious bloggers do. Now I’m starting out on my own vlog site, which is great by the way, you would like it, anyway my views are so low. I’m not sure if I should allow them to go “public” or leave them private. what is your view on this? I add the videos straight through to my live vlog site, so they are open there.

    i hope all is well with you. i take it you have magor surgery, so i’m hoping you are better now. :-) xx Naomi.

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    Ha ha!Tyler is my fave but that’s more about his cute hair, his back story and his neat look than his singing, which kinda dteeafs the object of “The Voice” – he’s got a really good pair of pipes and I did like his Terence Trent D’Arby rendition, but if the competition had been on the radio as per Cowell’s suggestion I think Jaz or Ruth Brown would have won.They deffo need to tweak the format for next time.xx


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