Curve Embracer – Part Two

Danimezza Jeans West Curvy Denim Jeans Stephanie Sister-11

I’m so glad that I decided to follow my instincts because you guys loved the last post that featured my sister Stephanie wearing Jeanswest. I got so many emails and comments from readers who’ve never commented before because they felt like I was listening to their needs too. These posts wont happen as often as I’d like due to Stephanie living in Tasmania but when she does come to visit I’m sure I can twist her arm to pose for some photos.

Danimezza Jeans West Curvy Denim Jeans Stephanie Sister-15

These are the exact same Jeanswest “Curve Embracer” jeans as she was wearing in the last post. We tried to group as many similar toned pieces together so that they could easily interchange to create many, many outfits. Being a uni student Stephanie has barely any budget for fashion, she spends it all on tools, hardware and wood. Did I mention she’s studying Furniture Design? I’m super proud, she’s so talented! Having a versatile wardrobe was essential.

Danimezza Jeans West Curvy Denim Jeans Stephanie Sister-12

Anyway, oh that’s right, her outfit. At first she wasn’t too sure about this jacket as it’s quite boxy and she has a tiny waist she loves to show off. I was the same when I was younger. I was duped into believing that “hourglass” figures were the only desirable kind and I should only dress in a manner that enhances or at the very least creates the illusion of a waist. Now days I find it freeing to wear an unbelted shift or smock dress. To wear a jacket or coat that doesn’t cinch in. Not everything has to be on show and the trade off? A chic, functional, comfortable jacket that simply plays with a different silhouette.

Danimezza Jeans West Curvy Denim Jeans Stephanie Sister-13

Slip off the jacket to discover this awesome multi patterned floral top! It has serious wow factor despite being a casual piece, you can tell that’s what Stephanie likes from her clothes. She’s not ultra feminine in her style, not in a traditional way at least. It has to be edgy, fitted and have deeper shades of colour. She also loves subtle embellishments, metallic, texture and a tiny touch of bling to complete a look. Every woman adapts and evolves her look as she gets older, don’t feel like you can’t too!

Danimezza Jeans West Curvy Denim Jeans Stephanie Sister-16

Stephanie’s Outfit

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Danimezza Jeans West Curvy Denim Jeans Stephanie Sister-14

Don’t forget to play with fashion… enjoy it, experiment and have fun!

Dani x

Please Note: This is not a sponsored post. Items were gifted upon my request for the collaboration. As always (and forever) opinions expressed are my own. 


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    Dani, I went back and read the first part of this post since I had missed it. Methinks Stephanie can pull off any look with that gorgeous bod! I love the jeans!

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      Danimezza says

      I completely agree! Thats why fashion is so fun, it’s good to try new things and develop your style.

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