DIY Shower Caddy Revamp


I bought two of these Shower Caddies from Amazon in January 2012 and they have been the best I’ve ever bought. Yes, I bought them from the USA and yes I’m quite particular about my bathroom storage. Space is quite limited and I have a lot of products, even Steve is a product junkie so we needed a Caddy each. So, why am I so fussy?

I wanted one that hung off the edge of the shower screen and not the shower head. I wanted one with lots of hooks and that could hold razors. I wanted wide shelves and the one feature I’d had trouble finding in Australia… adjustable shelves. This particular Caddy ticked all the boxes and I was so happy until it started to rust about six months ago.

photo (7)

There was the option to buy this exact model in Steel but it was more than double the price and I’d tossed so many crappy caddies in the past that I wasn’t willing to splash that much cash. Instead I bought the Chrome plated one and my one crucial mistake was not spraying it with a clear anti-rust spray. My bad. I’m sure if I’d done that I could have avoided this whole project but then you’d be missing out on this riveting post!

photo (10)

I went to Bunnings and bought Fine grade sponge sandpaper pads as well as primer and anti-rust spray paint. Then I sanded that damn rust all afternoon. I started by sanding the two main frames, hung them on the washing line, primed them and left them to dry. Then I went ahead sanding the two top shelves, hung them, primed them and started on the second shelves etc.

photo (8)

photo (14)

By the time I’d finished sanding and priming the main frames were ready to be sprayed glittering gold! I took my time and made sure to check every angle for patches as the whole point was to seal off any gaps or exposed metal to avoid rust in the future. Sadly the gold finish wasn’t exactly the one that I wanted but it was the best one for the conditions it would be in.

photo (9)

photo (15)

It’s more of a polished brass finish than a shiny gold but I don’t mind. I’m just glad that the rust is gone and that it looks brand new. Sure it took a bit of elbow grease and some dollars splashed on spray paint but I’m proud of the result and that I didn’t just take the easy way out and bin them.

photo (13)

That’s right, I have two of them remember and now they’re a pretty glittering pair that add some ‘razzle dazzle’ to my bathroom. I’ll be sure to post a picture once they’re in our new one but for now here is the BEFORE + AFTER … *drumroll*

photo (12)

What’s the last thing you revamped?

Dani x


  1. 3

    charlotte says

    Great job
    You can also soakit in coke as it makes he rust alot easier to wipe off rather than sand off ;-)

  2. 6

    Dee says

    I need to do this to our caddy. Great inspiration Danni. Also am fascinated about soaking in coke for rust removal, am def going to try that too. X

  3. 8


    I love gold and what a great idea. We love up/recycling. This happens to dish racks to, I love the look of the stainless but didn’t replace my rusted one. now I will and gold it will be for the kitchen. Omm and peace from the Temple.

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