It started with a stool

For the past few weeks my excitement around the new house (AKA: #DMOldFaithful) has been growing. Over the past 8 months I’ve been gutting our house of any unnecessary things. A purge, a cull, call it what you will. Basically I was digging through it all to find our clean slate, I just didn’t expect to find it in an entirely new house. We finally signed the lease and we move in next Wednesday… it’s as thrilling as it is daunting.

I already knew exactly what we owned so as I walked through the new property I could quickly gauge where pieces would go, which pieces we should get rid of before the move that just wouldn’t work and I was aware of gaps that needed filling. I don’t have any photos to show you of the new place yet so you’ll just have to be patient and use your imagination for now.


“Old Faithful” has a breakfast bar with room for three stools. We’ve never had a space like that before, the kitchens have always been closed off and not really designed as a socialising place. I got excited and automatically the designer within kicked into gear. I decided I didn’t want three, instead just a solitary stool at the end. It would keep the walkway between the dining table, breakfast bar, laundry and patio really uncluttered and open.

This darling little blue stool popped up in my Facebook feed the very next day and for $30 I snapped it up quick smart. Joining those local buy, swap + sell pages on facebook is addictive, like eBay but worse. You have to shift through a lot of dirt to get a diamond but it pays off. The best part about the buying process of this stool was meeting the owner and making a new friend. She even slapped on an extra coat of paint for me so it looks even better than this photo. Oh and Aidan’s stolen it, decided he liked it and now it’s currently being used as his bedside table… not for long buddy.

teak outdoor setting $100

I was on a high from my stool purchase so I kept my eyes wide open for any other deals that might suit our new home. A few days later I stumbled across this teak outdoor setting for $100 and after sending a quick pic to Steve and getting the go ahead it was ours. Old Faithful has a quaint brick paved, covered patio area just off the kitchen and dining area with lovely french doors. It’s not a grand space but it’s big enough for a small table and chairs without feeling cramped.

The lady who sold it to us had sanded, stained and oiled it so it was in a good condition to sell meaning I didn’t have to do anything at all other than take it home. The chairs all fold flat neatly which will be great for storage and they’re sturdy and comfortable too. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for stackable stools for additional seating as you can easily fit more people around a table like this but I want them to also be easy to store away. I also plan on having custom outdoor cushions made for the chairs… that will also match the ones for the bench seats.


Two weeks later the same lady who sold me the outdoor setting was selling this gorgeous bench seat and I jumped on it. Unfortunately someone got in before me but luckily for me they dropped out of the sale last minute and it was ours! It looks a bit rough in this photo and I guess to a degree it is but it looks so much better in person. This set me back $40 but just like the outdoor setting she had lightly sanded, stained and oiled. It was also $100-$300 cheaper than what I was looking at in stores.

The outdoor setting will be out on the petite patio at the back of the house which doesn’t really have all that much room to run around and play. The enclosed front yard is where that will all happen and luckily for me Old Faithful has a lovely little porch which overlooks where Aidan and his friends will be running around. I wanted a little spot where I could sit back with Monica. We could watch the kids in comfort, have a chat and maybe even sip a cheeky wine together. They’ll look fabulous with the matching cushions.


If you haven’t realised already, all the pieces I’ve mentioned will allow our home to be more sociable. We rarely entertained in our current house, it was awkward in layout, shape and size. Old Faithful however feels as though she was designed for that very purpose. The prospect of entertaining, throwing dinner parties, hosting BBQ’s or just having friends over for a movie night thrills me to no end. We just needed to make those social spaces more comfortable and inviting.

I’ve known for awhile that we needed an armchair for the lounge room but we just didn’t have the space. The new lounge room is much bigger so I can finally get one! I looked for weeks at both new and used options and suddenly I found this vintage beauty for a steal at $10.50 which was almost too good to be true. Perfect condition, great shape and cheap. The neutral print should go nicely with my sofa until I can move forward with the revamp. I have big plans for this armchair but I’ll save all that for another post. I pick it up on Sunday so hopefully it’s just as gorgeous in person.

What was the last used/thrifted/vintage thing you’ve bought?

Dani x


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    I love watching these sorts of things unfold. Like a Cinderella makeover for the home. And only so recently since you last showed us the makeover of your living room/kitchen. It’s a real treat and an inspiration to watch how the move and these projects unfold.

    I have been cursed by having to always move in January; for as long as I can remember I’ve always been forced to move in the summer heat. Moving is stressful enough!

  2. 2

    Sophie says

    I love this post! I’ve found it great how we’ve been on the same timeline – from being “kicked out” of our rentals and finding a new place. As Carrie would say, “I’ve been cheating on fashion with furniture” so I’ve been going through the same process as you – reevaluating my furniture – getting rid of stuff and filling in other gaps. It’s exciting starting from scratch and decorating afresh as you’ve always wanted it.

  3. 3

    Sarah says

    You scored some awesome bargains there. I honestly can’t wait to see how you decorate your new place. I love looking at other peoples houses, haha.

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