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danimezza studio is the online personal space of Danielle Melnyczenko, an area in which I can share information, ideas and opinions with other likeminded individuals. It is an evolving space acting as a reflection of my interests and documents my current point in life. is a friendly space in which anything from decorating, parenting and even sex can be discussed at any given time and readers are encouraged to participate and engage in feedback and conversation through commenting on the blog or via twitter or facebook.

I adore fashion, I embrace it. I try to showcase curvy fashion with regular outfit photos as well as sharing breaking fashion news, attending runway shows, doing product reviews, hosting giveaways, letting you all know first hand of any retailer discount codes and special offers.

I am a photojournalist who is regarded for my photographic skills and experience. I have been invited to cover numerous PR events, product reviews, weddings, family portraits and even a birth! I believe that even in the most mundane moment, there is something that deserves to be captured and treasured.

Dani x