House Tour – Aidan’s Room

Danimezza House Tour Aidans Bedroom-7

I am blessed to have a son. A son who is undoubtedly as colourful and conversational as his mother and as cheeky and practical as his father. I've also shared his room on the blog in the past (here, here and here) but for the first time it's not just me doing the styling, Aidan's getting in on the action too. As he's at the wise old age of five now he considers himself a bit of an expert when it comes to knowing what he likes and doesn't like. Dinosaurs, stars and rainbows are at the very top of ... [ Discover More ]

House Tour – Main Bedroom

Danimezza House Tour Main Bedroom-4

It's been just over three months since we moved into "Old Faithful", a little weather board cottage full of charm and plenty of good juju. I remember walking through the empty house prior to signing the contract and within an instant I could visually place our belongings. Our little family seemed to fit perfectly within the walls and after just a couple of weeks it was as if we'd always lived there. I wasn't sure if I would share too many photos but I just couldn't help myself. I love looking ... [ Discover More ]

Fit for a King


 Aidan's room was in need of a major clean and revamp. I had to bite my lip, cry a little and part with things he'd outgrown. I listed some things on ebay, donated lots of toys to friends and have bags and bags of stuff waiting for the op shop to reopen. It took two full days to clear and clean his room. I even pulled down the wall decals as I wanted to start from scratch, a blank canvas for my new project. I'd bought a new bed for Aidan but it would take a few days before we could go and ... [ Discover More ]

I Kicked My Husband Out


 Most days I like to consider myself an organised person but in an overall sense I'm pretty lax, I don't feel the need to line things up in straight lines or colour code everything, I just don't have the energy. The same goes for my wardrobe, everything has it's place, it's very own super crowded, smooshed-in-there place. I'd been wanting to do a post about my wardrobe and show you where everything lives but I just couldn't bring myself to share my closet shame... then the lovely folks at ... [ Discover More ]

Bling Storage

 I love accessories. In the past I'd always found it difficult to find nice clothes so I relied on necklaces and cute earrings to "carry" my outfits. Storing them had begun to be a problem, one that my husband was adamant I fixed... pronto. This is my getting dressed up area. The draws are filled with all steves stuff but everything on top and around it is mine. I love having a little area like Mrs Woog. All my bangles are kept in this cute little blue box... I loooooove bangles ... [ Discover More ]

My Place & Yours

I'm this weeks "Theme Queen" and I chose Top Draw as our challenge. I'm sharing my top bedroom draw and all it's contents. I couldn't help myself and styled it a little bit first... ok, a lot.Things I can't seem to live without at bedtime:Notebook - I do most of my deep thinking right before bed. Sometimes it might be about a blog post, challenges for the day ahead but mostly about Aidan. It's good to have a place to jot things down.Pens - What's the point in a notebook without a pen! The silver ... [ Discover More ]

Master Bedroom… Finally.

Completely by accident I found the most perfect quilt cover, the one from my dreams and it was on sale. It's a lovely soft 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton, duck egg blue quilt cover with 2 tailored pillowcases. After just one wash it felt like we'd been using it for years, so so soft. It doesn't have flowers or anything girlie on it so Steve's a fan too.The colour is very subtle but just right and doesn't clash at all with the walls. It looks almost white in these photos but up against our ... [ Discover More ]

Bedroom… almost done :)

A lot has been changed but I still feel like there is a few things left to do. The space looks really lovely and I can see my original "look" starting to form and I'm really happy with the progress. Steve took me to Ikea yesterday so I thought I'd share some of the improvements I've made...Isn't that SO much better than BEFORE, we think so. I'm still on the look out for the perfect quilt cover but it's proving to be very elusive. Obviously I'll make do for now but it's the icing on the cake as ... [ Discover More ]

Something for me…

I was given money for my birthday and since I'm the bill payer in our household it automatically went toward awesome things like rego, new tires and other boring things like that. I knew that eventually down the track I'd find something I like and be able to justify the purchase as a belated present to myself. But since all the shopping I seem to to do these days is for Little Mezza I began to doubt my plan. I'd probably walk out justifying a purchase of another 48 pairs of socks!I'd been ... [ Discover More ]

Moments of Solitude

I think the best Christmas present I've bought myself to date is my annual subscription to Real Living magazine. I'm only missing 4 issues in the whole 4 years it's been going to print. What I love is that it comes to me, out of the blue and perks me right up. Steve knows whenever it arrives that the bath will be occupied for at least an hour. It's my chill zone and I'm glad it's going to continue after Little Mezza is born. If I didn't have my subscription though it might be a different story. ... [ Discover More ]

The little things…

A lot of little things have taken up my week so far. I know I've been rather absent from my blog, you'll have to forgive me, but it seems I prefer to spend my days in my head of late. I'll try my best to explain...I hate blogging without photos, I even hate it when other people blog without photos. So, when I forgot to take my camera to our posh Sebel dinner, I didn't blog about it. When my shitbox camera batteries died when I was trying to take a cute photo of Alice and I in our fluffy robes ... [ Discover More ]

Lamps… after 3 years of searching.

We have LAMPS... seriously my soul feels lighter. I've been on the hunt for the right lamp at the right price for oh so long now and finally my search is over. Of course Steve didn't really understand my obsession and was quite happy with the ones we have but he's a boy and we have an understanding that I dress the house lol. The bedroom makeover is going so well. Lamps were $30 each so it suited our budget, plus they're touch lamps so they're perfect for late night feeds with LM.I let out a ... [ Discover More ]

Makeover… continued

I've made some steps in the right direction with regards to the master bedroom in the last few days so I thought I'd do a little progression report. Above is drawings I did last night of the bedroom. A blank slate, no colour and includes some of the features I intend to add to the room. For example, the Flokati rug in front of the dresser, the cradle in position as well as the brand new lamps I have on layby. The little "i" dots represent picture hooks. Yes, I was really bored last night.Now, ... [ Discover More ]

Nesting??? *editted*

The books say "If you rent you'll want to buy and if you own you'll want to renovate". I believe them. A few people I know have taken the plunge and advantage of the housing price fall and I long to join them. Now we don't have to worry about IVF a whole new range of financial possibility have opened up to us. I'm not one to go on a whim so I analysed my feelings (as I do) and realised I was just nesting. Phew, saved us several $100K. I decided to put all these feelings into revamping the main ... [ Discover More ]

Bedroom Angst

From humble beginnings. Sorry it's a photo of a photo. Don't you just love the soccer shirts hanging up instead of curtains. The bear hanging light bulb, stupid u shaped pillows and an unmade bed. This was our first bedroom. He bought that second hand dresser for me as a moving in present. Sweet huh.I tired to find a picture of our gorgeous bedroom from Townsville but alas it was pre-blog and I have no photos. We bought our bed suite when Steve got back from the middle east. It's so beautiful. ... [ Discover More ]

Guestroom… finally

I DID iron the sheets... I guess I'm out of practise or just really crap at it :P I love the mixture of pale blue, aqua, yellow and white and all those plump pillows of course. Aww pretty bed. I'm NOT painting it white :P By adding the student desk (has the same stain) it balances out the colours. Plus you can hardly see that much of the bed when it's made up like this. The finished bedside hutch. Fresh fluffy towels (2 spare in the cupboard), soft handtowels and thier little soap sits proudly. ... [ Discover More ]

just one more post about linen… promise

Our bed all made up. Sheets and Q.Cover is washed but still stiff, bugger ironing them. I did iron the lace however. Overtime they'll feel like silk... dreamy. Looks a bit grandma-ish in the photos but in person it really isn't. Yay!!! ... [ Discover More ]

All things soft and snuggly

Today I bought: 4 new super soft pillows2 quilted pillow protectorsa superlux squishy doona2 quilt coversa matching throw cushion 2 large guest hand towels... I love the annual Sheridan Sales :) ... [ Discover More ]

Oh So Chic

My new Pink Peony with Baby Blue pinstripe and lace detail. I even bought the throw cushion :) One of my fave books owned by Alice. I'm borrowing it again to flip through for inspiration. Such a lovely book. The second new quilt cover. So soft and TOTALLY me. Steve loves the colours so I got away with them both. Really nice. I love it so much. The cushions are so beautiful. I love seeing them stacked like this. Very Chic. ... [ Discover More ]