I was just scrolling through instagram as usual and then... BAM!!! These women just blew me away, I literally ran to my laptop to repost and give them as much support as possible. I just can't even... right now... no words... just utter awesomeness. Don't delay any longer, just watch... "This video is dedicated to the mainstream media, to the fashion industry, to internet bullies, and to anyone else who thinks it's their right to try to make us feel less than because of their ... [ Discover More ]

Hall of Fame – Kidspot Voices 2014


On the weekend I was honoured to be inducted into the Kidspot Voices Hall of Fame for blogging. I've been a part of the competition since it's inception many years ago, I even came Top 5 in 2012. A special thanks to the unwavering support, love and nominations from new and loyal readers of my blog. It's so exciting to see fresh faces entering the arena even if I did feel a bit like a dinosaur, because not only was I celebrating the induction but on Monday my blog turned 8 years old. I spent ... [ Discover More ]

City Chic Outlet Shopping

thumbnail AC Group

On Sunday Jo had organised an Aussie Curves Meet Up Event at the City Chic Factory Outlet in Campbeltown, NSW. Jo and I were on the tail end of a huge weekend (more on that later) but we were still excited to go shopping with Claire, Rachel and Sunny. I've only been there once before and I have to say that going with a group of friends is way better than going alone. Of course I didn't want you to miss out on the fun either so I filmed it all... City Chic Outlet Store Brands On Sale 32 ... [ Discover More ]

What to wear to Curvy Couture Roadshow

danimezza curvy couture roadshow

It's only a week away and I'm beginning to get nervous. My suitcase is lying on on the floor of my studio mocking me, so far it only has a Glomesh purse and my good pair of thongs in it... this isn't going as well as I'd hoped. The most stressful trip I've ever packed for was New York in 2012 for Full Figured Fashion Week. I'd never travelled internationally before and I still hadn't discovered my personal style, I was still in the experimentation phase which basically means PACK ALL THE ... [ Discover More ]

10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow


I spend a fair amount of my time on instagram, it's one of my happy places. Not only do I enjoy sharing snippets of my life there but I love to delve into others. I'm always interested in discovering new fun accounts so I thought I'd share a few of mine (in no particular order) and I hope you share a few of yours in the comments below... enjoy! @agirlastyle : Pink, gold, luxe, floral, feminine and parisian. @abeachcottage : Dreamy vignettes and soft Australian ... [ Discover More ]

S’posed To

sposed to

I often get caught up in what I'm s'posed to do. Obviously there is the general things like be kind to people, be generous, empathetic and insightful. Be clever, witty, talented and humble. Be creative, resourceful, intuitive and a risk taker. Brush my teeth, do my hair, do my laundry. Basically all the hats. When I had a normal job knowing the focus of my day made things extremely easy, most often to the point where I was bored out of my brain. The same objectives everyday, a set list of ... [ Discover More ]

Revamp + Renew

danimezza screen grab 2014

You might remember my blog looking like this but last week I began the creative yet tedious task of redesigning it myself, you might have noticed that I went quiet. It has been several years since my last redesign, the ever lovely Liz & Jarod had custom designed my last one to perfection. Over the years though the needs of my blog changed and eventually I just wanted an overhaul. I missed the freedom and challenge of building my blog like the old days (hands up if you remember blogger coding ... [ Discover More ]

Curvy Hair Romance


Earlier this week I shared my hair story and I asked a few friends if they'd like to share theirs and I'm happy to say they have. Each lady has a different story to tell, different tips to share and the best part... baby pictures! Natalie - XL as Life What is your natural hair colour?  A mouse brown colour, which now has a 5c round size patch of grey. What made you feel like it was time to change your look?  I never thought I'd ever go blonde, but spending 2 weeks on an ... [ Discover More ]

Tropical Passion Pop

Aussie Curves Danimezza Plus Size Fashion Outfit Blogger Neon Pink Anna Scholz Floral Blonde White Grey Ponytail-1

It's not everyday that you get to go to a poolside party at the Hilton on the Gold Coast so when you do, you frock up! I bought this amazing dress in Darwin and I've been holding on to it, waiting for the right occasion to wear it. I'd originally planned to wear it casually during the day to #PBEvent but I had a last minute wardrobe freak out, changed my mind and I think it was for the best. I felt amazing. The dress is jersey, had pleats to highlight curves and was just so easy to wear. I ... [ Discover More ]

Life Changing Experiences


Shot forth into abyss... That's how it felt when my blog turned into a business. When I left school 10 years ago "Blogger" or "Social Media Manager" didn't exist as a profession. In fact, my preferred career choice of "Photographer" was deemed a hobby by most unless I became an assistant or worked for a newspaper as an assistant and slogged it out for 20 years before I built a reputation. These days there are photographers around every corner who have steady incomes, work from home and do what ... [ Discover More ]

Beauty Bloggers High Coffee

Beauty Bloggers High Coffee Intercontinental Sydney-1

The Facebook invitation sat in my inbox unanswered for ages. I'd keep flicking over to the event page and hovering over the "accept" button, loosing my nerve and clicking "maybe" instead. Was I really prepared to go to a beauty bloggers event at a posh hotel in the city when I only knew two of the attendees? Was I ready to dip my toes into unchartered, impeccably groomed waters? I don't class myself as a beauty blogger but I talk about it from time to time on my blog and it brings me a lot of ... [ Discover More ]

PSFWA – Part Four

Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-91

The Clothes Swap in Part Three was full on and fabulous, talk about a bonding experience! That night if felt like I only closed my eyes for a moment before we were up and at 'em again for a brand new day. Suger  jumped into the kitchen as everyone else was still waking up and getting ready and make THE most delicious pancakes I'd ever had... like ever. I really wanted the girls to feel at home so I also stocked up on breads, fruit, muesli, cereal, yogurt and even Pop Tarts. It was a full on ... [ Discover More ]

Weight Watchers


I was surprised when a reader tweeted me to say I'd been mentioned in the February issue of Weight Watchers Magazine. I wasn't aware at all as I don't read it and I'd chosen to pass on the work opportunity offered by the WW marketing team last year to my friend Amanda who needed it more. Seems the ladies at the magazine like what I do regardless, thank you! In case you can't read it, it's says: "This mum, photographer and fashion enthusiast shares her thoughts on what's hot, what fits and life ... [ Discover More ]

Nuffnang Blogger of the Month


Well this was a nice way to start the week... Nuffnang Australia have me as their January 2013, Featured Blogger of the Month! I got to answer a few questions about what I do and why I do it. I shared a few of my favourite bloggers and talked a little bit about Aussie Curves. If you'd like to check out the entire article you can check it out here. ... [ Discover More ]

Negatives & Positives

laptop toys

One day you're sitting at your computer and you discover that someone has attacked you somewhat casually online and for a brief moment you reexamine your entire existence. Initially you're shocked and hurt, you question what would drive a person to say negative things about you in such a public and seemingly meaningless way. You consult your friends who rally behind you and suddenly the world doesn't feel so small and the problem all consuming, soon it all just become silly. You brush it off and ... [ Discover More ]

Raising Money, Raising the Roof


For the past few months I've been busy behind the scenes organising a charity fundraising event. Last year I hosted a Curvy Clothes Swap and it was awesome, basically an excuse to get together with my girls and party. The money I raised from that event went towards Girls Night In, a fundraiser anyone can be apart of. The event was so successful and so much fun that I decided I wanted to do it again this year, but bigger so Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia was born. For the past six months ... [ Discover More ]

Achievable Delusion

laptop rawr

This post isn't a whinge I promise but it may sound like it, my mum says I have a knack for it. I'm feeling a little burnt out because I've been doing too many fabulous things. I know, you hate me right now but hear me out. I'm just one person and sometimes what you see in a post takes weeks or even months to turn an idea into an action and from an action turn into a publication. Often fabulous things overlap each other and almost always in a short space of time. You're probably thinking I ... [ Discover More ]

I Loved ProBlogger Training Event 2012


I could tell you how inspirational the ProBlogger Training Event (#pbevent) was, rehash all the lessons from my point of view and give you the steps you need to take to get the keys to the holy grail of blogging but I'd be wasting my time. I can guarantee every single attendee took away something different, something powerful and uniquely inspiring to them. I know I did. I'd encourage others to be resourceful and attend next year in person... or you can buy a virtual ticket and listen to the ... [ Discover More ]

10 things you can do right now to prepare for #pbevent


Wash your favourite bras and undies. Trust me, you'll want your best ones on hand when you're meeting new people. Feeling spendy? Why not splash out on a new set or two for a dash of sexy confidence. I'm not saying they have to be little lacy numbers, maybe just a pair in your favourite colour oh and it's best that if no one can actually see them except you. That look is best left to Kath & Kim. Charge your batteries... all of them. Your phone, your laptop, your back up batteries... ... [ Discover More ]

17 Sundays at Blogopolis PART THREE


Read PART TWO Here. You know it's a good night when you're taking tipsy photos of yourself in the dingy bar toilets don't you? In my defence I forgot to take a photo before I left the hotel and if I waited to take it when I got back to the room... well no one would want to see that! I decided to change out of my 17 Sundays outfit as I was afraid they might get ruined. So here I am, working it in front of the huge mirror in the sticky toilets. Classy. At least my Kiyonna dress looks amazing, ... [ Discover More ]

17 Sundays at Blogopolis PART TWO

blogopolis12 (88)

Read PART ONE Here  The morning after bubbles is always a bit rough. Dani has this ability to just chuck things on and look edgy and fabulous... Natalie and I seem to have to work a bit harder so we got up early and turned the lights on. Dani, the total rockstar requested her sunnies and laid about for another half hour on instagram before getting up and still ended up being ready before us.  Here we are, the room mates all dressed up and ready to get their blog-on. 17 Sundays Take ... [ Discover More ]

17 Sundays at Blogopolis PART ONE


Ahhh... don't you just love blog conferences! I may be a little addicted and I've definitely lost count on how many blogging events I've attended and hosted in the last two years. The most recent conference was Nuffnang Blogopolis (#NNB2012) in Sydney which is what the next few posts are all about. When I go to conferences I like to make a big deal out of it, arrive a day earlier, stay a day later. I like to plan my outfits, prep my camera bag and get my hair and nails done. I live and work ... [ Discover More ]

Mummy Beauty Fashion Blogger


I get asked all the time to sum up my blog into one category. Am I a beauty blogger, a fashion blogger or a mummy blogger? To be honest I kind of resent the fact that I have to "fit in" anywhere. I'm confident enough to believe that I'm unique and coined the term "Vanity Blogger". As a vanity blogger you just write about you, what you're interests are, what your passionate about with the freedom to delve into any category you like. It's like a lifestyle blogger who's very self indulgent, shares ... [ Discover More ]

Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers Nomination Party


The opportunity for entries to be apart of the finalist selection has closed and it's been wonderful to look through all the posts and be reminded that we're all here, doing what we do for the same reason. The response I've received for my video entry has blown me away, thank you all so much for your support. There is still time to vote for your favourites so if you haven't yet, click HERE. You can also check me out (as well as some of the other Top 50 Bloggers) in my mini interview with ... [ Discover More ]

10 Things to Take to an Event


#1 - PENS: Don't assume that they will be at the event, you will need one to write down product codes you love, names of people you want to google when you get home, notes of what was on the menu and writing down your details for others if you happen to loose or run of business cards. #2 - BUSINESS CARDS: Take five times the amount you think you'll need, it's better to have more than less. You may be handing your card to someone and then out pops somebody new asking if they can have one as ... [ Discover More ]