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 {image}It might not be interesting to a lot of people but for me it's monumental... I had a 28 day cycle!For newer readers you may have missed out on a rather large and constant issue on my blog regarding infertility. Obviously it all worked out well in the end but there were almost 5 hard years of hoping, wishing and swearing my head off and sleeping on tear soaked pillows. It was hard on my self esteem, my marriage and my waist line.Just as a bit of a recap for the newbies:Diagnosed with ... [ Discover More ]

welcome baby

Hi Everyone,I'm Danielle from over at Hello Owl. I'm Danielle's BFF and guest blogger for today.A few weeks ago Danielle asked me to do a short post when the time came to let you all know that LM had made an appearance. {I know it sounds totally weird doesn't it, like there's too many Danielle's rolling around in your head}Well today is my lucky day because this morning Danielle gave birth to a healthy baby boy, both of them are doing well and having a nap as I type.She'll be in hospital for a ... [ Discover More ]


I'm sorry it's late this week but I have been caught up with Mum and Steph.I'm so in love with Little Squishy (Little Mezza) and can't wait to hold him in my arms as a family.Today I decided to do thing differently with a sparkly top and even ventured into some eye make up. I'm looking forward to my hair appointment on Wednesday. But for now I will soak up as much of my sister as I can. ... [ Discover More ]


Isn't it gorgeous. I'm so in love with my bump and "my little squishy" aka: Little Mezza. After going to the Birth Suite and seeing all the squishy newborns it's all I can seem to call him now days. I can't stop dreaming of what he'll look like and what features he'll have. This is going to be the longest 2 weeks of our lives, it's already started to draaaaaaaaaaag...Everything is done. Everything. Even my assignments are being ticked off quicker than expected. The house is spotless and Steve ... [ Discover More ]


Before I left to have my blood pressure test this afternoon I snapped this weeks bump pix as I'm sporting my new green cardi from BigW of all places. I also have it in black lol. I also wasn't sure how the test would go and if it would eventuate to a C-Section and I really wanted to make sure I had a record of this weeks bump. Obviously LM is quite happy where he his and no one wants him out of the oven just yet although as of today I'm officially full term and he's welcome to vacate whenever he ... [ Discover More ]


Doesn't he look just like a big juicy apple in these photos! I'm not sure I could manage being pregnant without being able to wear an assortment of cardigans! Steve and I took the opportunity this brilliant Sunday afternoon to wander about our lovely little town and snap a few photos of local attractions for one of my photography assignments. It was nice to feel like me and I looked quite cute with my Niki strapped around my neck, resting comfortably on my bump. LM and I are show stoppers that's ... [ Discover More ]


I only own black, purple, blue and teal items in my wardrobe now but I think I still manage to make it look cute. I'm ever so thankful that my jeans have fit right through the pregnancy. Sure I have to undo the button and zipper whenever I sit down and sure, sometimes I forget that fact when I get out of the car and they start falling down... but that's all apart of the journey right? At least it's a good indicator that my arse and thighs haven't ballooned too much.My skin is horrible. Normally ... [ Discover More ]


6 weeks and counting, wow! He's really popped out and is so active and today, for the first time, he's movements hurt. He seems to like kicking or punching my cervix. Not so much fun for Mumma. Since the ultrasounds this week I think I've clued into his turning movements. He's turned 3 times already. I'm just going to let him do his own thing and see what position our little wild card will land in on the big day.So far I'm doing pretty well at not over thinking, keeping myself occupied making ... [ Discover More ]


Music is very important to me at the moment. I could spend a whole pay check on new CDs. TV is getting less and less interesting, especially once MasterChef is over. LM and I love that show, he always kicks like a crazy man during the show. Maybe we'll have a little foodie on our hands, Mumma can hope. Anyway, back to music, I'm finding it's the only way I can truly chillout and stop my brain from over thinking. Feel free to make me many mixed CDs and send them my way... I have 6.5 weeks of over ... [ Discover More ]


Our Little Mez will be here NEXT MONTH... it's technically the end of August but who cares, still trips me our to hear it. Pretty much everything is organised for his arrival but did you really expect anything less? It's so much nicer to be pregnant at home I've decided. I can nap when I want, wear comfy house clothes and have plenty of quiet time but that said I do miss my girlfriends. LM has been a lot more active too since we got home from Darwin and has slipped back into his normal routine ... [ Discover More ]


He's getting bigger! Steve and I are really starting to get excited now, especially after the baby shower. LM's room is filling up with stuff like nappies and powder and tiny socks... real evidence that a little baby boy will be joining us in just 10 weeks!!! His nursery is so lovely and I think I did really well to keep so under budget and still get the look I want, YAY for second hand items! Steve can't wait to put the car seat in. I told him when I'm 35wks he can get it installed but no ... [ Discover More ]

The little things…

A lot of little things have taken up my week so far. I know I've been rather absent from my blog, you'll have to forgive me, but it seems I prefer to spend my days in my head of late. I'll try my best to explain...I hate blogging without photos, I even hate it when other people blog without photos. So, when I forgot to take my camera to our posh Sebel dinner, I didn't blog about it. When my shitbox camera batteries died when I was trying to take a cute photo of Alice and I in our fluffy robes ... [ Discover More ]


Check me out, working the bump! I don't know what made me pull this funny face but I can't bring myself to delete it. I'm working a new outfit invention, tights and a dress. I know, I'm SUCH an innovator lol. I've rarely worn this dress and I'm quite pleased it works with the bump-a-roo. I still have to come up with a few more outfits for Darwin without spending any money and I'm sure I'll come up with something.I also have Alice's Baby Shower on Saturday and I'm so excited. I went out and ... [ Discover More ]


91 days to go... 13 weeks left... only 7 more paydays till he arrives. The last one freaks Steve out more than the others lol. I have only 6 months left to do my course. Can you tell I've lost enthusiasm? I'm really starting to buckle down as I only really have 3 months to complete the course because once LM is here it's game over. I also need to get my hair done. BAD. These are one of the many things that keep me awake at night.I had my glucose test last week and as a few of you know it didn't ... [ Discover More ]


Hello 3rd Trimester!!! Wow, this has been one hell of a roller coaster so far. To think I've only known I've been pregnant for 3 months is crazy, even crazier knowing I only have 3 more months to go... 29th August here we come!!! Luckily we've been planning for this baby for YEARS so it hasn't taken much to get our butts into gear and get organised. The nursery is almost complete (see post here) and we've chosen and purchased all the "big ticket items" we need. GO TEAM!!! Steve has been the best ... [ Discover More ]


He's getting bigger. Thankfully I'm not packing it on, although when you see me in the evenings decked out in my warm purple trackies and jumper, snuggled under blankets, you'd think a Heffalump had taken up residence. That said, when I venture out I try to make an effort. Today I'm hitting the library. I have to return the mountain of books I borrowed and maybe acquire some new ones. Maybe one with sewing projects, hmm...LM has been a lovely baby. Lots of tumbles and ticklish kicks. Steve's ... [ Discover More ]


Yes, I'm a slack old mama bear. This post is 5 days late and it's almost time for the next installment, but it's done and I have some pretty good excuses up my sleeve. On Friday was the first time in almost 3 weeks that I had the house to myself. I spent it in my PJ's. I planned to take some pics when we went out for Thai food with friends that night (my outfit looked hot) but with my preggy-brain I completely forgot. Then on Saturday I woke in a hurry, missed my train but finally managed to ... [ Discover More ]

Bump Book

I started my "Bump Book" the other night. It's more lovely than I imagined it to be. So far it's up to date and in order, I'll just add to it as I go, probably every 4 weeks. I bought another matching album ($20, BigW) that's the same as our wedding albums and attached the pictures with removable glue dots. Cheap and oh-so-easy.All LM's ultrasound photos are kept safe now. I printed a few enlargements of my favourites too. I'm going to go back through all my Bump Pix posts and write a little ... [ Discover More ]


I'm in love with my bump, my Little Mez, MY SON. I love saying that. I get tingles up my spine and my eyes weep a little. I'm beyond excited. It's been so lovely to share my journey with Mum and now that Steve's Dad Nicklas and older sister Heather are here It's all the more sweeter hearing Steve talk openly to others about our little boy, his hopes and wishes. Makes my heart melt just that little bit more. It's also Steve's 30th birthday today, a huge milestone. Steve always said he wanted kids ... [ Discover More ]


Ok so I missed the exact day I've done the rest of the Bump Pix but we'll live. A few days off won't matter too much. I don't think doing it on Saturday works, I seem to forget. I'm going to go back to doing them every Friday, a day early but who cares. At least I'll remember. Maybe. My brain's been a little screwy lately. Like brushing my hair. I always forget to do that.LM has moved. I swear. He seems to be a little higher, up off my bladder. I can sleep through the night and my belly button ... [ Discover More ]


This is me, just before jumping in the car and driving over to Coogee to see David, Susie & Chloe. It was a long drive but worth it. It's a pity we didn't have more notice that they were coming otherwise we would have booked a hotel room and made a weekend of it. Oh well, we'll know for next time. It was great to catch up and it was like no time had gone by... but there was proof it had, little baby Chloe. Too cute for words, happy and bouncing to the music. Lots of smiles for me and plenty ... [ Discover More ]

Sick Daddies and Happy Babies

Steve's sick. The house smells like Eucalyptus Oil and scented tissues. Poor bugger. We spent most of the day at the Dr's getting medicine and I wandered off to buy baby socks and photo albums. Above is all the clothes LM has to date. The bamboo cotton sock (sooo soft, I love bamboo blends) and leggings (I remember how awesome they are after helping look after Tenno) are new, only bought today. Most of them are 00's or 000's as I'm sure we'll get lots of tiny things and I'm thinking LM is going ... [ Discover More ]


I'm liking the silhouette photo, I might have to do this every week. I'm loving that my butt sticks out just as much as my bump. Makes me feel a little balanced lol. Even my boobs look different thanks to my new bra. Better than some of those Madonna/Traffic Cone contraptions they tried to put on me... plus it's damn pretty. I'm going to Casey's this afternoon to borrow a few clothes to boost my dwindling wardrobe. It'll be fun dressing up my bump.I thought I would despise my ever expanding ... [ Discover More ]


I have no where to go today but I dressed up just for this post. Do you feel special? I do. Steve will feel special because I'm not in my PJ's in the afternoon... even though they're ever so comfy. So... 17wks today! Every Friday I think "Wow, I have so long to go til I get to hold our little baby" and then Thursday rolls around again and I think "Wow, that week went fast". No matter how impatient we are, we know the time will eventually arrive and we will still be utterly unprepared... in a ... [ Discover More ]


This is my GORGEOUS plum dress that I got from Kmart yesterday. I'm so in love. It fits like a glove, has plenty of 'give' and to my biggest surprise... even has breastfeeding holes lol. I'm sure they'll come in handy later. If you're interested it also came in Teal and was only $29.95. I might even go back and get the other colour! I'm totally loving me in dresses and tights. I tried to buy jeans and they just didn't look or feel right.Today Little Mez is 16wks (4 months) and I couldn't be ... [ Discover More ]


Thank goodness for a wardrobe filled with dresses. Jeans are almost a no-go item. I'll invest in some soon for winter though. I'd be crazy not to. I've been comparing my bump to others online and I think I'm showing so much already as I already had a bit of a tummy in the past so baby doesn't have to try and stretch me too much to make itself comfy. Thankfully I've seen a few girls who've shown more than me at the same stage so I feel a bit better.Sleep is a bit better now I've gotten used to ... [ Discover More ]