I wanted to take a moment to show you the positive effects the SISTER2sister support program gives Australian girls. The need for strong and caring female role models is critical for young women and girls especially those struggling on their own. As an ambassador for SISTER2sister I wanted to share Lyndsey's story with you. The role these Big Sisters play really resonates with me as that's how I feel I contribute through my blog. A lot of young women read my blog and I like to think that they ... [ Discover More ]

Teenage Me

me99 1

My relationship with food has changed many times over the years but a few factors have unfortunately remained constant. Yes, as you can imagine food isn't just fuel to me, we're inextricably linked emotionally. Often I'd be fuelled purely by my feelings and not hunger when I entered the kitchen. I wouldn't say I've had to battle with food (if I did I constantly waved the white flag, hello thighs!) but as I've gotten older I've also become more perceptive not only of what I eat but why. They say ... [ Discover More ]

The Ultimate Makeover – Part One


In the early hours of the morning almost exactly a year ago today, I headed into the city to donate some of my time and skill to a worthy cause. I was to capture the special moments of the Ultimate Makeover for five very special women who will forever be engrained in my memory. Cancer effects so many of us at different stages and ages in our lives, directly or otherwise. Stylist Donny Galella wanted to use his talent, contacts and generous nature to create an experience to make life a little ... [ Discover More ]

Life Changing Experiences


Shot forth into abyss... That's how it felt when my blog turned into a business. When I left school 10 years ago "Blogger" or "Social Media Manager" didn't exist as a profession. In fact, my preferred career choice of "Photographer" was deemed a hobby by most unless I became an assistant or worked for a newspaper as an assistant and slogged it out for 20 years before I built a reputation. These days there are photographers around every corner who have steady incomes, work from home and do what ... [ Discover More ]

PSFWA – Part Four

Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-91

The Clothes Swap in Part Three was full on and fabulous, talk about a bonding experience! That night if felt like I only closed my eyes for a moment before we were up and at 'em again for a brand new day. Suger  jumped into the kitchen as everyone else was still waking up and getting ready and make THE most delicious pancakes I'd ever had... like ever. I really wanted the girls to feel at home so I also stocked up on breads, fruit, muesli, cereal, yogurt and even Pop Tarts. It was a full on ... [ Discover More ]

PSFWA – Part Three

Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-61

In Part Two we hung out at the apartment and had dinner and now I'm going to tell you about The Clothes Swap. I absolutely love this photo I took of all the girls, ready and raring to go! No one was allowed dibs or holdsies and they were released into the main room of the apartment at full speed. Everyone had laid out their clothes all over the floor in a random fashion. I'm still kicking myself for not taking a photo of it all before they rushed in. Everyone started on their solo mission of ... [ Discover More ]

PSFWA 2012 – Part Two

Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-39

In Part One I told you about our manic drive into the city and catching up with Jeanie and Olivia at Benefit Cosmetics Boutique. Well after we got all done up we headed over to our weekend hideaway, a very posh Meriton World Tower Penthouse Apartment for two nights. We got a gorgeous apartment overlooking the city and the harbour. With plenty of room for us to spread out and get comfortable. photo by @waituntilsunset We stocked up the fridge with all the party essentials. photo by ... [ Discover More ]

PSFWA 2012 – Part One

Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-39

In November last year I hosted my very first charity fashion event and I still can't quite believe that it happened. Just like New York, it was so intense I wasn't quite sure how to write my posts about it. Fifteen plus size fashion bloggers from all over Australia were invited to attend a weekend away in Sydney in a fabulous Meriton World Tower Penthouse with an array of fashion and beauty activities to keep them amused. The event was also classed and a Girls Night In, raising money for women's ... [ Discover More ]

Raising Money, Raising the Roof


For the past few months I've been busy behind the scenes organising a charity fundraising event. Last year I hosted a Curvy Clothes Swap and it was awesome, basically an excuse to get together with my girls and party. The money I raised from that event went towards Girls Night In, a fundraiser anyone can be apart of. The event was so successful and so much fun that I decided I wanted to do it again this year, but bigger so Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia was born. For the past six months ... [ Discover More ]

Canteen Bandanna Day

canteen edit-1

Today is Canteen's National Bandana Day, the annual fundraising initiative which helps to support Australian youths with cancer. Canteen and Girls Night In are two my chosen charities so I'm always thrilled when they reach out and ask me to collaborate in raising awareness of their fundraising efforts. Even Steve and Aidan got in on the fun! In case you're wondering, Steve's making pirate noises... and this was the best picture I was able to capture of the two of them together. Steve rocked ... [ Discover More ]

Girls Night In Curvy Clothes Swap 2011


A few months ago I received a letter in the mail asking me if I would like to host a Girls Night In charity event for the Cancer Council to aid research into all womens cancers. Having irregular cells found on my cervix when I was only seventeen and the subsequent preventative treatments, Girls Night In always resonated with me personally as funds went towards Cervical Cancer research amoung others. So I got thinking about what sort of event I could host, who I would invite and how I could ... [ Discover More ]

Designers for Daffodil Day


 When I was 17 I had a pap smear. I felt it was the right thing to do as it had been 2 years since I'd first had sex. I was being responsible. None of my friends had had one but I went ahead and saw my doctor to show them it would be fine, nothing scary. My results came back and suddenly it got scary. I was only 17 when I was told I had CIN3 and with a history of cervical cancer in my family I'm counting my stars at how lucky I was for it to be detected early. I know women who had never had it ... [ Discover More ]