Vanilla Cupcake with Bacardi Buttercream

nespresso danimezza vanilla cupcake with bicardi buttercream cubania

I'm all about packet mixes and Betty Crocker has my heart (not to mention a designated area in my pantry) I just find them so simple and perfect every time meaning I can experiment more with the toppings. You pay a bit more but you know what you're going to get, kind of like Nespresso. When they sent me their new limited edition "Cubania" Grand Cru to play with in the kitchen I thought I'd keep things easy and fun! Cupcakes Betty Crocker Vanilla Cake Mix, follow instructions on ... [ Discover More ]

Nespresso Mug Cake

photo 3

I used to hate the smell and taste of coffee but as I got older it started to grow on me. My first awesome cup of coffee that I actually loved was by Nespresso and since then I casually receive surprises in the mail from them. Like the box I got on Friday with their new Colombian Grand Crus to try and a challenge to create my own Colombian inspired recipe, not sponsored just a bit of fun. Now I know I don't talk about food much on the blog but that's simply because I love to cook at night when ... [ Discover More ]

Kitchen Revamp

Danimezza Kitchen Revamp 2014-1

We live in a rental in North West Sydney and we've been in this house for 6 years now. We bumped around from house to house for awhile, the renters market was terrible so we took what we could get. I was recovering from my laproscopic surgery for Endometriosis when we received a letter saying that the bank had claimed the owners house and we had 14 days to get out. From the letterbox I saw an estate agent hammering a "For Lease" sign into the ground just down the street. I walked in, saw that ... [ Discover More ]

Breakfast for Dinner


We're quite fond of breakfast for dinner at our house. I'm sure I could make countless meals with bacon and eggs but the other night we had sausages defrosting on the sink and I was trying to think of something different to do with them... so I turned to Pinterest. I found this gem straight away and thankfully I had everything I'd need to make it. That is what I call winning! It was utterly delicious, easy to make and very hearty so I thought I'd share it with you. Ingredients 1 ... [ Discover More ]

Tim Tam Love


Last Thursday Aidan and I ventured into Sydney for an event. Usually I go to these things alone but I was excited to bring Aidan along for the day. He just loves to go on "adventures" with me on the train into the big city. He slipped his shoes on, grabbed his hat, clipped on his backpack and was ready to go. We arrived at Custom House in Circular Quay bright and early ready for a fun morning out. Aidan ran up the steps, turned around and asked me to take a photo so Dadda could see his ... [ Discover More ]

Chobani FroCHO Pops


Earlier this week Chobani sent us a great big crate of yogurt awesomeness, this stuff is crazy good. They sent us a package around this time last year and Aidan was thrilled with it so I was keen to see what was in this one as they're always a surprise. In case you're wondering Chobani is an all natural greek yogurt company. Aidan and I knew straight away what we would make... FroCHO Pops! Aidan's confident in the kitchen so I let him make them, he was so pumped. I sliced up some ... [ Discover More ]

How to make Cob Loaf


I never really got into blogging recipes, I cook a lot but I'm generally too busy in the kitchen to stop and show you what's going on in there and my camera is too bulky and expensive to keep in my tiny little kitchen. Monica came over today and I offered to make lunch, we'd have Cob Loaf. When she heard that she perked up and asked how to make it, she'd always been curious. I'd made it earlier in the week when my family visited and they asked too, as did a few ladies at the bakery and at ... [ Discover More ]

Meat Eater

Sponsored by Nuffnang & MLAAs most of you know we started Aidan on solids early, around 5 months and it worked out well. We wanted him to try everything and Steve and I agreed that we'd make sure anything we ate, was something that he could eat too. This totally changed our diet for the better and while we still have a few snacks, they only come out if we're entertaining or he's napping. We're a "Meat & 3 Veg" family, usually lots of steamed vegetables or fresh salads with different ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan’s 1st Birthday

My little baby turned one this week and it's thrown me a little. I swear that when he woke up on Wednesday morning even looked older, maybe it's all in my head but there is no denying he's a toddler now. The in-laws and my own family were traveling to us to celebrate his birthday with us so I wanted to throw a party but I didn't want to go too over the top and spend a lot of money, I just didn't feel it was necessary for a child so young, I also didn't want him to feel overwhelmed. I ... [ Discover More ]

30 Days – Photos 18,19,20,21,22,23

Photo 18 - Aidan hanging out in his swing whilst I hang out the laundry. I was kept pretty busy getting the house ready for all the family who were due to arrive.Photo 19 - It was a big day of blogging for me over at Kidspot, you can check out the posts I did here. While you're there don't forget to vote!Photo 20 - I've never cooked so much in my life. My kitchen was buzzing with activity as I had eight adults to feed and very little bench space. I loved that everyone loved my food and always ... [ Discover More ]

Tower of Yummy

I wouldn't say I love pancakes, I don't might them but pan fried cake batter in the morning never really appealed to me. Maybe it's because I can't make nice ones, my sister can but mine never come out fluffy enough, they end up more like crepes.Every now and then I'll feel like them for afternoon tea so I'll buy a shaker bottle mix from the shops. Of course the Aldi one is nice and if I feel like whipping some up that's what I'll use but I saw a different one in Coles the other day and I just ... [ Discover More ]

Homemade is sweeter

I made my birthday cake as I do every year. It looked just like the one the Blythe Doll as 'eating' in the previous post. Lots of lovely silky cream and Strawberries. I got a little crazy and drew happy smiley faces on them. It looked cute and made me happy. I made my rich Betty Crocker devils food cake and layered it with cream, raspberry jam and a little chocolate frosting. Steve said he felt his arteries closing up just looking at it... then went ahead and ate two pieces. I got some camera ... [ Discover More ]

My Place & Yours

I was so distracted last week that I forgot to play MPAY over at Hello Owl. This weeks theme is "Gadgets" so of course I instantly thought of my iPhone but almost everyone has one now so I thought I'd dive into my very deep utensil draw and show a few of my favourites.Tiny Tongs - I couldn't survive without at least five of these bad boys. Ok, maybe that's a tad dramatic but they do make life in the kitchen a little easier. They only cost about $2-$5 each but they're so handy. When my grandma ... [ Discover More ]

Easter Party

This week at Mothers Group we had a little Easter Party for the kids... ok, well for us. We each brought a plate of goodies and I organised a few craft activities. Here is Aidan sporting his bunny ears.All I did was draw some ears, cut multiples out and stick them to a strip of cardboard for the headband. Then everyone coloured in the centers with a crayon and glued on strips of cotton wool. Sticky tape held the headband in place once it was sized for each child. Super cheap and super cute.I ... [ Discover More ]

nom nom nom

This week I've been busy making food. I know there are healthy, organic and affordable options available for little babies at the supermarket but because I'm a SAHM, have all the equipment and skills, I decided to make his meals myself. I bought Annabel Karmel's book (in my sidebar & pictured above) and it's been a wealth of information and full of yummy recipes. I highly recommend it.I really wanted to practice Baby Led Weaning and we do to some extent but as Aidan is down to 3-4 bottle ... [ Discover More ]


Since we have our very own live-in babysitter (my sister) we thought we'd make better use of her before she goes on Thursday. Steve made a reservation at our favourite Mexican restaurant on Sunday night. We washed and fed the baby, put him to bed and we managed to get there on time.I haven't really had a drink (besides one or two West Coast Coolers.. lame) since I found out I was pregnant. Tequila was my drink of choice but I knew that the first one I'd have would throw me and boy did it ever. I ... [ Discover More ]

Bad Day for Pumpkin

As you might have guessed we're experimenting with Baby Led Weaning at our house, you can see the book that inspired me in the left sidebar. I've read the book twice and gone back and referenced it many times. It might not be for everyone and I know people are going to have their opinions on the matter. It's kind of why I've been hesitant to talk about it at all but I've had a few inquiring emails and thought I may as well share what we've experienced so far.For starters Aidan doesn't get solid ... [ Discover More ]

Bad Day for Pumpkin

As you might have guessed we're experimenting with Baby Led Weaning at our house, you can see the book that inspired me in the left sidebar. I've read the book twice and gone back and referenced it many times. It might not be for everyone and I know people are going to have their opinions on the matter. It's kind of why I've been hesitant to talk about it at all but I've had a few inquiring emails and thought I may as well share what we've experienced so far.For starters Aidan doesn't get solid ... [ Discover More ]

Cheat Cake *editted*

It's not really a cake but looks and tastes like one. In actual fact it's cookies & cream so if you love that combination this "cake" is totally up your alley. All you do is sandwich Arnotts Choc Ripple biscuits with cream, form into a log shape and then cover in even more cream. Yep, it's a heart attack on a plate and it's divine!To put my own personal twist into the recipe I made it into a "Black Forrest" Choc Ripple Cake. I had a jar of preserved pitted cherries and a mushed up about a ... [ Discover More ]

Lobster Please

After a hard day Op Shopping I wasn't sure going out to dinner would be such a great idea. I thought Aidan had done it a bit rough, I thought I needed to just chill and not get dressed up and be all social. Mum convinced me otherwise and said that if I didn't go and have my very first lobster dinner, the one I'd been drooling about all week, I'd regret it.We had a nice nap and then headed out for dinner at one of my Mum & Dad's favourite regular places, "The Deck". The staff are really ... [ Discover More ]

Flying Solo

Yesterday was my first full day home alone with Aidan, my first day at being an "all rounder" mother. Now that my lovely mother has gone home and Steve was away at work all day it was just me and the baby. I remember thinking "Now what?". I mean, what do you do with a newborn when you're all on your own? There is only so much staring I can do at his cute face and right now that's about all we can do besides feeding.Showering with Aidan is a lot easier on my back than bathing him but we'd never ... [ Discover More ]


This has been my addiction for the last several months. Do you remember eating these as a kid, biting a small hole near the top and spiraling the cheese out like worms? That's how I've eaten every single one. I pop one in my bag if we're heading to the shops, going to Ob appointments, rides in the car... anywhere. Love them.Another addiction is the brand new KitKat Chunky with Caramel. I was describing it to Steve as a "Caramello Koala on Crack". It was heaven. Hmm... think I might just duck ... [ Discover More ]

The Cake… in pictures

No one said it was going to be easy and no one thought I'd be 30wks pregnant when I offered to make their wedding cake as our gift to the couple... not even me. In hindsight buying a vase would have been so much simpler but I'm so glad I put on my brave face and did it for them. Baking and basic construction was done in the days leading up to the wedding, I couldn't imagine doing it on my own in a strange kitchen the day before, plus I think it would have given the bride a heart attack.The most ... [ Discover More ]

My Grand Creation

This is the cake I made as a labour of love for our best friends Danielle & Luke for their wedding last Thursday in Darwin. It took 3 days, 6 layers of devils food cake, lots of chocolate frosting and a tonne of buttercream frosting to make it, all while 30 weeks pregnant and not feeling 100%... GO ME!!!It was huge and would easily feed 120 people, only the top tier was eaten at the wedding of 50, just to give you an idea of it's size. That said, at the end of the night the second layer got ... [ Discover More ]


That's what I've been for the last few weeks. Dani (and everybody else it seems) duped me into believing that Dani wasn't able to attend the wedding in Darwin. I was sad, really disappointed but it was out of my control, nothing I could do... Nothing I could do but CRY when I saw her sitting at the airport in Darwin with Wendy, grinning ear to ear. It was a lovely surprise but I'd been traveling for almost 12 hours and 2am wasn't the best time for surprises.Once over the shock and being filled ... [ Discover More ]

Cinco de Mayo ~ Photo Overload

Photo Mojo is BACK, full force.The margaritas were flowing freely, everyone loved them.Chris (Alice's son) working the sombrero.Kevin blending up a storm."Blue Lagoon anyone?" Bruce putting on airs.Everyone from work chilling out and sipping their drinks.I of course, was on the hard stuff. Sprite.Mmm Doritos and Alice's homemade guacamole.Martha... I mean Alice... being a whiz in the kitchen.The traditional "Alice is drinking out of the jug" photo.Yay!!! A photo of me!!!Heather enjoying the sun ... [ Discover More ]