Colouring for Grown Ups


It all started innocently enough, Chantelle shared a pretty picture that she'd found on Pinterest and a bunch of us printed it out, coloured it in and then posted a photo on instagram when we were done. It was a nice little community all enjoying something different together. It wasn't photography, it wasn't writing, it wasn't baking, it wasn't even blogging but I'd rediscovered a creative outlet I thought I'd grown out of. I fell hard. That same afternoon I searched Pinterest for more ... [ Discover More ]

DIY Shower Caddy Revamp

photo (9)

I bought two of these Shower Caddies from Amazon in January 2012 and they have been the best I've ever bought. Yes, I bought them from the USA and yes I'm quite particular about my bathroom storage. Space is quite limited and I have a lot of products, even Steve is a product junkie so we needed a Caddy each. So, why am I so fussy? I wanted one that hung off the edge of the shower screen and not the shower head. I wanted one with lots of hooks and that could hold razors. I wanted wide shelves ... [ Discover More ]

Cheap Easter Gift in Less than 1 Minute

easter 2

We'd spent all weekend up the coast relaxing and forgetting about the real world only to return home to a never ending to-do list. One of those things was Easter, the time of year when mothers across Australia get their craft-on and buy all the feathery, shiny and crepe-papery things from the $2 shop. I already had a game plan, I had to make some for Aidan's teachers and a few for his friends. It was so simple that I could: Make it in a Minute! Here's what you'll need*: Printed Paper ... [ Discover More ]

She Wore Flowers In Her Hair


I've been slightly addicted to Lana Del Rey, she moves me, I can't wait until her album is released at the end of the month. She has beautiful videos and she's always seen with flowers in her hair, so glamorous. I thought it might be fun to make my own headdress so I bought several different flower headbands on clearance, took them home, cut the blooms off and glue-gunned them on to a headband I already owned, you know... just because. I adore it... so does Aidan. I'm wearing it right now ... [ Discover More ]

Stuck to My Goals


Being accountable helps me achieve goals which is why I think posting photos of my breakfast everyday (#dailybreakfast) will be successful. The thing is, I'm usually so zoned out in the morning it's not that I don't eat breakfast on purpose it's just that I forget so I had to figure out a way to remind myself. There were other things I wanted to remember too, things I wanted Steve to remember so it got me thinking about the fridge, the central hub of our home. Every year I stock up on ... [ Discover More ]

Full Throttle

I decided I wanted to make my sister (my one & only) a cute handbag for her birthday. I could easily go out and buy her things or send her money but I knew that this year, with all the brave choices she's made lately, would appreciate a lovingly made gift more. She could cart it around with her when she made even more brave choices and know I love and support her, the bag would be a wearable hug. I chose her favourite colours and asked what style she'd like, "a normal sized handbag with a ... [ Discover More ]


I bought Handmade Home by Amanda Blake Soule last year and I loved the projects inside it, highly recommended. One thing I wanted to do was make a bunting flag, not for Aidan's room, but for his birthday party. The bunting could be used for 'all' my kids' birthdays and even for mine and Steve's, it would become a sort of heirloom and no birthday in our house would be complete without it.I had plenty of scraps left over from the baby quilt so I got cracking. I liked that the quilt and the bunting ... [ Discover More ]

The Boy, The Quilt & The Ball

I finally finished the quilt I started back in February. It's nothing worth framing but I know the baby I have (and babies I hope to have in the future will) think it's worth all the effort I put in. All the pretty patterns and colours to stare at and all the textured stitches so fun to touch. I love that it also reminds me of my childhood book.I dragged Aidan out onto the lawn for a little mini "I'm proud of my efforts" photoshoot. It was nice to be outside in the sunshine and watch my son ... [ Discover More ]

Easter Party

This week at Mothers Group we had a little Easter Party for the kids... ok, well for us. We each brought a plate of goodies and I organised a few craft activities. Here is Aidan sporting his bunny ears.All I did was draw some ears, cut multiples out and stick them to a strip of cardboard for the headband. Then everyone coloured in the centers with a crayon and glued on strips of cotton wool. Sticky tape held the headband in place once it was sized for each child. Super cheap and super cute.I ... [ Discover More ]

Pinned in Place

The quilt is actually starting to look like a quilt now. I added a pretty border around the edges (man I hated cutting all those damn little rectangles) then took it to my local quilting lady to give me a hand putting it all together. I bought some cotton batting (with enough left over for another project that I have in the works... I know I'm hopeless) and we clamped it all onto a table nice and tight and began pinning the layers together with special bent quilting safety pins.I was quite ... [ Discover More ]

Sew Cool

Photo taken with flash... I hate flash but it was midnightLast night I managed to get all those squares sewn into panels and I'm quite proud... sleepy, but proud. I haven't sewn the panels together yet, I just laid them out for a photo. Steve's sister Heather arrived this morning so I might be able to get that part done tonight. I still have a border, backing and binding to do yet. It's not perfect but it's made with love. ... [ Discover More ]

Slow Progress

It's taken awhile but I'm slowly getting there with the playmat project. I can't believe I thought I would be bored with Steve gone, I have so much more to do around the house. Steve pitches in a lot and it took him going away to remind me. Anyway, after measuring and cutting a bajillion fricken squares and figuring out where to place them, I popped them into little baggies and they're waiting for me to sew into panels.It wasn't until last night that I was reminded of an old childhood book of ... [ Discover More ]

Starting Out

Steve's going away for a week and leaves tomorrow so I twisted his arm and dragged him to Spotlight to pick up a few things I required for Aidan's playmat. I needed a project for whilst he was away or I would go insane. The reason I chose to make a playmat is because the one he has now is too small... one roll and he's off it. I considered buying one but couldn't justify the cost as they can easily lead into the hundreds. Plus what's better than making one myself!So I bought a $20 quilting set ... [ Discover More ]

Get your craft on

by Lilley's Handcrafted LoveliesLately I've been feeling the itch. The itch to stitch, sew and stuff. I don't know where the urge is coming from but it's been lingering in the back of my mind for awhile. I haven't started anything because I'm afraid I wont be committed to any project long enough to finish it. We have a few visitors over the next couple of months and I'm really excited about it all but I know deep down I'm going to need a creative release soon or this twitch in my fingers is ... [ Discover More ]


My gorgeous BFF Rhian made Aidan these gorgeous blocks for his nursery and I adore them completely. She matched the colours from his room and added little details like paw prints to represent Toby & Charlie and a little soccer ball for Steve.I should mention these are completely handmade. Aidan loved staring at all the pretty colours and patterns. These are made for display only so they sit proudly on top of Aidan's Toy Shelves. If you think you'd like some custom blocks made for a gift or ... [ Discover More ]


And the winner is...Permanently Twenty ThreePlease email me at to claim your prize. As "dainaminkus" never emailed me to claim her prize it was redrawn today as forewarned in the post below. Thanks again to all those who participated. Don't forget to enter the current DVD GIVEAWAY drawn this Sunday. ... [ Discover More ]


I told you there were more goodies on the way! My lovely friend Bethwyn is the mother of two gorgeous boys and began making little pretties and clips to fill the void of girlie trinkets in her life. Her boys are crazy about dinosaurs so all that repressed femininity resulted in some pretty sweet goodies which you can purchase here.For one lucky reader I have a set of two Pink & Chocolate Clips, a set of five girlie Christmas Clips and a pair of adorable Button Hair Ties with tiny sheep on ... [ Discover More ]


I've realised that I can't be great at everything, when I attempt certain things they just seem to go bad, no matter how much I persevere or how big I dream. I can sew and make plenty of things, I just simply cannot make toys. This little guy is proof.I wanted to make a little monkey toy that was light-weight, and had skinny arms and legs for Aidan to grab and chew on. I altered the Black Apple doll pattern in hopes that it would simplify the process. Oh, I was so wrong.I'm not even going to go ... [ Discover More ]

Frame it

As I mentioned in an earlier post I'm in the middle of a lounge room make over. Nothing really drastic, it's actually more of an update than an overhaul. The point is I'm having fun and Steve's enjoying the results with minimal impact on the purse strings. One thing I wanted to change was the mantle display and here's how I did it.I went to my local quilting shop in search of some extraordinary fabric and I got lucky. I bought 2 fat quarters ($5) of this beautiful batik print on linen and it ... [ Discover More ]

Knitted Joy *Editted*

These are the knitted toys my grandma made me for Little Mezza. I totally adore them and had to share. She also made mittens & booties, blankets and little knitted overalls. LM is one lucky little baby.The softest white baby shawl with matching booties and mittens.The cutest little knitted overalls with pom-pom beanie for added style. ... [ Discover More ]

Nursery Art Swap

My lovely friend, teacher and artist Rhi is making me some beautiful blocks similar to the one's pictured above. She made these for a friends new baby and has since been asked to make several more for up coming baby showers and personalised gifts. I thought they were so sweet I just had to have a set for LM. You pick the word or name and colours and Rhi does the rest. You can also order your own by request. Just leave a comment with blog link or email me ( and I ... [ Discover More ]

Pay it Forward

Thanks Alica for letting me be involved. I've done some thing similar to this already but I can't help myself and I'm jumping back on the bandwagon and you can too. All you have to do is share the love. Mention "Pay it Forward" on your blog and have something to offer others.I will make something fabulous for 3 lucky people and I'm giving myself until the end of February to make them. It could be you, all you have to do is leave a comment and say you're up for the challenge. Brighten someone's ... [ Discover More ]

Cute as a Button Tack

I'm loving this crafty idea by All things Lovely blogger Kylie. Basically you cover buttons with gorgeous fabric and using hot glue, attach a thumbtack to the back of the button. So sweet and easy. Perfect for anyone stuck in a cubicle at work or even just to jazz up your cork board at home. ... [ Discover More ]

More Dinner Party Dribble

Hello GorgeousI tend to dive into projects as a way of distracting myself. It works for me. It's not denial. It's healthy. It's productive and more often than not it's fun too. I know the lanterns are a little off center, the table will be dragged out to sit underneath it to give my guests a little more room. The 2 seater sofa will be pushed in front of the TV to open up the room a little more. I polished all the silverware and the candelabra. Everything just gleams.Fun FunNo really. I bought a ... [ Discover More ]


It's so lovely to receive mail, you know the traditional kind, not electronic. So you can imagine that it totally made my (very shitty) day when I found this little lovely in my mailbox. Alicia wrote to thank me for ReVamping her blog. She even made the card and isn't it gorgeous! I love it Alicia, thanks oxoxI just want to add a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Keith & Alicia who FINALLY got a much desired Positive Pregnancy Test!!! I'm so happy for you girl. We're thinking sticky thoughts OXOX ... [ Discover More ]


After being totally inspired by the domestic goddess Martha, I took on her challenge and came up trumps. Our dining room (space) is totally barren. The room isn't wide enough to also house the buffet, standing lamps or anything interesting. It just has huge big windows and prison-like white venetian blinds. So when I saw all the lanterns and paper pompoms used to add another dimension to a dining space I thought, "what the hell" and gave it a try.I bought cheap paper lanterns ($2 for small and ... [ Discover More ]