Sexy and I know it


Lately a few cars have been gracing my driveway and it's been pretty exciting. Those following me on instagram or twitter (both @danimezza) might have seen them, the latest being a shiny "Caspian Blue" Volvo S60 which has what seems like a million safety features and an interior that feels like you're sitting in a very expensive handbag. I'm not kidding, I may have even stroked it. Whilst I'm not "into cars" in the way of remembering stats, cylinders or milage, what I am into is how I feel ... [ Discover More ]

Danimezza ProBlogger Weekend Video #pbevent


The last few days have been completely epic. I made a short video of my time away so I hope you enjoy it. I'm not going to go into what I personally learnt from the event but I highly recommend watching the filmed sessions when they're released in the next week or so, I know I'll be watching the sessions I missed out on. Prepare to be inspired and don't forget to take notes, even check out the twitter feed for tips at "#pbevent". I'll be back with more detailed outfit photos thanks to the lovely ... [ Discover More ]


The Drivers: Hello Owl, Woogsworld, Crash Test Mummy, The Truth About Mummy, Childhood101, Tina Gray, Retro Mummy, Danimezza

This is a sponsored post for Nuffnang & Mitsubishi  It was the day after the big storm hit Melbourne when bloggers from across Australia flew into the soggy city to test drive the i-MiEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle). I had to get up at 3:30am just to make it to the airport in time only to find the flight delayed. Eventually we make it to Melbourne and a driver awaits our arrival, ready to whisk us over to Albert Park for a day of driving and dining. What's so cool ... [ Discover More ]

Spray Tan


Stephanie and I ventured into the unknown and experimented by getting spray tans for our upcoming swimwear photoshoot. It was a lot of fun to do share the experience with my sister who was travelling interstate. Check out what we got up to...   ... [ Discover More ]

Guava Hair

It feels like a million years ago that I was sitting in this chair but it was only back in March. I'd been researching hair straightening methods and options for months and I was determined to do something about my unruly locks. The team at Pierre Haddad Sydney, Guava Latino Hair Treatment and Wella decided it was time to work their magic.After a hair and scalp consultation I was ushered over to the most luxurious wash basin I have ever had the pleasure of sitting on. It reclines just like ... [ Discover More ]

Choo Choo

Before I left with Aidan for Townsville the Hawkesbury Show came to town and I took Aidan by myself.One thing I was really looking forward to was taking Aidan on his first show ride. He LOVED it.He didn't like getting off.At all!He rode that little train 4 times and each time he went around the smile got bigger and wider.I told Steve he had to go with us next year, he'll be progressing up to the tea cups for sure!Check out the video, Aidan's watched it a million times.It took a lot to drag him ... [ Discover More ]

Help me win $5000 and a New Ford Territory for a year!

Back in March Steve and I took Aidan on a caravaning trip. We planned a brilliant route, packed everything we needed and headed off to visit friends and family. I was even presumptuous enough to assume that our trip would be so magical with a toddler that I arranged a five day guest post slot over at Childhood101 so I could share all my jewels of first-hand knowledge. Although we thought we'd taken everything into account, one thing we didn't plan on was us all catching the flu. ... [ Discover More ]

What has Danimezza done?


TUESDAY Didn't get any sleep at all, spent night packing. Left for Airport scarily early. Miss my flight check in by 1 minute... ONE MINUTE!!! Hung about Airport waiting for next flight. Bought not one but TWO brilliant pairs of sunnies from Witchery for under $100. Sit next to a CEO from an assisting company to Vodafone on flight to Melbourne. Berate him for crappy coverage and service. Arrive and jump in an $80 cab to do City Chic store visits. Discover Kate ... [ Discover More ]