25 Things I’ve learnt about NYC

NYC skyline

If you plan to do something, anything from going to the top of the rock to doing laundry to buying shoes or returning an item, allow a minimum of an hour to do so. Lines are mandatory and they are everywhere. Just as you would drive on the right side of the road in the USA, you also walk on that side, just as we Aussie walk and drive on the left. If you're a slow walker or unsure of where you are going keep to the edge of the sidewalk, if you're in a hurry walk in the middle. Never stop ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Metallic

Danimezza Plus Size Blogger Outfit Denim Diamonds Mixer DIY Gold Skirt FFFWeek 2013-1

I hated missing out on Aussie Curves challenges when I was away but it was my own fault, I shoulda-coulda-woulda but ultimately I just had fun and winged it. I really wanted to share the gold denim skirt I made for the Denim & Diamonds event during FFFWeek. It's the first piece of clothing I've made for awhile and it's given me the bug, I'm itching to make myself some more. You should have seen my face when I aced my first zipper installation.  Earrings - Equip Top - TS14+ Belt ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Pink

Danimezza Plus Size Blogger Outfit Youthery Khmer pink chiffon skirt asos curve polka dot dress bling indie runway show FFFWeek 2013-1

I'm skipping ahead in my FFFWeek tales as this week's theme is Pink and I desperately want to show off my new purchase! I bought this soft flowing chiffon pink maxi skirt by Youtheary Khmer for just $50 at the Curves in the City Shopping event early on Friday morning, just prior to the FFFWeek Indie Runway Showcase. As soon as I did I knew I'd have to wear it that night. I quickly shopped my suitcase/wardrobe and tucked my spotty swing dress into the skirt for a makeshift top. I just adore it ... [ Discover More ]

Fashionable Flying


My flight to New York was going to be a long one, 24hrs of being cramped up in a small space eating food off a tray and trying to sleep. I barely got any sleep the night before I flew out, I was too anxious and excited. I just kept thinking about what was on the other side of the flight... New York. I kissed my baby goodbye, choked back the tears and gripped Steve's hand all the way to the airport. My flight wasn't until 10am but I was there by 5:30am keen as mustard. No make up for me on ... [ Discover More ]

Eye Lash Extensions

eye lash extensions -1

Late yesterday afternoon I nervously headed to one of the local beauty salons to get eye lash extensions applied. If I'm honest I always thought it was a bit silly to pay upward of $100 every 2-3 weeks just for long lashes but after having what felt like permanent panda eyes during FFFWeek last year I started to reconsider. As much as I liked the look of false lashes (and I have gotten better at applying them) they're time consuming and tedious when you're in a rush. Peeling them off and ... [ Discover More ]

Camera Gear Packing

camera gear-1

Last year I failed to deliver on news whilst in New York, I felt horrible about it but I tried. I tried to share every little part of my trip but I felt a constant delay. A delay in editing, in finding the right words, in finding sleep. I realised that the way I planned to share was as grand as it was flawed so this year I've made changes. Limited internet was my biggest hurdle so I've bought an unlimited calls and data sim upon recommendations from other Aussies who have traveled to the USA ... [ Discover More ]

Packing Malfunction


This was me last year heading off to NYC I will be in New York for 20 days. I am allowed: 1x 7kgs Carry On Baggage 2x 23kg Check In Baggage You do the math... suffice to say I'm freaking out a little! Last year I was only away for 10 days and although it was tight I didn't have any excess baggage. I half-packed each suitcase to allow space for purchases in New York and I put my camera bag in my carry on suitcase but on the way home I filled my carry on with shoes and used my camera ... [ Discover More ]

Lane Bryant – Fashion Style Off

Lane Bryant Danimezza FFFWeek Aussie Curves Outfit Plus Size Blogger Green Dress-2-2

Full Figured Fashion Week is just around the corner and I can't even begin to tell you how jam packed the schedule is despite extra days being added this year. Lane Bryant is hosting an event just for bloggers and stylists during the festivities and I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend. One of the perks was that each attendee received a $200 USD gift card to use in store or a code to use online... and boy did I make that money work! The idea was that each attendee used the gift to ... [ Discover More ]

DMNYC Affinia Manhattan Upgrade

Once upon a time in 2012 four grown up princesses with two many suitcases tried to room together in a tiny two bed suite in the middle of New York City. They only had a little money so they couldn't afford anything bigger but they did have a pocket full of dreams. One day princess Samantha used a magic business card and some savvy talk that transformed their tiny abode into a majestic One Bedroom Deluxe Two Bed Suite with enough room for everyone. Each princesses had their own throne and ... [ Discover More ]

DMNYC Curves in the City


There are lots of little events that happen during Full Figured Fashion Week® and the Curves in the City shopping event is one of them. It's open to the public, advance purchase tickets only cost $10 USD and it's well worth checking out. I'm glad to see that the event will be available again this year on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of June. I didn't leave myself too much time to check out what was on offer but I'm glad I did a quick whip around. Samantha, Caitlin and I were like bowerbirds ... [ Discover More ]

Plus Size Fit

Aussie Curves Plus Size Fitness Exercise TS14 Plus Taking Shape Activewear Workout PSPFIT-1

It's been so nice outside lately and I haven't been taking advantage of it as I've felt so miserable. I'm changing my habits and trying to shake off the clouds. So today Steve hung out the laundry, Aidan ran about with Charlie and I whipped on my activewear and decided to try something new. My gorgeous friend Meaghan from Little Lime Dress posted a YouTube link on facebook which lead to a work out video specifically aimed at plus size women that she featured in. Within seconds I was hooked ... [ Discover More ]

DMNYC FFFWeek® Fashion Front 2013

FFFWEEK 2012 Media Press Event Danimezza-1

Last year I was lucky enough to be chosen as a Full Figured Fashion Week® Official Blogger on the "Fashion Front". Not only was it an honour to be recognised but it also put me in a position where I had access to all the events, priority seating and admittance, not to mention I had a pivotal position for networking and meeting individuals respected in the industry. I'm excited to announce that I'll be an Official Fashion Front Blogger again this year! Knowing that everything will be taken ... [ Discover More ]

DMNYC FFFWeek White Cruise

Danimezza NYC FFFWEEK White Cruise-97

Ahhh the Full Figured Fashion Week White Cruise, it was last year but it feels like last week. The night was filled with beautiful views, all-white fashion, awesome opportunities for networking and to top it all off a romantic proposal. There are a lot of photos so I'll let them do most of the talking, brace yourselves... All Aboard! Dress: Dream Diva  ~  Necklace: City Chic I have no idea what I was thinking with my hair, I call it "rushed". The top deck was my favourite place to ... [ Discover More ]

DMNYC Casual Sunday

day 3 1

After spending the first day in NYC wandering close to our hotel my roomie Caitlin and I decided to go further up the block and explore a little more. I finally got to see Macy's but I was too intimidated to go in, deciding it would be less crowded during the week. I was wrong about that but that's another story. Wanting to get our phones sorted as soon as possible was our goal and in the end we just sucked it up, realised we were screwed regardless and Caitlin and I each bought prepaid ... [ Discover More ]

Affinia Manhattan


In less than 12 weeks I'll be here again. It feels like I've been holding my breath for months. It's so close I can taste the canapés, touch the clothes and hug my overseas friends ... electric. I wont be alone, I have Ash. I'll also have a great big city to explore and one of these beds to curl up in. Surrounded by charger cords, battling the internet, eating skittles and missing home at 2am. This trip will be different from the last, I've grown up a little bit more. I'm a little bit ... [ Discover More ]

Thong Free Zone

flip flops

I was sponsored to attend FFFWeek 2012 by TS14+ It feels a bit weird to be talking about the end of FFFWeek without explaining all the fabulous things that happened in the middle but this post may be considered time critical. Before I fully explain myself I wanted to show you a happy photo of myself, hanging out with the gorgeous Olivia of Wait Until the Sunset. We're mingling after the show talking to and photographing as many people as possible. I felt like I hardly saw Olivia the whole ... [ Discover More ]

Misplaced in New York


I am very aware that I've hardly spoken about NYC. There are several reasons I can give you as to why I haven't but I'm not exactly sure which one is more true. You see something happened when I arrived (actually it was probably the second or third day) but it changed something within me. New York changed me... ugh I'm such a freaking cliche. I'd never traveled far from home on my own before and even then I still had Caitlin as my travel buddy and room mate. I wasn't alone-alone but I ... [ Discover More ]

Curvy Girls NuVo


I was on twitter last night just minding my own business when I was alerted to the fact that I was on TV in the USA... WHAT?!?!?! Apparently my Skorch Magazine Cover (Nov 2011) was featured on NuVo's Curvy Girls TV show so of course I went looking to see if I could find it. I did. There I am on Episode 6 at 10:35 right on the top of the pile, I was so excited!!! You can also see my gorgeous friend and Aussie Plus Size Model Samantha during the Lane Bryant shoot! Want to see more behind the ... [ Discover More ]

SHUTTER Bag Giveaway


Before I headed to New York for Full Figured Fashion Week the lovely Cherie from SHUTTER bag sent me the brand new Purple Safari Camera Bag to take with me on my adventures. Camera bags really are the gift that keep on giving for me, again and again and again. I kick myself for having bought those Lowepro cross body pouches for all those years, I'm a fashionable camera bag convert and quite happy to drag everyone else over to the dark side with me. I love my Kelly Moore "Libby" bag, it's big, ... [ Discover More ]

DMNYC Chinese Food and Friends


It was my third night in NYC and Caitlin and I had been invited out to have Chinese for dinner with Jessica from Too Many Sequins and a few of her friends. I'll admit I haven't talked to that many international bloggers, just the few who have been around about as long as I have but none of them were attending FFFWeek. It was up to me to put on a brave face, admit I didn't know a single thing about anyone at the table, make a good impression and have a good time... but that's how new friendships ... [ Discover More ]