Mountain High Wedding


Last month I attended a wonderful, sentiment-filled ceremony at the stunning Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens. The location was so stunning (and only 45 minutes from home) that I plan to go back very soon whilst all the bulbs are in bloom. Luke, a man who I've known since we were in high school together, declared his love and commitment to his best friend Shaun upon a mountain top. There were tears and so many beaming smiles. The grooms asked if we could put down our phones and really be in the ... [ Discover More ]

Mexican Fiesta


Late last year I organised a little get together for a few of my friends. It gave me something to plan and look forward to as I recovered from my surgery in July. Unfortunately I never got around to sharing it here on the blog, I guess in some ways I wanted to keep parts of it to myself for awhile and lets face it I wasn't 100%. That said I did try and look the part. I was planning a fun, colourful Mexican fiesta and I fell in love with this little lemon lacy number from City Chic. I wore ... [ Discover More ]

Tend and Nurture


I've found it really difficult to write since we moved to Old Faithful, that's what I call the new place by the way. It has nothing to do with bad juju or anything like that, entirely the opposite. I'm so happy and in adoration with this tiny home I find myself spending every spare moment gently tending it's garden, fondling the linens and cushions or finding warm spots to enjoy the breeze and soak up the sunshine. The boys have taken a walk to the park, my sister has gone up the coast to visit ... [ Discover More ]

Hall of Fame – Kidspot Voices 2014


On the weekend I was honoured to be inducted into the Kidspot Voices Hall of Fame for blogging. I've been a part of the competition since it's inception many years ago, I even came Top 5 in 2012. A special thanks to the unwavering support, love and nominations from new and loyal readers of my blog. It's so exciting to see fresh faces entering the arena even if I did feel a bit like a dinosaur, because not only was I celebrating the induction but on Monday my blog turned 8 years old. I spent ... [ Discover More ]

City Chic Outlet Shopping

thumbnail AC Group

On Sunday Jo had organised an Aussie Curves Meet Up Event at the City Chic Factory Outlet in Campbeltown, NSW. Jo and I were on the tail end of a huge weekend (more on that later) but we were still excited to go shopping with Claire, Rachel and Sunny. I've only been there once before and I have to say that going with a group of friends is way better than going alone. Of course I didn't want you to miss out on the fun either so I filmed it all... City Chic Outlet Store Brands On Sale 32 ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Campari House, Melbourne


The last six months have been intense personally, along side of that Aussie Curves has exploded into the community I had always dreamed it would be. Everyday hundreds of people apply to join the private facebook group and there are thousands upon thousands of instagrams using the hashtag #AussieCurves to connect and inspire. I was asked over the weekend how I felt about AC and all I could say was... I'm blown away. I always knew that with positive intention and peer support the community would ... [ Discover More ]

What to wear to Curvy Couture Roadshow

danimezza curvy couture roadshow

It's only a week away and I'm beginning to get nervous. My suitcase is lying on on the floor of my studio mocking me, so far it only has a Glomesh purse and my good pair of thongs in it... this isn't going as well as I'd hoped. The most stressful trip I've ever packed for was New York in 2012 for Full Figured Fashion Week. I'd never travelled internationally before and I still hadn't discovered my personal style, I was still in the experimentation phase which basically means PACK ALL THE ... [ Discover More ]

10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow


I spend a fair amount of my time on instagram, it's one of my happy places. Not only do I enjoy sharing snippets of my life there but I love to delve into others. I'm always interested in discovering new fun accounts so I thought I'd share a few of mine (in no particular order) and I hope you share a few of yours in the comments below... enjoy! @agirlastyle : Pink, gold, luxe, floral, feminine and parisian. @abeachcottage : Dreamy vignettes and soft Australian ... [ Discover More ]

Pretty Little Life

Aussie Curves Danimezza Plus Size Australian Blogger Outfit Blonde City Chic Floral Digital Print Retro Neon Pastel Pink Lilac Cardigan WEDDING-4

On the weekend we attended a wedding, a union between two new friends and it was very special. I meet "Meeks" at Aidan's preschool and casually built up a friendship as her daughter and my son were smitten with each other. We invited their family to Aidan's birthday party and we all just hit it off, even Steve and he's a hard nut to crack. We were excited to get to know this family better but sadly a month later they had to move for "JJ's" work. Meeks + JJ got married on Saturday and it was ... [ Discover More ]

Curvy Hair Romance


Earlier this week I shared my hair story and I asked a few friends if they'd like to share theirs and I'm happy to say they have. Each lady has a different story to tell, different tips to share and the best part... baby pictures! Natalie - XL as Life What is your natural hair colour?  A mouse brown colour, which now has a 5c round size patch of grey. What made you feel like it was time to change your look?  I never thought I'd ever go blonde, but spending 2 weeks on an ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan’s 4th Birthday Party

sonofablogger fourth four 4 birthday dinosaur theme party friends preschool bubbles bouncy castle jumping games face painting mexican nachoes DANIMEZZA-4

My baby turned four years old on Sunday and on Saturday we threw his very first proper birthday party with lots of friends, food and dinosaurs. The planning started a month before, Aidan and I would look at Pinterest together, make lists and window shop for ideas. Even Steve was actively involved in the planning and execution as he's escorted Aidan to a fair few parties whilst I've been away and considered himself a bit of an expert. It was nice, all working on the party together. I learnt to ... [ Discover More ]

Locally Famous

This post was brought to you by MasterCard I'm very lucky to live in a beautiful country, one that's relaxed and filled with sunshine for most of the year. For those who don't know I live an hour out of one of the most famous cities in the world and I try to travel in as often as possible. As much as I love the country I also adore the city life, the fashion, the buildings, the culture and not to mention the dining. The day started off overcast and rainy but by midday the sun came out and a ... [ Discover More ]

Where Does the Time Go?

darwin Collage

I recently flew to the Northern Territory which is where I grew up, it was a secret and utterly magical. Darwin was brilliant. I turned 28, surprised my friends, got dressed up for the races, got to snuggle babies and chilled out by the beach on numerous occasions. The only thing that could have made my birthday sweeter was having my boys by my side. Whilst everyone down home was wearing track pants and jumpers, I was working my shorts and chiffon numbers. The weather was spectacularly ... [ Discover More ]

Outfits, Events + Meeting People

aussie curves plus size fashion blogger sydney australia modcloth kate spade LILAC-1

Today I attended the Kids Business Bloggers Brunch in Sydney and I thought I'd share my outfit that I wore to the event. I've attended a few of these events, they just have a laid back style I like which is prime for networking and by that I mean you can actually have a conversation (with both brands and bloggers alike) that lasts longer than 10-15 minutes without being interrupted. I attend quite a few events but they're not often the soiree you might imagine. We arrive, we get a glass of ... [ Discover More ]

Stackhouse Territory


This post was brought to you by MasterCard "Would you and the boys like to come Kayaking with us on Sunday to explore the Manly area?" An email from Sonia greeted me on my return from New York. "Sure" I said. "Of Course" I said, "That would be lovely!". The whole time I'm thinking "What am I going to wear? How am I going to get up that early on a Sunday? Will my ass even fit in a kayak?" Shaking off the jet lag and the doubt I was determined to experience it. My first challenge was ... [ Discover More ]

Call Me Maybe


When I was growing up I rarely got to talk on the phone with my friends for any real length of time (or in private for that matter) but I loved it. We lived 30kms out of town and I only ever had one or two friends that lived nearby so staying connected with my "town friends" required serious girlie gossipy talk time. I'm going to sound old here but this was before cordless phones, mobiles, texting and skype. I know, the horror. Soon we'd discovered Messenger and chatting got a lot easier but ... [ Discover More ]

Like a Lady

appliances online brevilles mothers day morning tea event-1

I like being a lady who luches, especially on a Monday when I'm usually working. There's something to be said about escaping from normality, getting dressed up and eating delicious food. It's good for the soul. It's even better when you do it with friends. The lovely team at Appliances Online held a gorgeous brunch and also invited Claire, another Aussie Curve lover and I was really looking forward to catching up just the two of us. Living in the Hawkesbury can be quite isolating which is one ... [ Discover More ]

DMNYC Curves in the City


There are lots of little events that happen during Full Figured Fashion Week® and the Curves in the City shopping event is one of them. It's open to the public, advance purchase tickets only cost $10 USD and it's well worth checking out. I'm glad to see that the event will be available again this year on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd of June. I didn't leave myself too much time to check out what was on offer but I'm glad I did a quick whip around. Samantha, Caitlin and I were like bowerbirds ... [ Discover More ]

DMNYC FFFWeek White Cruise

Danimezza NYC FFFWEEK White Cruise-97

Ahhh the Full Figured Fashion Week White Cruise, it was last year but it feels like last week. The night was filled with beautiful views, all-white fashion, awesome opportunities for networking and to top it all off a romantic proposal. There are a lot of photos so I'll let them do most of the talking, brace yourselves... All Aboard! Dress: Dream Diva  ~  Necklace: City Chic I have no idea what I was thinking with my hair, I call it "rushed". The top deck was my favourite place to ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Sydney Meet

Aussie Curves Sydney Meet-1

How could I possibly sum up yesterday's Aussie Curves meet up in just one post and really do it justice? I don't think I can but I'm going to try my best.  I chose my favourite restaurant Grill'd at Harbourside as they cater for most diets, everyone could easily order their own meals pretty cheaply and umm... they had these bad boys that I was determined to try. Sooooo goooooooood. I may have had one... or three. We all ordered dinner, some had salads, some just had slushies but I knew ... [ Discover More ]

The Vogue Factor


Late Wednesday night I received a call from Chelsea Bonner of Bella Models, she wanted to know if I'd like to attend Kirstie Clements "The Vogue Factor" book launch the following night... um, sure you know, whatever. I almost died. A vogue party full of vogue people at a vogue location, sipping vogue drinks, all wearing very vogue things. A slight panic attack ensued. How do you prepare for such an event with less that 24hrs notice? The answer is you do it quickly. I had to dye my roots over ... [ Discover More ]

You got to have friends


Bette Midler had it right. There's something about that special non-sexual relationship between two people that is utterly addictive. Friends can consume you, lift you higher than you've ever known, drag you down with harsh reality until your bawling and make you laugh until you wet your pants. I have friends, many actually but as I grow older I realise the relationships I have now with both men and women are vastly different to the friends of my youth. Maybe I should say pre-marriage. You see ... [ Discover More ]

Beauty Bloggers High Coffee

Beauty Bloggers High Coffee Intercontinental Sydney-1

The Facebook invitation sat in my inbox unanswered for ages. I'd keep flicking over to the event page and hovering over the "accept" button, loosing my nerve and clicking "maybe" instead. Was I really prepared to go to a beauty bloggers event at a posh hotel in the city when I only knew two of the attendees? Was I ready to dip my toes into unchartered, impeccably groomed waters? I don't class myself as a beauty blogger but I talk about it from time to time on my blog and it brings me a lot of ... [ Discover More ]

PSFWA – Part Four

Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia 2012 PSFWA Danimezza-91

The Clothes Swap in Part Three was full on and fabulous, talk about a bonding experience! That night if felt like I only closed my eyes for a moment before we were up and at 'em again for a brand new day. Suger  jumped into the kitchen as everyone else was still waking up and getting ready and make THE most delicious pancakes I'd ever had... like ever. I really wanted the girls to feel at home so I also stocked up on breads, fruit, muesli, cereal, yogurt and even Pop Tarts. It was a full on ... [ Discover More ]

Raising Money, Raising the Roof


For the past few months I've been busy behind the scenes organising a charity fundraising event. Last year I hosted a Curvy Clothes Swap and it was awesome, basically an excuse to get together with my girls and party. The money I raised from that event went towards Girls Night In, a fundraiser anyone can be apart of. The event was so successful and so much fun that I decided I wanted to do it again this year, but bigger so Plus Size Fashion Weekend Australia was born. For the past six months ... [ Discover More ]


Suger 1 Collage.jpg

Just quietly, this week has been mental. We've had Melissa and Kelvin from Suger Coat It here since last Thursday afternoon. The house has been a buzz with blog talk, outfit photo marathon sessions and laughter, lots and lots of laughter. Aidan's deemed "Kelvy" as his favourite and follows him around like a little shadow. As you can see from the photo, they've made themselves at home and I couldn't be more happy about it. On Friday Suger and I were invited to attend the Sydney Bloggers Brunch ... [ Discover More ]