60 Things I Adore


This post is sponsored by Active Skin I'm lucky enough to get the opportunity to try some pretty cool things (across all budgets) and this year was no exception so I thought I'd share with you a pretty intense list of things that I adore. Seriously, it took days and many edits to come up with this list and I could have added more. Some I've discovered and bought myself, others have been gifted by brands (and bought again myself) and there are also things I aspire to own... enjoy! The ... [ Discover More ]

Greener Pastures


I have a secret confession, something I've been working on for months and somehow even managed to hide from instagram. Something I found incredibly hard to do I might add although a few hints crept through... I'm currently obsessed with landscaping, grass to be exact. I drive by golf courses and I'm literally green with envy. I know it's weird especially as there are so many other things I could be obsessed with but my brain has chosen turf. Maybe it's the pain meds. I totally understand if ... [ Discover More ]

Getting Dirty for the Blog


I woke up nice and late this morning. Steve was taking Aidan for a scenic drive and left me to my Sunday paper and toast. After I'd finished I thought about curling up on the couch and blogging, tweeting and online shopping but I just couldn't do it. As I mentioned in my last outfit photo post I knew I really needed to weed my front garden which is the backdrop to all my outfit photos. The weeds are out of control and I could no longer ignore them. For the last week all we'd seen was rain, I ... [ Discover More ]

Point & Shoot

Steve and I spent the weekend fixing up the outdoor room which involved a trip to Bunnings and several nurseries and pot places. It was nice to get dirty and involve Aidan in all the fun.Look at those cute little frogs and bunnies... too sweet.It was beautiful and sunny and Aidan was happy to take it all in and touch the leaves and flowers whilst Steve and I looked for bargains. It was a great way to spend the weekend out and about as a family.Come and play Point & Shoot @ FatMumSlim ... [ Discover More ]

Hang Time

Steve and I picked up an Outdoor Swing for $10 at the Kellyville Baby & Kids Market a few months back and we finally put it up this weekend. Aidan loves it, he just sits back, chills and watches the world go by.We had lovely weather and it kept him very amused as we spruced up the outdoor room. Last weekend I hit the markets again and scored a wooden playpen for $30 and we set it up outside but more on that at a later date.It's so nice to be a family soaking up the outdoors. Aidan loves ... [ Discover More ]

A different kind of labour…

... slave labor that is. As I already posted, my family arrived on Saturday (explaining lack of posts over the weekend) and I'd made a list of things for Mum to do around the yard since she'll be here for a few weeks and LM will hopefully be sleeping a lot. I didn't want her going batty and I know how much she loves to get her hands dirty in the garden... and my what a big garden we have!(click to enlarge)We rent so have no say at all about the garden, we just have to keep it looking nice and ... [ Discover More ]

All the Pretty Flowers

Spring is in the air... or available by the cartload at your local nursery. I went to Bunnings on Monday to cure an evil that has been haunting me for weeks. The 'nesting' has spread people. Not only am I completely neurotic about cleanliness IN the home, it turns out I'm partial to the outdoor clean up as well. I'm definitely making Steve work for this kid of ours.We have lovely hanging baskets (ok, they're just cheap $2 ones from the Reject Shop) and over Winter they didn't survive as well as ... [ Discover More ]

Bali Garden

I blame the heat. It's making me daydream, of beautiful pools, swaying palms and long island iced teas. It's made me miss our honeymoon. I stumbled across these photos of our resort last night and just had to post them. Can't you feel the sun, the humidity, the sea breeze...We stayed at the Samsara Resort & Spa and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. A lot of the hotels in Bali are party zones, something we didn't want. Samsara was quiet, somehow isolated yet in the middle of the Kuta. I ... [ Discover More ]

Strawberries… yum

Our little strawberries are growing full strength.So cute and yummy. I can't bear to pick them.This is Steve's bargain. We got this $100 pot for $35 and it's HUGE. The plant is much happier now it has a large home but Steve got a little carried away with the water saving crystals lol. He was only meant to use a tablespoon full, instead he used half a bag. ... [ Discover More ]

More of Steve’s Outdoor Room

Isn't it fantastic. We found an assortment of terracotta and plastic pots. We had one cactus and two succulents then we got given a whole bunch of cuttings from our lovely friend Scott who has a million of them. I think it looks lovely and I'm keeping my eyes out for tiny terracotta's on sale.Ok, enough about succulents. Here's Steve's room. We got more hanging baskets ($2ea), a screen to cover the ugly old fence ($17 for 3mtrs), lots more plants and the result is a very happy hubby. Toby & ... [ Discover More ]

Steve’s Outdoor Room

Steve is difficult to buy for. I wanted to spoil him this year but I was stuck on ideas. I thought about gadgets, but he wouldn't use them, games but he wouldn't play them, books but he wouldn't read them and clothes... he has more than enough for a bloke. One idea that I've been holding onto for a long time was doing up his "Man Room". The newest issue of BHG magazine as well as RL magazine inspired the quest for an outdoor room.BHG mag had a great couple of stories relating to hanging baskets, ... [ Discover More ]

Outdoor Entertaining

This is where I want the outdoor setting to be. Those are HUGE lavender shrubs in the garden bed. They make the backyard smell divine.This is the front door we don't use because it opens up into the dogs part of the yard. There are a few flowers growing but I want to add to it. The owners love natives so that's a great thing. The middle window is my office.Charlie decided he wanted to steal Toby's ball and have his picture taken.Toby, anxiously waiting for me to throw his ball.I forgot to show ... [ Discover More ]

Out in the Sun

I've been casually watching ebay for a good bargain on outdoor furniture. Not the posh stuff that sits pretty under a patio, something cheap, sturdy and rough that I could fix up and leave outside in the elements. With summer drawing even closer, I can't wait for the warm weather and spending more time outdoors.I fell for this one straight away. Seriously, a good picture can definitely help the sale of an item. I want it to look just as good in my back yard lol. I'd prefer an 8 seater but it's ... [ Discover More ]

My Front Yard

The sun was shining brightly and my mate Steve was late. We were going costume shopping. The house isn't in the best state as everything is pulled apart in preparation for the VIP Dinner. So I waited out front. You really can have the best adventures in your own front yard...I wore my very best silver sandals and enjoyed my lush grass.When I was a kid I was told that if you picked the flower of this weed you would wet the bed. To this day I never pick them. I love the little yellow explosion of ... [ Discover More ]

Round and round the rosies…

This is the arbor covered in climbing roses that's near our letter box.It's finally come into bloom. White roses with a touch of pink.My favourite, they smell so sweet. I can't wait til the open right up. ... [ Discover More ]


My little Cactus that lives outside on our hot water cylinder now has flowers. A little crown of pink flowers. Reminds me of a song from the Juno Soundtrack... "I wanna be a cactus with a pink flower on it"... cool song.Mum's new haircut. OK it's really similar to how she always has it but now she has a little fringe. She's still getting the hang of blow drying it... but she'll get there. Really glad your here for a whole week mum oxox. ... [ Discover More ]

New Addition

I'd like you all to meet "Frank" he's a friend for Fred. I bought him at Aldi of all places. He lives in the Lounge Room. Fred has moved from my office to the dining table. I'm loving bringing the outside in. You should know, I find if I give them pet names they live longer. I'm not an excellent gardener but I'm learning. ... [ Discover More ]

We & The Tree

I was totally captivated by this tree. "Honey lets sit on the bench and take a photo" "Only if I get to kiss you". Leaves fall like golden rain when the gusty wind blows. Piggy Back? No I'm too heavy... put me DOWN!!!Our Little Love Bench ... [ Discover More ]


"Fred" - the FernI addopted a plant today. We were in Bunnings and I was surrounded by lots of pretty flowers but this little guy stood out and I fell for him right away. Fred got a gorgeous teal glazed pot and matching dish with room to grow. He also got some fertilizer and yummy potting mix to munch on.He lives on my desk and he makes me very happy :) ... [ Discover More ]

I ventured outside today

Did you forget? I almost did. It's been so cold and rainy lately and I just couldn't brave the cold to sit and paint the fiddly thing. I haven't even finished the first coat yet! I'll get there... eventually :P I have to finish it before I start the cot & cradle. Garden is growing well. It hasn't gotten much sun lately. Hopefully that will improve over the next few days. I love that I nurtured them from seeds :) ... [ Discover More ]

"carnations are making a comeback"

I LOVE my laundry bench. It's the cleverist space in the whole house :P Perfect for washing baskets, folding clothes and preparing cut flowers. I dropped into the local florist and said "Hi... I dont want a done up bouquet, I just want 10 stems of chrissies from your coolroom." She said "$15 please" and I said "No Problem". Why is it so hard for other florists to do the same? When they do sell flowers by the stem its OUTRAGEOUS. I would have prefered $1 per stem but I gave in. Simple & ... [ Discover More ]

"…from little things, big things grow…"

I have a little wooden deck table I'm using as a potting table and it's just perfect. I have a pair of Apricot coloured gardening gloves and some gardening tools and lots of little pots to fill with some growing goodness. I plan to grow EVERYTHING but to start with I'm just growing some easy herbs and salad stuff. Alice & Ron have inspired me with thier gardening efforts. Alice has six or so terracotta pots over flowing with herbs on her back patio. How are Ron's herbs going Danielle? ... [ Discover More ]