Cloud Nine Giveaway

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CONGRATULATIONS - Jo + Sunny If you thought yesterday's prize was steamy then todays is too hot to touch, literally! Not only do I want to help you get your floors clean and sparkling but for you to use that precious time you saved to tend to your tresses. Whether you prefer the a stylish bob, bouncy curls or prefer to wear your hair sleek and straight - there's no excuse for a 'bad hair day' using The Touch from Cloud Nine. This innovative iron by Cloud Nine is the world's first automatic ... [ Discover More ]

60 Things I Adore


This post is sponsored by Active Skin I'm lucky enough to get the opportunity to try some pretty cool things (across all budgets) and this year was no exception so I thought I'd share with you a pretty intense list of things that I adore. Seriously, it took days and many edits to come up with this list and I could have added more. Some I've discovered and bought myself, others have been gifted by brands (and bought again myself) and there are also things I aspire to own... enjoy! The ... [ Discover More ]

Hall of Fame – Kidspot Voices 2014


On the weekend I was honoured to be inducted into the Kidspot Voices Hall of Fame for blogging. I've been a part of the competition since it's inception many years ago, I even came Top 5 in 2012. A special thanks to the unwavering support, love and nominations from new and loyal readers of my blog. It's so exciting to see fresh faces entering the arena even if I did feel a bit like a dinosaur, because not only was I celebrating the induction but on Monday my blog turned 8 years old. I spent ... [ Discover More ]

Hair Trend: Smudging

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Dario Controneo of DARIO Salon, an awesome and celebrated hair stylist (who I'm lucky enough to have worked with in the past) has released a AW14 Hair Trend Report and you can imagine my delight to discover my "hair plan" for the season was totally on point! "Smudging: Softer than the Ombre and favoured by the likes of Jennifer Anniston and Kate Hudson, 'Smudging' exposes the natural underlying pigments in your hair to brighten up your tired re-growth. In simple terms, 'Smudging' softens the ... [ Discover More ]

How I Curl My Hair


Those who have followed me for awhile know I'm a teeny tiny bit vain about my hair. I've learnt over the years that it always looks best when I embrace it's natural state, if I try to make it be other than it is, it fights back against me. I was obsessed with straightening my hair for a couple of years then I suddenly realised that I'm not a slick and straight kind of girl. I'm a messy, curly wurly girl and that's just as sexy. My hair has a lot of volume but these days I'm actually trying to ... [ Discover More ]

Hair Happens

mo kiss

I took this photo several months ago (obviously, I'm blonde now) and sent it to my sister for a laugh. I asked her if I should share it on instagram and  whilst she thought it was funny she advised against it, a little too much information. I saved it anyway and I'm glad I did because tonight it couldn't be more appropriate. One of the younger ladies in Aussie Curves brought up the topic of excess hair. You could tell she was pained by the whole ordeal and was frightfully embarrassed. It just ... [ Discover More ]

Curvy Hair Romance


Earlier this week I shared my hair story and I asked a few friends if they'd like to share theirs and I'm happy to say they have. Each lady has a different story to tell, different tips to share and the best part... baby pictures! Natalie - XL as Life What is your natural hair colour?  A mouse brown colour, which now has a 5c round size patch of grey. What made you feel like it was time to change your look?  I never thought I'd ever go blonde, but spending 2 weeks on an ... [ Discover More ]

DIY Brunette to Blonde


I was a blonde baby, I got it from my Dad. I'd shake my little sand covered booty all over the Gold Coast beaches when I was a toddler, soaking up the sun and making friends with tourist's kids was what I did best. My family then moved to the Northern Territory where our outdoor lifestyle continued and I was a tall blonde string bean who lived in the pool. Then I got my period, I got boobs and my whole universe changed. I became self conscious and way too concerned about following in the ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Work

Aussie Curves Danimezza Plus Size Fashion Blogger Outfit Challenge Calvin Klein Black LBD Dress WORK-1

I stood in front of my wardrobe and thought over and over again about what I would wear for this week's challenge. My job is extremely flexible and every single day is different, I feel very lucky. That means I don't have a uniform, a go-to outfit for what I do. Sure I have certain looks for certain activities and yes, it may have been more interesting to show you all of them but you see those weeds there sneaking about in the background, well I've spent the entire weekend pulling out those bad ... [ Discover More ]

Hair Then, Hair Now


I'm quite vain about my hair. I like to brush it. I like to wash it. I like having it played with and I like getting it done at the salon. It is directly linked to my self esteem no matter how hard I try. I always find that on any given day it reflects the feelings I have about myself. Whether that is a good thing or not is completely up to the individual but over the last ten years I've realised how strong that link is for me. When I was 17 I lived in the Northern Territory. It was hot, dusty, ... [ Discover More ]

Canteen Bandanna Day

canteen edit-1

Today is Canteen's National Bandana Day, the annual fundraising initiative which helps to support Australian youths with cancer. Canteen and Girls Night In are two my chosen charities so I'm always thrilled when they reach out and ask me to collaborate in raising awareness of their fundraising efforts. Even Steve and Aidan got in on the fun! In case you're wondering, Steve's making pirate noises... and this was the best picture I was able to capture of the two of them together. Steve rocked ... [ Discover More ]

Get the Look TS14+ MSFW


I love going backstage, it's often my favourite thing about a runway show. Everyone is rushing around, I'm trying my best to stay out of the way and catch those moments of clarity in between. It's the only time you're really allowed to move, to document and see the candid human energy behind a show. Whilst the show was taking place in the tent, hair and make up was being sorted just across the road in Town Hall. It really did feel like a "hive" of activity, especially with the honeycomb ... [ Discover More ]

80’s Outfit


Couple of Saturday's ago I attended a 80's themed birthday birthday for one of my friends, one I hadn't partied with in awhile. I was nervous as it was always an ever-changing crowd of new faces but I'd been out for so long I wasn't sure if I was still "in". Two hours before the party I decided to suck it up and attend... which meant I'd left my outfit to the last minute. You should know that when these guys throw themed parties, they're out there and total wild so I knew I'd have to bring my A ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Bold Nails


This is the second week of Aussie Curves and I'm totally proud and overwhelmed by the amount of support my little initiative has received. Remember, if you're a size 14+ and live in Australia/New Zealand you can play along. This week we're all posting about "Bold Nails" which is right up my alley and the perfect excuse to splash out on a manicure. My pretty pink digits are covered in Shellac, one of my favourite treats. I also thought this week would be a great opportunity to bust out my ... [ Discover More ]

Colour Correction at Stevie English Hair


Over the Christmas holidays I did something very silly... I box dyed my hair. I know, I know, lots of people do it and I used to do it for years, it's an OK thing to do but my hair hates it now. I switched to Original Mineral hair care had a lot of luxurious salon colour treatments all last year, so after just one box dye application my hair felt like it had shriveled up and died. Yes, I'm very dramatic when it comes to my hair. My first mistake was picking one of those foam dyes, my second ... [ Discover More ]

Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Day In My Life


On Tuesday 15th May 2012 I decided to film everything I did that day for my entry in this weeks Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50 Bloggers Competition prompt "Day in my Life". It was a huge day but an even bigger drama trying to get the video uploaded. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek into my life and yep, this was all done in one day. I love my life. VOTE HERE ... [ Discover More ]

Perfect Hydre Curls


This was my first official runway show for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia and it couldn't have gotten off to a better start, the Camilla "Gypset" Runway Show was sensational. So much colour, movement, ethnic exploration and expression... I fell for each and every piece. I was right up the back in the nose bleed section and I only found somewhere to stand moments before the models came out and started strutting their stuff but I was lucky, some didn't even make it in the doors! I was ... [ Discover More ]

Herbal Hair Romance


Through my blog I've met some pretty fabulous people and I'm proud to say a I've also made some fantastic new friends, Christina from Hair Romance is one of them. We met over champagne at the Famous Magazine Sensodyne party earlier this year, she wore a turban, I wore velvet and I knew we were meant to meet. This gorgeous girl has given me a copy of her ebook "30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles" to giveaway to one lucky reader, just perfect for all the silly season events coming up! Also ... [ Discover More ]

Sometimes I forget…

photo (2)

 ... it could be my words halfway through a sentence, the lyrics halfway through a song or sometimes I could simply forget my need to pee. I wouldn't say I was obessive complusive but when I start a project I have a tendancy to dive in, head first and not come up for air for days, weeks, sometimes months. I get so swept up in it all I forget the everyday menial things like loads of laundry that need doing, that maybe I should vacuum the floor or wipe down the bathroom sink. Why would I allow ... [ Discover More ]

Stevie English Hair

 My hair has been driving me crazy for weeks. I'd been putting off getting the full cut and colour because I knew that Blogopolis was only around the corner and I really didn't have the funds to get it done twice. I whinged on twitter and the amazing powers that be (aka: Hair Romance) digitally introduced me to Stevie English who promptly invited me to come and sit in his chair for a little hair loving... or in my case a lot. In return I just tweet and blog about it... deal! I rocked ... [ Discover More ]

Guava Hair

It feels like a million years ago that I was sitting in this chair but it was only back in March. I'd been researching hair straightening methods and options for months and I was determined to do something about my unruly locks. The team at Pierre Haddad Sydney, Guava Latino Hair Treatment and Wella decided it was time to work their magic.After a hair and scalp consultation I was ushered over to the most luxurious wash basin I have ever had the pleasure of sitting on. It reclines just like ... [ Discover More ]

Famous Magazine + Sensodyne Event

I was invited to attend a very hot event for FAMOUS Magazine and Sensodyne at The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst on Wednesday night and I'm so glad I was able to go. This photo was snapped by the event photographer so I have a full outfit photo to show you. I'm wearing a gorgeous peacock blue velvet dress which was on the City Chic runway at LMFF earlier this year as well as my uber cool Kelly Moore "Libby" Camera Bag, both gifts from the designers.An hour before the doors opened to the ... [ Discover More ]

What has Danimezza done?


TUESDAY Didn't get any sleep at all, spent night packing. Left for Airport scarily early. Miss my flight check in by 1 minute... ONE MINUTE!!! Hung about Airport waiting for next flight. Bought not one but TWO brilliant pairs of sunnies from Witchery for under $100. Sit next to a CEO from an assisting company to Vodafone on flight to Melbourne. Berate him for crappy coverage and service. Arrive and jump in an $80 cab to do City Chic store visits. Discover Kate ... [ Discover More ]

I got a fringe…

... I think I hate it.It's not right. I feel like an emo. It gets in my eyes. It's not the fringe I imagined. All I do is pin it back. If I have it out I need to use hairspray to make it look decent. I hate hairspray. When I got it done I was rushing. I was too vauge. Lou is great, wasn't his fault. This is what I told him I wanted. I just got the style of fringe wrong. It's not a big deal, wont take long to grow out and it looks awesome curly but when it's straight I feel like I'm wearing a ... [ Discover More ]