Recovery Mode


I've been stuck in bed for weeks but I've found every distraction possible it seems to avoid writing this post, obviously that is until now. I guess there are a few reasons why I'm hesitant to write about my experience: It's a story filled with gore, seriously not pretty. I'm only midway through the first phase of recovery and my body is still settling. I'm sick of thinking about my vagina but that said... ... I'm considering turning my gynaecological adventures into a book. All ... [ Discover More ]

Everything Must Go


Do you remember what it was like when you got your first period?  Where you were, how old you were or how you felt? Do you remember the first time you tried to use a tampon or that time you had to ask a stranger if they had a spare one in their purse. Maybe you're even old enough to remember your very last period, the one you didn't think was your last until it was. My last period was on the 20th November 2014, it lasted seven days and the whole experience was torture. It arrived at 2pm (5 days ... [ Discover More ]

Time Off


I took some time off. I didn't want to think about you and your expectations, your questions, your problems or your blessings. I was really really selfish, bunkered down and gave myself space to process my own expectations, questions, problems and blessings. Is there such a thing as a 6-week mental health break? If not I just created one. It didn't start out that way, I had every intention to keep going like I was until suddenly I missed a day, then the next and suddenly a week flew by and then ... [ Discover More ]

Special Place


I had my first pap smear when I was 17 and to this day I'm so grateful I didn't put it off as my results came back abnormal. I had CIN3 and had to undergo biopsies and treatments for several years, all at such a young age but I've had the all clear for 6 years now and I keep regular appointments to stay on top of it. I've written about it in the past but I thought it was worthwhile bringing up again. My story is very similar to Lucy's except that I was 17 at the time. My cervix had to be ... [ Discover More ]

Black and Gold

Aussie Curves Danimezza Plus Size Outfit Fashion Blogger Sydney Igigi Emma Shirt Dress Blonde Black Gold Chain Nyata Sussans Torrid -5

Timing is everything and lately I've been feeling out of sync. I'm not myself but at the same time I feel like I'm getting to know a few inner truths. Over the last six months I wrote posts trying to explain what would be happening so you would have some kind of understanding but I guess I also wrote them for myself. Before I was wading around in uncharted waters, now I'm up to my neck. Questions have been answered only to raise more questions, bigger questions each one making me want to retreat ... [ Discover More ]

Expectations Limitations


It's something people deal with everyday within every facet of our lives. Sometimes it's the outside influences that force our inner pendulums to swing. Other times the turbulence comes from within. Some are better at blocking out the outside noise. Others like me, are not. My mind has been calmer since I pulled myself off "the grid". For the most part I've enjoyed the silence. It's weird even writing that because right now physically everything around me is silent, just like most of the time ... [ Discover More ]

Tend and Nurture


I've found it really difficult to write since we moved to Old Faithful, that's what I call the new place by the way. It has nothing to do with bad juju or anything like that, entirely the opposite. I'm so happy and in adoration with this tiny home I find myself spending every spare moment gently tending it's garden, fondling the linens and cushions or finding warm spots to enjoy the breeze and soak up the sunshine. The boys have taken a walk to the park, my sister has gone up the coast to visit ... [ Discover More ]

Dramatic Tendencies


Do you constantly feel overwhelmed? I do. Most of the time it feels as though it's one thing after another. You get through one drama only to step right into the next, you're lucky if you even get a few hours or days to breathe between them. I've felt this way for a few years but really noticed it in the last 12 months. It creeps up on you and it's hard to shake it off. I found the most common triggers fall under five major categories: Health Friends Family Self Esteem Sex Now ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Vulnerable Side


Top: Old Navy / Skirt: TS14+ / Bra: Just My Size / Heels: Payless US / Bag: Wild Bling I always knew this week would be a hard one for a lot of the Aussie Curve girls (especially the newbies) but I chose this theme deliberately, mostly because it was suggested by Jo from iCurvy who has had a journey so very similar and yet so very different to me but also because I wanted to push. To push aside feelings of inadequacy, of failure, of feeling less than worthy because everyone is worth more, so ... [ Discover More ]

Teenage Me

me99 1

My relationship with food has changed many times over the years but a few factors have unfortunately remained constant. Yes, as you can imagine food isn't just fuel to me, we're inextricably linked emotionally. Often I'd be fuelled purely by my feelings and not hunger when I entered the kitchen. I wouldn't say I've had to battle with food (if I did I constantly waved the white flag, hello thighs!) but as I've gotten older I've also become more perceptive not only of what I eat but why. They say ... [ Discover More ]

Life Changing Experiences


Shot forth into abyss... That's how it felt when my blog turned into a business. When I left school 10 years ago "Blogger" or "Social Media Manager" didn't exist as a profession. In fact, my preferred career choice of "Photographer" was deemed a hobby by most unless I became an assistant or worked for a newspaper as an assistant and slogged it out for 20 years before I built a reputation. These days there are photographers around every corner who have steady incomes, work from home and do what ... [ Discover More ]

A Loss of Confidence

Danimezza Plus Size Fashion Blogger Outfit Curvy Blue Casual -6

It can happen in a moment. You're sitting at your desk or standing in the shops and something happens, actions that occur in a small fragment of time that may not even be directed towards you, yet completely changes the way you view not only the world but yourself.... has this ever happened to you? It doesn't need to be an overly dramatic, traumatic, or even graphic moment to catch your attention. Sometimes it's subtle and it creeps up on you, words slipping silently into your ear  until it ... [ Discover More ]

Plus Size Fit

Aussie Curves Plus Size Fitness Exercise TS14 Plus Taking Shape Activewear Workout PSPFIT-1

It's been so nice outside lately and I haven't been taking advantage of it as I've felt so miserable. I'm changing my habits and trying to shake off the clouds. So today Steve hung out the laundry, Aidan ran about with Charlie and I whipped on my activewear and decided to try something new. My gorgeous friend Meaghan from Little Lime Dress posted a YouTube link on facebook which lead to a work out video specifically aimed at plus size women that she featured in. Within seconds I was hooked ... [ Discover More ]

Tune Up


Health should never be neglected and with my big New York trip just weeks away I had a frank talk to my doctor about how I've been feeling physically and emotionally. I explained that I was feeling a little lost since Aidan started Pre School and had begun leaning on my old crutch, comfort food. I didn't want to get lost in that pattern again so I asked to see a counsellor to discuss my issues deeper with. After a few embarrassed tears my appointment was scheduled. I also had my asthma ... [ Discover More ]

Plus Size Activewear

simply Be Collage

I love activewear, it's comfy, often bright and makes me feel energetic when I wear it. I've shared a few posts about gear I love so when Nicole, one of my lovely readers, asked me where she could find plus size activewear I thought it would be a great thing to expand on. I started researching straight away as I wanted to share more with her than just the brands I'd personally tried... that was three days ago. I've been elbow deep, trudging through the internet to showcase a wide range of ... [ Discover More ]

Oh No Endo

photo (1)

That's right, I'm talking women's business but that doesn't mean I want my male readers to skip this post. Everyone knows a woman or girl who experiences a painful period. I'm not talking about ouchie cramps that a panadol or two will knock over. I'm talking ashen faced, foetal position, guttural moaning, hips on fire, discharge and clots, loss of appetite and extreme fatigue. There is always one woman who's period seems much more dramatic than her girlfriends but that doesn't make her an ... [ Discover More ]



My eyelids are heavy but my eyes are dry and refuse to close. My mind races and I barely remember to blink. I'm sitting still but I'm exhausted, my muscles tense and ache even whilst willing themselves to relax.  It's in those moments, be it daylight or night, that music washes over me like the sea over a dry cracked plain. Quenching my thirst, soothing my burns and caressing my temples. Since Aidan started preschool the sounds of silence bellow and overpower my thoughts. I miss him so much it ... [ Discover More ]

I Heart My Body 2012

iheartmybody Danimezza Plus Size Nude Body Confidence Self Love Awareness Beauty-2

I've just eaten a bowl of spaghetti for dinner and Aidan is playing quietly with his iPad. The sun is going down. "Just do it" I whisper my mantra softly to myself, soon I'm bare faced and naked. My hair is exactly how it looked when I woke up this morning. I grab the camera, set up the shot and call Steve quietly. "Just hold the button down, it will take two seconds" and I was right. It was done, they were taken and it was painless. This isn't a new frontier for me, this naked business. My body ... [ Discover More ]

How To Look Good When You Work Out

virtu active danimezza pink work out exercise-8

I hope you guys enjoyed this week's Aussie Curve's post where I reviewed my new activewear from Virtu and shared that it's ok to "break the rules", that you can be attractive whilst you're active. Today I wanted to talk to you about the things I love to use for a workout. The gym is great but I'll be honest, I haven't been in ages. Since our dog Toby passed away I've preferred to take Charlie (our younger dog) for regular walks to keep him from getting too lonely. I couldn't walk them both ... [ Discover More ]

Cardio Tennis


Sponsored by Nuffnang Australia When I was asked if I would like to review an exercise class, I have to be honest, I hesitated but the opportunity to hit things and wear a cute outfit sealed the deal. A high energy, tennis based cardio workout for an hour one afternoon, sure no worries I could handle it. Tell me... does this look like the face of someone who handled it? Errr... no would be the answer. That class kicked my fat chunky ass. I burned in places I'd never burned in before. ... [ Discover More ]

My Fitness Pal


I'm not an App junkie, my iPhone only has two pages. I'm quite particular about what I like and I hate useless apps cluttering up my screen. I have several photo apps I like, there are transit apps, social media apps and of course BeJewelled. A month or so ago Steve told me to download My Fitness Pal so I did... then promptly forgot about it. On Sunday night Steve came up to me when I was snuggled up on the couch tucking into twitter and fair chunk of chocolate, showing off that with help from ... [ Discover More ]



The older I get the more I'm starting to realise that I'm becoming my mother. I could go into many intricate reasons as to why that is but one of the most simplest (and extremely mundane) ways is simply by my new found choice in beverages. More precisely, tea. After winning a years worth of tea, one begins to drink it regularly, it's a fact. I was lucky but I wonder how long it would have taken for me to get into the swing of it if I hadn't of won? Yes, it was a little special sipping tea from ... [ Discover More ]

Urban Remedy Cleanse Winter Menu


A few of the US bloggers I follow on twitter highly recommended liquid detoxes made up of soup, juices and smoothies as meal replacements for a short period of time. I hadn't heard or seen anything like that in Australia so after a quick search I found a similar company to the one they used and started following them on twitter. Shortly after I was contacted by the Urban Remedy  marketing team to see if I wanted to trial their new winter menu so I said yes, I was keen to see what all the fuss ... [ Discover More ]

Female For Life: Part Four


Every now and then I do something even I don't expect me to do... like flounce about on my blog wearing a onesie. You could say FFFWeek gave me the burst of confidence I needed to show you the Yoga Body Suit from Female For Life. I've been holding on to it for weeks, making excuses not to wear it. When Mel initially asked me if I'd wear it I said "Yeah sure no worries I could rock that no problem!" but when it arrived I was nervous. Like the rest of the active wear it's really small but then you ... [ Discover More ]

Female For Life: Part Three


Rhian With daylight savings all but a distant memory, I’m finding it harder and harder to get the chance to work out outdoors. Normally I’m able to fit a run in on the weekend, but during the week I need to keep my fitness levels up so I’ve been doing a Jillian Michael’s workout each day. The workout DVD I’ve chosen is Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 Days and I adore it as not only do you get a killer workout, but it’s over and done with in 20 minutes. I throw on my Female For Life Double ... [ Discover More ]

Female For Life – Part One


New Years resolutions to start back up at the gym fell through, I was feeling lethargic, stressed and down about my appearance. It happens, no matter how cheery and bright our self esteem usually is, we'll all go through periods (some more than others) where everything just feels drab, grey and boring. Having active friends has been inspiring (can you believe Rhian ran 11kms!) as well as enlightening. I took the plunge, renewed my gym membership at the YMCA, went out of my comfort zone and ... [ Discover More ]