Over $8000 in PRIZES

I'm not even kidding! Dani and I have been working our bums off to get our Pre-Blogopolis Drinks attendees the most for their money with some fabulous prizes as well as gifts worth three times the amount of the door charge just for simply being there. The last week has been crazy with a bunch of last minute sponsors and now we have more than doubled the initial worth, it's blown my mind, not to mention my inbox! We're still accepting the $20pp ticket payments via Paypal on our homepage until ... [ Discover More ]

Hello Blogger Events Pre-Blogopolis Drinks

As a team we like to mix things up and try new things so we have searched high and low all over Melbourne for the perfect venue to host the best meet up the blogging world has seen to date. We are pleased to announce that Pre-Blogopolis Drinks will be held in Melbourne’s very exclusive Match Bar + Grill from 7pm till late.Match Bar + Grill is a world-class bar right in the heart of Melbourne. There’s nowhere else like it. Match Bar has disability access to the venue but unfortunately no public ... [ Discover More ]

Hello Blogger Events Sydney Meet at St.Moritz, Darling Harbour

I love blog meets. Bloggers come out from behind their laptops smiling, ready to eat yummy food and get chatty. Yesterday a few Sydney bloggers met up at St.Moritz Chocolate Cafe at Harbourside, Darling Harbour for exactly that. It wasn't a sponsored event, there were no prizes, no goodie bags, just a group of bloggers talking about what they love.Attendees: Neysha, Victoria, Danimezza, Leigh, Liz, Jarod, Laura, Nicole, Tony. Attendees not shown: Caitlin, CameronWe looked like a table of ... [ Discover More ]

Looking Chic in the City at Blogopolis

For a lot of people Nuffnang's Blogopolis Conference on July 30th was really short notice, launched only six weeks before the date. A lot of people needed sponsorship to attend or they have purchased tickets/flights/accommodation themselves but stretched the family budget to do so. I watched bloggers cry out on twitter for City Chic to help them out with some threads so I rolled up my sleeves and organised a giveaway ONLY for registered attendees of Blogopolis!Look One / Look Two / Look Three / ... [ Discover More ]

Sydney Chocolate Cafe Blog Meet

Hi everyone, just wanted to write a quick notice to remind you all of the Chocolate Cafe Meet I'll be hosting for Hello Blogger Events this Sunday at 2pm at St.Moritz Cafe, Darling Harbour. RSVP NOW. This is not a sponsored event and absolutely everyone is welcome to attend. Check out the St.Moritz Cafe website (listed on the RSVP page) for detailed information about menus, pricing and how to get there. Bring cash as I'm not 100% sure if they have card payment facilities. Well chat about: ... [ Discover More ]

Hello BLogger Events Gold Coast Meet PART THREE

Just in case you missed it... PART ONE + PART TWO here! It feels like only yesterday we were all casually lounging about, sipping drinks, talking all things "blogs" and devouring chocolate covered banana lollies by the handful. The Hello Blogger Events Gold Coast trip was so fantastic I want to do it again next month let alone next year! After dinner at Hanazono Teppanyaki we headed upstairs to our flash apartment at Q1, put on a little music, tipped some chips in a bowl and poured some ... [ Discover More ]

Hello Blogger Events Gold Coast Meet PART TWO

Just incase you missed it... PART ONEAfter spending most of the afternoon inspecting every inch of our stunning three bedroom apartment at Q1, we got all dressed up and headed down the ultra fast elevator to Hanazono Teppanyaki Restaurant. It has a really great feel to it with large communal tables as well a few private tables for parties like ours.Before we start talking about the yummy food we really have to touch on a few important factors like booze and frocks! Hanazono is currently BYO so a ... [ Discover More ]

Hello Blogger Events Gold Coast Meet PART ONE

When I flew into Brisbane last Friday night it was very much like home but a few degrees warmer. Dani dragged her husband out to meet me at the airport and we spent the rest of the evening dying our hair using the new L'Oreal Sublime Mousse box dye and trying to get baby Violet to go to sleep. The next day we woke up nice and early and headed to the markets with Dani's grandparents who were also visiting.The markets were great... if only my suitcase was bigger. Dani scored two super cute dressed ... [ Discover More ]

Hello Blogger Events, Pocket Bar Sydney

 Last night (from what I can remember) went really well. I hosted a Hello Blogger Events meet at Pocket in Darlinghurst, such a cool space with really yummy food and drinks but more on that later. We had a few RSVP's pull out at the last minute but those who did come were totally fabulous! We were really well taken care of and the chairs were oh so comfortable. The whole venue had a beautiful feel about it and the people there were pretty gorgeous too.Christina from Hair Romance doing ... [ Discover More ]

Nuffnang Melbourne Blog Meet

 Saturday 16th April 2011 - The Emerald PeacockSponsored by Nuffnang Australia Hosted by Danimezza & Hello EventsAttendees: Back Row: Kelly, Sharnee, Prue, Calvin, Kirstie & Danimezza. Second Row: Mands, Shy Lady,  Nicole, Rhi, Emma, Karin Front Row: Emily, Carly, Emma's Beau, Cintia, Photographs by Me & LukeTaken by LukeOn Saturday a few bloggers got together at a little place called The Emerald Peacock and ... [ Discover More ]

Nuffnang Brisbane Blog Meet

 Saturday 9th April 2011 ~ Freestyle ToutSponsored by Nuffnang Hosted by Danimezza & Danielle from Hello OwlAttendees: First Row: Jane's Friend, Amy, Zoey, Stephen,  Danielle, Zoe, Danimezza. Second Row: Kelly, Jane, Naomi,Peter, Tracey, Talia, Gemma. Third Row: Matt, Hayley, Melissa, Penny, Amy and Luke.I was so nervous about the Brisbane Meet. Dani and I were so ... [ Discover More ]