Kitchen Revamp

Danimezza Kitchen Revamp 2014-1

We live in a rental in North West Sydney and we've been in this house for 6 years now. We bumped around from house to house for awhile, the renters market was terrible so we took what we could get. I was recovering from my laproscopic surgery for Endometriosis when we received a letter saying that the bank had claimed the owners house and we had 14 days to get out. From the letterbox I saw an estate agent hammering a "For Lease" sign into the ground just down the street. I walked in, saw that ... [ Discover More ]

Living Colourfully

Danimezza House Tour 2014-20

Earlier today I shared the journey of my lounge room. I know, epic right. Well I wanted to elaborate further and give a much more detailed overview of where it's at now, where I sourced things and what I have planned next. It's a long one, feel free to just look at the pretty pictures if you like. I honestly never expected our beige wool rug to last this long without major staining, seriously it's been almost 5 years now but that confirmed in my mind that I could justify a beige couch. It's ... [ Discover More ]

Before the After

LR 2010

I shared a few photos on instagram of the progress of my lounge/dining revamp and whilst I received a lot of praise a lot of people commented that they didn't know what it looked like before. My bad. I thought I'd whack up an old photo but I realised as I went through all my old posts that I had more than one worth sharing, more than one photo that would showcase just how far our little (rented) house had come on an non-existent budget. These are from when we first moved in back in 2008. The ... [ Discover More ]

What’s in my Wardrobe

photo (6)

This is my studio wardrobe, not exactly glamorous but it does the job, the majority of my clothes are stored in my bedroom wardrobe. This is an ever evolving space where I keep my high rotation accessories, latest PR garments and new clothes I've yet to share in an outfit post. Being able to see all the items clearly makes it easier (and more fun) for me to dream up outfits. I was sorting through my studio today and I thought you might like to have a little looksie. We may be going into ... [ Discover More ]

Room to Write

Danimezza Studio Office Room Study 2013-1

Space at my house is at a premium. Each square inch has to be functional or at the very least clutter free. When Stephanie came to live with us for a few months my studio was turned into a guest room and a dumping ground. After she left I reclaimed it as my studio but it needed a fair bit of work to bring it up to scratch. I emptied the room, cleaned everything and rearranged the furniture. A different view for the new year. In the past my desk has sat up against the window. I loved the light ... [ Discover More ]

Home Stylin

03:01:12 outfit

Yesterday I told you about my new fancy pants mirror... well after several hours of Aidan "helping" me put the drawers together there it is, the finished product. I'm over the moon. You can imagine me smuggly strutting about the house, proud of my flat pack constructing skills. Totally by surprise both the mirror and the drawers sit neatly side by side. I didn't plan on doing that but to be honest I really wasn't sure where I was going to put the bloody thing! It wasn't until I stepped back that ... [ Discover More ]

Mirror Mirror


I went to Aldi this morning to buy a chest for drawers for the dining room, flat pack furniture to house Aidan's craft supplies which have somehow outgrown the plastic drawers they're currently in. With pre-school just around the corner and more craft activities and inspiration on the horizon I wanted to have the space prepared. When the Aldi catalogue came out with a nifty set of drawers I made sure to be there when the store opened to go and buy it. I had absolutely no intention of buying a ... [ Discover More ]

Purge and Redecorate

china hutch

It always happens at this time of year. Things start to calm down on the work front and I become a touch more domesticated. Some days I wish I worked in an office, I'm sure I'd appreciate our home more if I did. When you're in it all day everyday working, cleaning, playing and loving it's really easy to just overlook the space. It's been drilled into me for years that Christmas is a time for giving and when I was growing up that phrase had nothing to do with presents. The start of school ... [ Discover More ]

My Portrait Couture Gallery


As I explained earlier this week, the photoshoot experience with GM Photographics was pretty awesome. Everyday that went past waiting for the finished images to arrive was torture but they were worth the wait. The session and prints were a gift for me to review so I was so excited to see how they'd turn out. They arrived in a sleek, beautiful presentation box embossed with the GM Photographics logo on the cover and Portrait Couture embossed on the spine. It was all just a bit fancy. Inside ... [ Discover More ]

Room for Living


So after yesterday's post I was feeling pretty slack. Really, there was no excuse for me to use use those grainy instagram photos to show you the living room in it's newfound state. So Aidan and I got to work snapping photos of our new space. The pink couch looks so good there bathed in sunlight. It's completely confirmed for me that my next proper couch will be colourful and preferably velvet or leather. Thankfully Steve is also out of his brown furniture phase and doesn't mind me ... [ Discover More ]

Do the Shuffle


Yesterday was busy with playdates, a trip to the fruit shop and lots of work. When Steve came home I took a few business calls, set about making dinner and planned on a relaxing night in front of the laptop. Steve, unfortunately, had other ideas. After dinner, at 7pm he said "How would you feel if the TV was over here instead of over there? I think we should move the room around." I let out a deep sigh knowing full well that this wouldn't just be a topic of conversation or something to ponder, ... [ Discover More ]

Inside My Studio


It's been a long time since I last posted about my studio, so much has changed in that time so I thought I'd give you all a bit of an update. The studio is right next the the lounge room, across from the kitchen and far away enough from the bedrooms that I won't disturb the boys when I'm doing my night owl thing. This is what the room looks like when you first walk in... "eclectic" is an understatement. On my door I have a poster I made using Instagram photos (post coming soon), my trusty ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan’s Play Space


Aidan and I play all day long but there is one particular part of the day that gets us both pretty excited. After watching his favourite show on ABC2 "Mr Maker" (think along the lines of "Art Attack") we try and recreate whatever he did that day. If I don't have the supplies we still pull out the paints, the pencils, the playdough or anything that is really messy. I've been inspired by Our Play Space over at Childhood101 lately and thought I'd share a few of Aidan's favourite places in our house ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan’s Big Boy Room


I made a promise a few weeks back to show you Aidan's room and finally everything has come together (including the weather) so I could take some photos. Below is a few photos and a bit of a tour, if I haven't covered something please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. Without further ado, my take on the perfect room for a little dude... As soon as you walk in the room you're surrounded by light and colour, it's one of my favourite places to be. The windows are tall and ... [ Discover More ]

Busy Bathroom


This is NOT a sponsored post. I wasn't sent anything and no-one knows I'm writing about this. Tackling my bathroom has been on my mind a lot lately and I wanted to share what's been going on. I link to products I bought and use because I think you might like them too. - Dani x As I mentioned earlier in the week we are right in the thick of toilet training with Aidan and the bathroom has suddenly become the hub of the house. Right in the beginning I took steps to de-clutter and reorganise the ... [ Discover More ]

Wipe on, Wipe off

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang and VIVA{image}I'm finding it difficult to keep on top of things at home at the moment, (including my husband) I have so many balls in the air, I just can't seem to juggle them properly as far as everyone else is concerned. I might be a touch stressed and a little out of my depth at times but I'm really enjoying all the new opportunities that my hard work, long hours and countless emails have afforded me. Being a mum, a wife and a multiple business owner has ... [ Discover More ]

Couch Shopping with a Toddler

Yesterday Steve and I bundled Aidan into the car and headed off to King Furniture at their Castle Hill showroom. By the time we got there we only had half an hour to potter around and plonk out butts on everything. Aidan was a terror and it surprised me, he's usually really good while we're out but I think going in the lift and on the escalators pushed him over the edge of excitement. The young sales assistant didn't know what to think and was pretty flustered the entire time.Steve and I juggled ... [ Discover More ]

Baby No More

I wanted to take you on a little tour of Aidan's room today, just a brief run through of the little changes we've made to his space. The first thing you notice is the safety gate, completely necessary now that Aidan's moved to the toddler bed.Every time his room evolves I give myself a little pat on the back for not having a baby-ish theme to the room. Choosing the bold bright colours has made the transition pretty seamless and all his brightly coloured toys look like they belong. Chosing white ... [ Discover More ]

Reinvigorate, Revamp

I'm feeling stifled by my studio, does that ever happen to you? If your workspace doesn't reflect your style, the creative juices just don't flow and the clutter (ahem, I mean "storage") starts to build up and it just becomes to distracting to work/create there... well that's where my studio is at at the moment. I'm too embarrassed to even take a photo. We rent a three bedroom home: our room, Aidan's room and the Studio which also acts as a guestroom. We did have a lovely queen slat bed in ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan’s Room

I thought I might share how Aidan's room has changed as he's grown older. I can hardly call it a nursery now, he's just too big and boisterous. This lovely piece of cross stitch that my mum made hangs on his door, it's terribly sweet.This is the view of his room from the door. The rug is new and from Aldi of all places. It was the perfect shade of teal to match the curtains and it's made playtime a lot more comfortable for both of us. He has a toy box shelf now and a matching miniature table and ... [ Discover More ]

Rearranged Living Room

 BEFOREOn Fathers Day I had a lovely, simple, relaxed day planned. My mother who is staying with us at the moment, had other ideas... she cleaned. Soon the whole day was behind us, every surface was wiped and every cushion plumped. At one point Steve was on his hands and knees polishing the floorboards... I'm not kidding. The furniture was moved around now it looks like this:The room is so open and light now, I'm really happy with how it turned out. I can't take much credit for the work ... [ Discover More ]

Mess be gone!

This is where we begin my friends... the doorway into hell. Since I bought my laptop I've been spending most of my time (including right now) sitting at the dining room table. I'm surrounded by big pretty windows and Aidan has lots of space to romp around... my studio has become neglected.See that big empty space? My Chaise Day bed/Sofa Bed used to be there until I sold it on the weekend. I loved that thing but it had to go, I needed space more than a day bed. The room feels like a shell now, a ... [ Discover More ]

New Rug

BEFOREAFTERWe put the second couch in storage and replaced it with my awesome Glider & Ottoman. That move alone opened up the space so much and breastfeeding is so much more comfortable now. We also received our new rug and it's perfect and totally brightens the room. We cleaned the navy rug and also put it in storage as we both still really love it. We originally planned on buying a different design but at the last minute changed our minds and went for something a bit more plain. We're ... [ Discover More ]

Frame it

As I mentioned in an earlier post I'm in the middle of a lounge room make over. Nothing really drastic, it's actually more of an update than an overhaul. The point is I'm having fun and Steve's enjoying the results with minimal impact on the purse strings. One thing I wanted to change was the mantle display and here's how I did it.I went to my local quilting shop in search of some extraordinary fabric and I got lucky. I bought 2 fat quarters ($5) of this beautiful batik print on linen and it ... [ Discover More ]

Rockin Revamp

A couple of weeks ago I shared my breastfeeding area with you and as time goes on the soft squishy couch is taking it's toll on my back so I've decided to change things around. I've been patiently searching for the right chair to replace the 2-seater in the lounge room. I wanted an armchair glider like the one above. Whilst they may be popular in the US and readily available, getting one here seems impossible... without paying boutique prices anyway.When the Toys R Us catalogue arrive and this ... [ Discover More ]

Master Bedroom… Finally.

Completely by accident I found the most perfect quilt cover, the one from my dreams and it was on sale. It's a lovely soft 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton, duck egg blue quilt cover with 2 tailored pillowcases. After just one wash it felt like we'd been using it for years, so so soft. It doesn't have flowers or anything girlie on it so Steve's a fan too.The colour is very subtle but just right and doesn't clash at all with the walls. It looks almost white in these photos but up against our ... [ Discover More ]