Nuffnang Blogger of the Month


Well this was a nice way to start the week... Nuffnang Australia have me as their January 2013, Featured Blogger of the Month! I got to answer a few questions about what I do and why I do it. I shared a few of my favourite bloggers and talked a little bit about Aussie Curves. If you'd like to check out the entire article you can check it out here. ... [ Discover More ]

Thomas Steam ‘n Speed

Thomas Tank Engine Steam Toy Remote Control Danimezza Aidan Toy Play Nuffnang-1

Sponsored by Nuffnang Australia. Quite often an opportunity for Aidan to review a fancy new toy arrives in my inbox and I hover over the reply button, trying to decide whether or not I should. Will it help Aidan learn anything through play? Will it suck up too many batteries? Does he really need it? As soon as I got the email about the Thomas Steam 'n Speed I said yes with absolutely no hesitation. Aidan's not a Thomas fanatic but he loves his TrackMaster Train Set that he reviewed a few ... [ Discover More ]

Sunday Driver


Sponsored by Nuffnang & Baskin-Robbins My sister Stephanie is going to be staying with us for a few months until Uni starts back up again in the new year. It's nice having her around and not just for a week, we'll really get to hang out and just be, together. Let it be said though, our house is tiny so on the weekend we decided to get out on the road and go for a Sunday drive. Disregard the look on Steve's face, he loooooves Sunday drives as does Aidan. They head out every Sunday ... [ Discover More ]

Dinner, a Birds Eye View

Birds Eye Steam Fresh Aidan Trolley

Sponsored by Nuffnang Australia The last few months have been manic. In order for me to balance out my work flow, the housework, playtime and downtime a few things have had to slide... fancy elaborate meals at dinner time were one of them. I don't feel guilty though as I made sure they were still healthy. Coming into the warmer months has made it easier, lots of pasta salads, quick sizzling steak and fresh seasonal salads. We've also been eating a lot of steamed vegetables and fish so when ... [ Discover More ]

A Date with Dettol

detol bling

Sponsored by Nuffnang When someone invites you to a intimate get together to learn more about "New Dettol Touch of Foam, the easiest way to steal a moment of softness in your busy day." you kind of want to go along and see what all the fuss is about. A day at Sheraton on the Park for manicures in Sydney's CBD didn't sound half bad either! I got dressed up in my best spring brights: my skirt and top were from TS14+, the hot pink blazer was from Crossroads and my big chunky statement ... [ Discover More ]

The Ultimate TrackMaster™


Sponsored by Nuffnang Aidan likes presents just as much as the next kid. You can probably tell from the gigantic grin on his face that he loves big presents more. In our house we have very limited battery operated toys. Working from home I just can't bear the inane noises and flashing lights from toys but when Nuffnang asked to send Aidan a Thomas & Friends Trackmaster "Risky Rails Bridge Drop" set to review I couldn't bring myself to say no. It didn't take him long to rip it all ... [ Discover More ]

Cardio Tennis


Sponsored by Nuffnang Australia When I was asked if I would like to review an exercise class, I have to be honest, I hesitated but the opportunity to hit things and wear a cute outfit sealed the deal. A high energy, tennis based cardio workout for an hour one afternoon, sure no worries I could handle it. Tell me... does this look like the face of someone who handled it? Errr... no would be the answer. That class kicked my fat chunky ass. I burned in places I'd never burned in before. ... [ Discover More ]

The Zoo and BIG W


Sponsored by Nuffnang Australia. After splashing out on Aidan and giving my little dude some affordable quality kids clothes last week, BIG W also sent us a $100 VISA gift card to spend at Taronga Zoo on the weekend so we could really test out the clothes. Saturday just so happened to be Aidan's third birthday... perfect timing! Aidan and I have been to Taronga Zoo a few times now, usually with a group of people so I knew it was going to be a long day. This was Steve's first time and it ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan’s BIG W Style


Sponsored by Nuffnang Australia Earlier this year you might remember that BIG W gave Aidan a voucher for some boys clothes and then we all headed out and had a rough and tumble photoshoot with Rachel Devine. It was probably one of the more memorable family sponsored posts I've done so when they contacted me asking if I'd be up to doing it again... how could I refuse?! The giant baby catalogue may have landed in your mailbox by now and I'm sure you circled a fair few things like I did. ... [ Discover More ]

17 Sundays at Blogopolis PART TWO

blogopolis12 (88)

Read PART ONE Here  The morning after bubbles is always a bit rough. Dani has this ability to just chuck things on and look edgy and fabulous... Natalie and I seem to have to work a bit harder so we got up early and turned the lights on. Dani, the total rockstar requested her sunnies and laid about for another half hour on instagram before getting up and still ended up being ready before us.  Here we are, the room mates all dressed up and ready to get their blog-on. 17 Sundays Take ... [ Discover More ]

17 Sundays at Blogopolis PART ONE


Ahhh... don't you just love blog conferences! I may be a little addicted and I've definitely lost count on how many blogging events I've attended and hosted in the last two years. The most recent conference was Nuffnang Blogopolis (#NNB2012) in Sydney which is what the next few posts are all about. When I go to conferences I like to make a big deal out of it, arrive a day earlier, stay a day later. I like to plan my outfits, prep my camera bag and get my hair and nails done. I live and work ... [ Discover More ]

#NNF2012 Stunners


At NuffNang Fashionopolis last weekend I took the time during lunch to photograph a few of my twitter peeps who were in attendance. I planned on just emailing the photos to them but I really wanted to share their gorgeousness with you all. Enjoy! Inspired Wish Smaggle Omega Check out the official photos from NuffNang Fashionopolis, so many awesome outfits. ... [ Discover More ]

My Rough & Tumble Dude


Sponsored by Nuffnang  Last week I shared that BigW had sent me a $100 gift card to buy Aidan some new clothes (keep reading for the chance to win one for yourself!) and that we had gone out and picked up two spunky, affordable outfits that will see him into the cooler months ahead. What I didn't tell you was that the best part of all was yet to come! BigW had organised for Rachel Devine, a commercial children's photographer to meet us at a special location for a mini photoshoot with ... [ Discover More ]

Rough & Tumble BigW Style


Sponsored by Nuffnang Last week was rough, actually the last few weeks have been. Our little family is adjusting to changes, we're growing, exploring and quite often we're tired too. I'm still getting used to my domestic routine and spending more time with my camera, Steve's trying to deal with new work challenges and Aidan is determined to do absolutely everything all by himself. Each of us is requiring a little more patience and a little more time to breathe, to play it cool. It had ... [ Discover More ]

The Best Kind of Present


Sponsored by Nuffnang and  Magshop Christmas competition Christmas is next weekend, can you feel it? The surge of shopping trolleys down the aisles, the escalators jam packed with cranky big spenders, the baby change room overflowing with a line up of strollers and kids with sticky fingers from "Just be quiet for one minute" lollypops. Sure there is the magic of Santa, all the pretty lights and the Kmart Wishing Tree but wouldn't the festive season be better spent at home, curled up on the ... [ Discover More ]

The Easiest Christmas Gift


Sponsored by Nuffnang and  Magshop Christmas There are a million things I want for christmas but generally they're small things I'd like to pick out myself or they're too expensive to expect others to pay for... as you can tell I'm a dream to buy gifts for. Over the years I've learnt to keep it simple after frustrating Steve time and time again and last year I decided spare my son the anguish in the future and start a tradition now. Every Christmas I renew my subscription to Real Living ... [ Discover More ]

Ideal Christmas Holiday


Sponsored by NuffNang This year we're staying home for Christmas and as much as I'm looking forward to decorating the house, cooking a nice meal and playing under the sprinkler with my little family, I kind of wish I was spending it with the entire family but this year we're all off doing other things. Over the next few weeks there is a Magshop Christmas competition where ten lucky couples will win a trip to Hawaii and I would love to win but it's got me thinking about my ideal Christmas ... [ Discover More ]

An Allegra kind of Summer


This post is sponsored by Nuffnang Australia I love the silly season, an excuse to spend too much money on dresses and new shoes, indulge in spray tans, facials and drink bubbles with reckless abandon. So you can imagine my delight when Riccadonna sent me a parcel with two bottles of their brand new Italian sparkling wine "Allegra", a less sweet version of the classic Asti that most Australian women know and love because it goes down wonderfully with a pavlova at a summer BBQ. The timing ... [ Discover More ]

Invisible Zinc, Beautiful Protection


 This post is sponsored by Nuffnang Australia Summer is upon us and my pasty white skin is trembling at the thought. I burn, badly and it doesn't take much for pimples to start popping up from greasy lotion or my nose to start peeling from being too dry. So when Invisible Zinc offered to send me two products from their range I jumped at the chance. Invisible Zinc is an Australian made skin protection product range that's not tested on animals... just Elle Macpherson. I was sent The ESP ... [ Discover More ]

Danimezza ProBlogger Weekend Video #pbevent


The last few days have been completely epic. I made a short video of my time away so I hope you enjoy it. I'm not going to go into what I personally learnt from the event but I highly recommend watching the filmed sessions when they're released in the next week or so, I know I'll be watching the sessions I missed out on. Prepare to be inspired and don't forget to take notes, even check out the twitter feed for tips at "#pbevent". I'll be back with more detailed outfit photos thanks to the lovely ... [ Discover More ]


The Drivers: Hello Owl, Woogsworld, Crash Test Mummy, The Truth About Mummy, Childhood101, Tina Gray, Retro Mummy, Danimezza

This is a sponsored post for Nuffnang & Mitsubishi  It was the day after the big storm hit Melbourne when bloggers from across Australia flew into the soggy city to test drive the i-MiEV (Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle). I had to get up at 3:30am just to make it to the airport in time only to find the flight delayed. Eventually we make it to Melbourne and a driver awaits our arrival, ready to whisk us over to Albert Park for a day of driving and dining. What's so cool ... [ Discover More ]

High Tea and The Help


This post is sponsored by Nuffnang Australia. When you get an email inviting you to a private screening of the much anticipated movie "The Help" at Hoyts Cinema in Moore Park followed by a scrumptious High Tea at The Winery with Sarah Oakes and Sarah Wilson... you go. It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday in my opinion, especially as I got to sit with one of my favourite ladies, Chantelle from FatMumSlim. The movie really should have been sponsored by Kleenex because I cried pretty much ... [ Discover More ]

Blogs I Adore


[i] Love Life - Kal is an Artist. She gets paint everywhere and it always looks stunning. She's renovating her home. She has three little girls named Pilot, Penn & Poet. I've been reading her blog for as long as I've been blogging. Marriage Confessions - Another long time read, Katie's little family often resembles mine. I love her passion and honesty, even when things get rough. If I could meet anyone at BlogHer12 I'd want to meet her. I also think Aidan and Bean would be best buddies, ... [ Discover More ]

Looking Chic in the City at Blogopolis

For a lot of people Nuffnang's Blogopolis Conference on July 30th was really short notice, launched only six weeks before the date. A lot of people needed sponsorship to attend or they have purchased tickets/flights/accommodation themselves but stretched the family budget to do so. I watched bloggers cry out on twitter for City Chic to help them out with some threads so I rolled up my sleeves and organised a giveaway ONLY for registered attendees of Blogopolis!Look One / Look Two / Look Three / ... [ Discover More ]

Target: Toy-Tastic!

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang and Target.It's that time of year, the shelves are looming with plastic and packaging, all brightly coloured and musical for our children's delight. What may seem like a magical time for a child, parents Australia wide have started grinding their teeth in their sleep and breaking out into a sweat at the thought of ducking into a store during all the madness. The sound of someone saying "lay by counter" is like hearing nails on a chalkboard... Aidan's not even ... [ Discover More ]

Kid Tough Camera Giveaway

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang and Fisher-PriceI love cameras and so does Aidan. He's constantly trying to get his sticky little hands on mine but no way, it's too expensive. Fisher-Price was kind enough to send Aidan his very own Kid Tough Camera to try out, we were both excited when it arrived.The camera is designed for 3-7 year olds but he handled it really well. The buttons are nice and big and you don't need too much pressure to press them which is great for tiny fingers. It only took ... [ Discover More ]