Aussie Curves – Best Bargain

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I've had some brilliant bargains in my time but of all the current ones this dress takes the cake. My favourite local op shop doesn't normally stock plus size clothing or if it does it moves swiftly. I wandered in one day looking for nothing in particular and the print instantly grabbed me. The prettiest pastel shades of blue, pink, purple and taupe on a background of white without a single stain or tear. The label looks as if it was made in the late 60's or 70's with the original patent belt ... [ Discover More ]

Bookcase Makeover


I've been burying my mind in small tasks about the house, much easier that trying to process what's been going on health-wise and one big job on my to-do list was to buy Aidan a new bookcase. The old one he had was awkwardly shelved and didn't really maximise storage which would have been fine if the kid didn't love books so much. Luckily for us he does so I was keeping a keen eye open for a bargain that was cheap, functional and sturdy. I scored this beauty off a local facebook buy & ... [ Discover More ]

It started with a stool


For the past few weeks my excitement around the new house (AKA: #DMOldFaithful) has been growing. Over the past 8 months I've been gutting our house of any unnecessary things. A purge, a cull, call it what you will. Basically I was digging through it all to find our clean slate, I just didn't expect to find it in an entirely new house. We finally signed the lease and we move in next Wednesday... it's as thrilling as it is daunting. I already knew exactly what we owned so as I walked through the ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Secondhand

Aussie Curves Danimezza Blogger Outfit Fashion Plus Size Blonde Red Harlow Glomesh Wrap Dress SECONDHAND-6

In the name of multitasking I present my second look photographed on the same day... and yes it did involve a quick outfit change in a public park because I'm a risky dare devil like that. I'm also a bit of a cheater, the dress isn't secondhand but the handbag is, that totally counts right? After the epic wardrobe clear out of January 2014 I found myself with no secondhand garments so I went to my ever faithful stash of Glomesh to bring an outfit to life and make the cut. You've got to admit, ... [ Discover More ]

What’s in my Wardrobe

photo (6)

This is my studio wardrobe, not exactly glamorous but it does the job, the majority of my clothes are stored in my bedroom wardrobe. This is an ever evolving space where I keep my high rotation accessories, latest PR garments and new clothes I've yet to share in an outfit post. Being able to see all the items clearly makes it easier (and more fun) for me to dream up outfits. I was sorting through my studio today and I thought you might like to have a little looksie. We may be going into ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Yellow

yellow 1

Super casual outfit photos for this week's theme. I found "Yellow" really difficult and nothing ever seemed quite right when I was out op shopping... that is until today. Steve, Aidan and I are spending the weekend by the sea thanks to a wonderful friend who understood I was in need of a break. We've been here since Friday morning and spent the majority of the time barefoot and covered in sand. It wasn't just me who needed a sea change either, I haven't seen the boys this chilled out in ... [ Discover More ]

How to set up a Plus Size Market Stall

Danimezza Hawkesbury Market Plus Size Fashion Sale-1

Yesterday I held my very first pre-loved fashion market stall. Did I mention I had only decided to do it three days prior? I know, madness but I did it and whilst it was really hard work it totally paid off.  I checked my local council tourism website for a list of local markets, picked the nearest possible date so I wouldn't loose my nerve and booked it in. The stall cost $40 which wasn't too bad. I had planned to hold a stall with Jessica Dee from Too Many Sequins but she had a friend visiting ... [ Discover More ]

Aussie Curves – Secondhand

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If you know me, you know I love op shopping, visiting vintage and thrift stores is kind of my thing. In the last couple of years I went a little crazy, draggin home every old chair, painting and nicknack I fancied. Soon my house was filled to the brim and Steve asked me to stop. So for the past year I've been decluttering, taking things back along with my own old stuff I no longer needed. This year I have a little room to dabble but things have to meet a criteria before I bring them home. ... [ Discover More ]

Purge and Redecorate

china hutch

It always happens at this time of year. Things start to calm down on the work front and I become a touch more domesticated. Some days I wish I worked in an office, I'm sure I'd appreciate our home more if I did. When you're in it all day everyday working, cleaning, playing and loving it's really easy to just overlook the space. It's been drilled into me for years that Christmas is a time for giving and when I was growing up that phrase had nothing to do with presents. The start of school ... [ Discover More ]

Room for Living


So after yesterday's post I was feeling pretty slack. Really, there was no excuse for me to use use those grainy instagram photos to show you the living room in it's newfound state. So Aidan and I got to work snapping photos of our new space. The pink couch looks so good there bathed in sunlight. It's completely confirmed for me that my next proper couch will be colourful and preferably velvet or leather. Thankfully Steve is also out of his brown furniture phase and doesn't mind me ... [ Discover More ]

Totally Golden


A few people might have noticed the the brass peacock I posted on instagram the other day. I'd just finished up at my massage appointment to de-stress my "blogging shoulder" and on the way back to the car I walked past an op shop (which had closed for the day) and saw this little beauty for only $5. I vowed to go back the next day and make it mine. Isn't he beautiful! I was determined to just duck in and out of the op shop, I'm trying to save money not spend more. I walked up to the shelf ... [ Discover More ]

Inside My Studio


It's been a long time since I last posted about my studio, so much has changed in that time so I thought I'd give you all a bit of an update. The studio is right next the the lounge room, across from the kitchen and far away enough from the bedrooms that I won't disturb the boys when I'm doing my night owl thing. This is what the room looks like when you first walk in... "eclectic" is an understatement. On my door I have a poster I made using Instagram photos (post coming soon), my trusty ... [ Discover More ]

Ewww Sushi and Old Stuff!

Going up to Brisbane the other week was really lovely. I got to hang out with Dani and her beautiful girls. We spent our days op shopping, eating all different kinds of foods and spent many, many hours talking about blogging... as bloggers tend to do. Dani has been banging on at me for years to try sushi as her whole family adores the stuff.  Poor Jos waited patiently for me to take the photo... I didn't dare make her wait too long. I started with something simple, ... [ Discover More ]

Somebodies Junk…

... is always somebody's treasure. I thought I'd share a few pieces from my op shop bounty I've sourced over the last couple of weeks. Op shopping has become time out for me, and Aidan. When we're having an off day I'll pop him into the pram and we'll go for a walk to check out the goodies. Aidan always finds books... I love that.I love coloured retro glass like this, the colours make me happy and make the house glow. I also love old jars so it's win-win. Steve doesn't quite get it but always ... [ Discover More ]

Weekend Away

We packed up the new car last Wednesday and headed off up the coast for five days for our friends wedding which I was to photograph. We decided to stay overnight at my grandparents which just so happened to be the half way point for our trip. It was so lovely to see them and watch them interact with a busy toddler.   Aidan loves my Grandparents place, Steve does too and has mentioned on several occasions that he'd be quite content living there. They have a large open plan home and ... [ Discover More ]

Be Bold, Be Beautiful

Today, instead of having the nap with Aidan I so desperately needed, I decided to dress up, head outside and take a few photos... I needed a pick-me-up.Yup, I even put make up on. I bought a huge stash of Benefit cosmetics when I was in Bondi and honestly every single item was an investment. I'm not even wearing foundation! Oh and I'm also sporting my new Op Shop find, an $8 mustard yellow necklace... I adore it *swoon* I'm no stranger to making fun of myself and had a grand old time ... [ Discover More ]

Baby Doll

 I went to the Op Shop earlier this week and I just had to share the little gem I found... and for only $12! It's the sweetest little dolls pram, the prefect size for a newborn photo shoot. I plan on cleaning it up and replacing the black fabric, giving it a softer look. I'll be sure to post Before & After photos when I do. Oh, how I love it so! ... [ Discover More ]

Thrifty Finds

While Aidan was having a nap I left him under the watchful eye of his grandma and snuck off to the Op Shop. I've been having withdrawals as I haven't been in so long. When I arrived I was greeted with so much bounty. A pair of silver candle sticks for $12, a silver raised bowl for $8, a cut glass bowl to match one I already own for $3 and a cut crystal divided serving dish for $2. All the silver needed was a bit of a polish and it looked brand new. My china cabinet is starting to overflow... ... [ Discover More ]

Full Throttle

I decided I wanted to make my sister (my one & only) a cute handbag for her birthday. I could easily go out and buy her things or send her money but I knew that this year, with all the brave choices she's made lately, would appreciate a lovingly made gift more. She could cart it around with her when she made even more brave choices and know I love and support her, the bag would be a wearable hug. I chose her favourite colours and asked what style she'd like, "a normal sized handbag with a ... [ Discover More ]


I haven't been Op Shopping in quite awhile. I've really missed it. I can't blame Aidan for my lack of visits as he seems to enjoy them too, I think I just know myself and can't be trusted not to return home with a car load of stuff.I always like to ask the Staff about their favourite current pieces. Sometimes its a piece of furniture, sometimes a classic collection of perfect condition books and sometimes it's a piece of clothing. Because they filter through everything when it arrives, they know ... [ Discover More ]

Health Matters

I finally booked myself weekly Chiropractic sessions as my back has been killing me ever since I fell pregnant. In the weeks after Aidan was born I was getting weekly massages on my neck and lower back as the strain from breastfeeding was taking its toll. My chiro is lovely and I felt really good walking out of there. I really shouldn't have waited so long.Yesterday I had to have full spinal x-rays done. The ladies looked after Aidan at reception for me. I left him happy with a rusk and came ... [ Discover More ]

The Op Shop Hop

On Saturday Mum, Aidan and I headed out on an adventure... an Op Shopping adventure! Everyday last week I'd driven by an Op Shop and everyday I neglected to go inside but as Saturday was our last day in town I thought why do one, when you can do them all...The first one we went to was the one I drove past daily called "Brighter Days" in Soldiers Point, a small warehouse filled with brica-brac and lots of 70's furniture. Aidan scored a few onesies and I was pretty happy. It was a good start to ... [ Discover More ]

When I’m bored…

... I go Op Shopping. It's something I can do on my own and if it's a good day can take up most of my afternoon, jumping from shop to shop. I don't feel guilty because I'm helping charities and I know I'm not going to spend more than loose change. I've been trying my best to kill the time and soak up the "me" time but it's proving rather frustrating because all I really want to do is meet LM.I always go to the bulky items section first and wouldn't you know it... my highchair from Ikea, that I ... [ Discover More ]

Bassinets, Bjorns & Boobs

Before I left for Darwin I noticed in the window of my Op Shop a lovely blue portable bassinet but the shop was shut and I was leaving for Darwin the next day. When I got back home I thought maybe, just maybe it still might be there. It wasn't... but a better one was! The shop was once again closed as a few of the ladies are on holidays, so I popped a note under the door asking them to put it aside for me. I got a phone call today asking if I can come and pick it up now as they're going to be ... [ Discover More ]

Baby & Kids Market

On Sunday Steve took me out for the morning to the Baby & Kids Market held at Kellyville, 15 minutes from home. We're loving all of our second hand nursery bargains and were keen to try our luck for more. Plus Kellyville is a bit of a yuppie area so we were on the look out for brand name items on the cheap. We got lucky...I snagged these cute shoes for $2 brand new. We also grabbed some trendy pumpkin patch jeans for $2 each. A couple of singlets at 50c each. A cute onesie with a puppy ... [ Discover More ]

Op Shop Delight

I haven't been op shopping in MONTHS. It was my thing... that is until I found out I was having a baby, donated and purged most of the items in my house and vowed not to fill it with stuff again. Well, not for awhile anyway. Isn't the bouncer ugly! To an untrained eye it is but to me, I could see the potential. Remove the horrible cover and ancient toys and...... hey presto!!! It's a natural cotton colour and all it needs is a quick steam clean with the Tobi. Steve can do that tonight. Seriously ... [ Discover More ]