Time to Organise

Buffet $50 SOLDSteve and I have started culling with the help of Mum this week. Our little house is prefect for 2 but not for 3, it's just a little too crowded. To be honest the house is over flowing with my stuff. All arranged perfectly with everything in it's place of course but none the less a change has occurred and we're doing what we know we do well. Reorganising.Hutch $30 EBAY (here)We cleaned out the kitchen cupboards, donated some things to charity, kept some for friends. We decided on ... [ Discover More ]

I think I need to go to Op Shop rehab

So I'll start with something I received as a gift. I got this lovely perfumed shimmer powder and puff from Paula. It smells so sweet and makes my skin so wonderfully soft. Perfect for all the humid weather that will be upon us soon. Thanks Paula.Now onto the Op Shop bargains. I have been looking for one of these bath rests forever but they always seemed out of my price range but not this one. It set me back $5 and it still had the $49.95 original price tag on it. I was in bath heaven last night. ... [ Discover More ]

Op Shoppin’ Along

This is Me. Not Dee. As it says on my name badge.This is my new $2 bag, Love it.The little old ladies made a whole heap of hair gems for the up coming Melbourne Cup. I picked this pretty comb up for $2.I love it I think it looks fabulous.I also scored this rockin' heavy black beaded necklace for $3.And of course, another silk scarf. Funnily enough its the same colours as my new hair comb. ... [ Discover More ]


Today was a very busy/lovely/hectic day. I helped sort out some minor mishaps with the rosters at work. I helped Luke move some of his stuff to his and Gerard's new house in Richmond (I'm soooo excited for them) then I went to the Op Shop to grab a bowl I saw last week (but it was gone) and visited Alice. I got the Boys some goodies at the pet shop, washed the car, did the groceries and filled the gas bottle. Phew. Here's some of my Op Shop goodies...I bought this dress from the Op Shop for $8. ... [ Discover More ]

Peter Peacock

I'd like to introduce you to my little friend... Peter Peacock.I picked him up for $3 at the Richmond Op ShopI think my mate Steve thought I was a bit daft but thats ok, I'm weird when it comes to Op Shops. He's an Op Shop Virgin so I didn't expect him to "get" it. Me in all my weirdness. Love it. ... [ Discover More ]

Pain & Pampering

I needed a pedicure. I keep my toenails in good nick but my feet were a little worse for wear. The little lady scrubbing my feet, man I felt sorry for her. Even more so when I got into a fit of giggles when she got my ticklish part... and I couldn't stop. I think I was very entertaining, all the ladies were laughing through their little face masks and undoubtedly paying me out in another language. She had to scrub my feet, she can laugh at me for all I care.After all the ticklish nonsense was ... [ Discover More ]

Other People’s Undies

It's great having Steve home. Unfortunately my new monthly cycle started yesterday. Always at the worst possible timing. Oh well, we're married forever right, no rush. So this morning after a long time hugging and canoodling in bed we decided to get a good start on the day. We both did our Wii Workouts. My Wii Fit age is 21... GO ME!!! After a nice salad roll for lunch we went to his work to get things ready for Monday (workaholic) and stopped by the Op Shops in Richmond for a little look-see. ... [ Discover More ]

Vintage Pretty

Isn't she gorgeous! I found her at the Op Shop today.Oh so girlie and special, I love the little hand painted roses.Ohh but there's a surprise in store... what could it be?Yep, you could quite possibly win this little baby.As with most things, there is a catch. You must leave a comment. I know, hard huh! The comment should cover:How did you find my blog "Danimezza"?Why do you love reading Danimezza?How long you've been reading Danimezza?What keeps you coming back?The most creative and honest ... [ Discover More ]

Sparkle Style

I went to my local shops, bought some dog food, went to the deli, popped into the fruit & vege market and just had to say hi to the lovely ladies at my Op Shop. Yep I've claimed it. They just so happened to be unpacking a whole heap of old costume jewelery. Lucky me!Isn't it gorgeous... Canary Yellow stones set in ornate silver.Check out that detail... sighYou'll never guess how much I paid...$10 dollars... I was shocked too!!!Happy Op Shopping ... [ Discover More ]

Clip-on Earrings Anyone?

$1 was all these sweet little things cost. I love the detail, so different. One of the lady's looks left, the other looks right. I love my little cameos. I think I'll add them to a top, a cushion or something else... I'll find a use for them one day. I don't like to wear clip-ons. ... [ Discover More ]

More Dinner Party Dribble

Hello GorgeousI tend to dive into projects as a way of distracting myself. It works for me. It's not denial. It's healthy. It's productive and more often than not it's fun too. I know the lanterns are a little off center, the table will be dragged out to sit underneath it to give my guests a little more room. The 2 seater sofa will be pushed in front of the TV to open up the room a little more. I polished all the silverware and the candelabra. Everything just gleams.Fun FunNo really. I bought a ... [ Discover More ]

Silver Service

I had to buy milk, it was the only reason I left the house... promise. Fortunately I somehow stumbled into the Op Shop and found these little beauties. I've seen a lot of these trays, mainly oval ones though. I finally found a circle serving tray and for only $3. It really is divine.The frame was $2 and I love the detail. I'm not sure what I'm going to put in it yet, but I know it's going next to my computer so I can look at it everyday. Sweet. ... [ Discover More ]

$2 Art Attack *editted*

I went to my favourite Op Shop today and bought another cut crystal bowl (for dried rose petals) to put in the guest room, a small jar for the odd button that comes with new clothes and this ornate metal frame. All up I spent $5 and the frame was only $2. The image is printed onto fabric and has foam backing. I'm not really into metallic frames so I knew something would have to change. When I got home inspiration struck...I ripped out the picture, cleaned the frame then set about painting it ... [ Discover More ]


I think I need some. You wouldn't believe me if I told you. You'd think I was exaggerating or dramatising the situation. I saw the stroller today. Not once, but five times. FIVE. I also had to help FOUR pregnant women pick outfits for their growing bumps and listen to the "excited mum" details. How far along they were, what sex it was, the tiny clothes they just bought at Target... forget therapy, pass the shotgun.I didn't cry. I didn't pout. I didn't scream: "shut up I don't care about your ... [ Discover More ]

Coming up Roses

I went to the Op Shop earlier this week and stumbled across this little cutie. It's a gold child's necklace with a porcelain miniature painting of a yellow rose. It reminded me of the plate mum loves that she won at school so I thought I'd buy it for her, thinking she could put the charm on something else. It was too beautiful to pass up. So I left it at the register and continued to look around for more possible bargains. I got lucky.$4 for the set of 6. 2 Soup/Pasta bowls, 2 entree plates and ... [ Discover More ]


Ceramic Electric Hair CurlersMy Op Shop is Awesome :)Don't worry... will sterilise! ... [ Discover More ]

Guestroom… finally

I DID iron the sheets... I guess I'm out of practise or just really crap at it :P I love the mixture of pale blue, aqua, yellow and white and all those plump pillows of course. Aww pretty bed. I'm NOT painting it white :P By adding the student desk (has the same stain) it balances out the colours. Plus you can hardly see that much of the bed when it's made up like this. The finished bedside hutch. Fresh fluffy towels (2 spare in the cupboard), soft handtowels and thier little soap sits proudly. ... [ Discover More ]

Op Shop Karma

I'm been out balancing my Op Shop Karma today. I've been lucky with my finds and grabbing a few great bargains but it's a give and take situation. If they don't have people donate, they'll have nothing to sell meaning no more great bargains (while donating to charity) for me. So I got a rather large and heavy box full of goods (toys, books, wedding magazines, decorations) and went on my merry way feeling very light at heart and a slight skip in my step. The lovely old ladies down the road (who ... [ Discover More ]