Cheap Easter Gift in Less than 1 Minute

easter 2

We'd spent all weekend up the coast relaxing and forgetting about the real world only to return home to a never ending to-do list. One of those things was Easter, the time of year when mothers across Australia get their craft-on and buy all the feathery, shiny and crepe-papery things from the $2 shop. I already had a game plan, I had to make some for Aidan's teachers and a few for his friends. It was so simple that I could: Make it in a Minute! Here's what you'll need*: Printed Paper ... [ Discover More ]

Thomas Steam ‘n Speed

Thomas Tank Engine Steam Toy Remote Control Danimezza Aidan Toy Play Nuffnang-1

Sponsored by Nuffnang Australia. Quite often an opportunity for Aidan to review a fancy new toy arrives in my inbox and I hover over the reply button, trying to decide whether or not I should. Will it help Aidan learn anything through play? Will it suck up too many batteries? Does he really need it? As soon as I got the email about the Thomas Steam 'n Speed I said yes with absolutely no hesitation. Aidan's not a Thomas fanatic but he loves his TrackMaster Train Set that he reviewed a few ... [ Discover More ]

The Ultimate TrackMaster™


Sponsored by Nuffnang Aidan likes presents just as much as the next kid. You can probably tell from the gigantic grin on his face that he loves big presents more. In our house we have very limited battery operated toys. Working from home I just can't bear the inane noises and flashing lights from toys but when Nuffnang asked to send Aidan a Thomas & Friends Trackmaster "Risky Rails Bridge Drop" set to review I couldn't bring myself to say no. It didn't take him long to rip it all ... [ Discover More ]

Room for Living


So after yesterday's post I was feeling pretty slack. Really, there was no excuse for me to use use those grainy instagram photos to show you the living room in it's newfound state. So Aidan and I got to work snapping photos of our new space. The pink couch looks so good there bathed in sunlight. It's completely confirmed for me that my next proper couch will be colourful and preferably velvet or leather. Thankfully Steve is also out of his brown furniture phase and doesn't mind me ... [ Discover More ]

Embrace the Winter Sun


This is a tired yet ecstatic me returning home from Blogopolis... post coming soon. ASOS Peppermint Swing Dress 17 Sundays Take Me Away Crop Jacket - gifted SWAK The Perfect Leggings - gifted Payless (USA) Gold Glitter Flats City Chic Bangles Forever21 (USA) Sunglasses Lane Bryant Neon Pink Nail Polish - gifted  The sun was still shining so we played outside soaking up the warmth of the sun. Steve's practicing taking my outfit photos so I pranced about the backyard for ... [ Discover More ]

So Many Ways To Play


  Over Christmas break our playtime mainly revolved around Aidan's new found obsession with Duplo, something I was quite happy to indulge him with. If I'm completely honest, I'd been waiting for the day he'd fall in love with those brightly coloured plastic blocks just like I did as a child. As soon as he's old enough for Lego there will be no stopping me! I was a complete addict as a child. I'm happy to report, six months later, they are still the toys he plays with most. Since ... [ Discover More ]

Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Day In My Life


On Tuesday 15th May 2012 I decided to film everything I did that day for my entry in this weeks Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50 Bloggers Competition prompt "Day in my Life". It was a huge day but an even bigger drama trying to get the video uploaded. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek into my life and yep, this was all done in one day. I love my life. VOTE HERE ... [ Discover More ]

Here Fishy Fishy


Last month we added two more peeps to our family unit. Steve thought Aidan was more than ready to have his first pet, I on the other hand disagreed and knew that within a few weeks they would become my pets to care for. I sent Steve and Aidan out for dog food one Saturday morning and they came back with a fish tank set up as well as the dog food. I sighed and resigned myself to the fact that I was now the proud owner of fish babies. The tank was set up for almost three weeks before we eventually ... [ Discover More ]

Where I want to be


My parents live in a beautiful place only 3 hours away from our house. Every Thursday night we look at each other, mentally doing our accounts and working out a timeline in our heads. Could we manage to steal away for a few days and give Aidan some downtime with his Grandparents? Could we manage to go on that elusive date night? Could the laundry be forgotten for one more week? More often than not we spend our weekends doing said laundry, mowing the lawns and catching up on domestic duties. It ... [ Discover More ]

My Rough & Tumble Dude


Sponsored by Nuffnang  Last week I shared that BigW had sent me a $100 gift card to buy Aidan some new clothes (keep reading for the chance to win one for yourself!) and that we had gone out and picked up two spunky, affordable outfits that will see him into the cooler months ahead. What I didn't tell you was that the best part of all was yet to come! BigW had organised for Rachel Devine, a commercial children's photographer to meet us at a special location for a mini photoshoot with ... [ Discover More ]

Rough & Tumble BigW Style


Sponsored by Nuffnang Last week was rough, actually the last few weeks have been. Our little family is adjusting to changes, we're growing, exploring and quite often we're tired too. I'm still getting used to my domestic routine and spending more time with my camera, Steve's trying to deal with new work challenges and Aidan is determined to do absolutely everything all by himself. Each of us is requiring a little more patience and a little more time to breathe, to play it cool. It had ... [ Discover More ]

Paddle & Kick


Aidan started going to swimming lessons again with Steve as his support person. He was nervous at first but as soon as he saw the water he was so excited. Steve was a little nervous too as he's not a great swimmer but you couldn't tell. You couldn't wipe the smile off their faces. It made me happy to see them so happy. Aidan was always the first to face a new challenge. I loved swimming growing up and I can see it being a big part of Aidan's childhood. I was sad I wasn't his ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan’s Play Space


Aidan and I play all day long but there is one particular part of the day that gets us both pretty excited. After watching his favourite show on ABC2 "Mr Maker" (think along the lines of "Art Attack") we try and recreate whatever he did that day. If I don't have the supplies we still pull out the paints, the pencils, the playdough or anything that is really messy. I've been inspired by Our Play Space over at Childhood101 lately and thought I'd share a few of Aidan's favourite places in our house ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan’s Big Boy Room


I made a promise a few weeks back to show you Aidan's room and finally everything has come together (including the weather) so I could take some photos. Below is a few photos and a bit of a tour, if I haven't covered something please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. Without further ado, my take on the perfect room for a little dude... As soon as you walk in the room you're surrounded by light and colour, it's one of my favourite places to be. The windows are tall and ... [ Discover More ]

Dinosaurs Play


It's been a week and Aidan's potty training is going great guns. All his 1's & 2's are on the potty, most without our assistance or reminders and he's now also nappy free at nap time which took me by surprise. He just simply asked not to wear a nappy, I was on edge for the two hours he was asleep and as soon as he woke up I took him the potty and he did a big wee, high fives all round! The next day he didn't get to the potty fast enough when he woke and had an accident and was he was so sad ... [ Discover More ]

The Wiggles Big Birthday


Last week I got a lovely tweet from @traceytakesphotos offering me two tickets to go and see The Wiggles 20th Birthday Concert in the big tent at the Castle Hill Showgrounds. Tracey won four tickets in a Digital Parents competition and it was so nice of her to share them with us, especially as we'd never met before... don't you just love bloggers! Aidan didn't know where we were going until we arrived. I hadn't been feeling well (stupid Endometriosis) and wasn't sure we would even make it so ... [ Discover More ]

Splashes, Bubbles & Kuali


 We don't go out much as a family, preferring to stay at home and chill out if we're all together. Aidan and I go out a lot during the week but when Steve's home on the weekend sometimes it can be like we're under house arrest, he just doesn't want to leave. It was the most beautiful weekend and I was determined to make the most of it so I dragged my little family into the city. Well, it would seem that everyone in Sydney agreed with me about the weather and descended on Darling Harbour Quarter ... [ Discover More ]



Aidan started Daycare or "School" as we call it. It's not the end of the world but I feel nervous due to all the irrational fears swelling around in the pit of my stomach. I wanted him home, to be cared for in his safe place, I place where I wouldn't have to worry but having a nanny didn't work out, mostly because it's extremely expensive so now we're trying Daycare. He only goes one day a week, giving me a day to write or run errands and giving him a place to make new friends, develop his ... [ Discover More ]

How to make a Terrarium

The ever lovely Kylie from Capricorn Link (an Australian distributor of awesome wholesale books) sent me a beautiful book on Terrariums called Terrarium Craft (RRP: $24.99) and it's been sitting on my bookshelf staring back at me, begging me to go to Bunnings and splash some cash on everything I'd need for a teeny tiny indoor garden. The kicker was that I just knew Aidan would love helping me make them but I got busy, it was cold outside, I didn't feel like getting dirty... the excuses continued ... [ Discover More ]

Birthday for Brock

Aidan's bestest buddy in the whole world "Brock" turned 2 last week. They're exactly 20 days apart in age. Brock's mum Monica kept the celebrations cool and laid back, opting to hang out at the park than to organise a big shindig. Steve, Aidan and I loaded up the picnic blanket and we were off.These two are so funny to watch. They get into everything, exploring is what they do.We'd only been at the park for a few minutes before Brock had learnt to turn the drinking fountain on and Aidan quickly ... [ Discover More ]

Rhymes Festival Rocks On

On Sunday Aidan and I woke up bright and early, got dressed, packed our bags and waited for our friends Monica and Brock to arrive. She greeted me with a piece of cake for my birthday. The boys gave each other high-fives as we shuffled carseats about and loaded the car with all their essentials. A short drive to Homebush and we had arrived at Rhymes Festival ready to rock... toddler style!As soon as we showed our tickets and got inside we headed straight for the food. It was almost lunch time ... [ Discover More ]

Rhymes Festival

Next Sunday the 17th of July is my 26th birthday and I'll be spending my day surrounded by children, only one of whom is mine. We're going to Rhymes Kids Music Festival at Sydney Show Grounds Olympic Park. Aidan and I will stretch out on our gigantic picnic rug with our besties Monica & Brock, eat countless bananas and mandarins and dance the day away to some of Aidan's favourite tunes... it's going to be AWESOME!!! This is usually when the sarcasm kicks in but it's ... [ Discover More ]

Target: Toy-Tastic!

This post is sponsored by Nuffnang and Target.It's that time of year, the shelves are looming with plastic and packaging, all brightly coloured and musical for our children's delight. What may seem like a magical time for a child, parents Australia wide have started grinding their teeth in their sleep and breaking out into a sweat at the thought of ducking into a store during all the madness. The sound of someone saying "lay by counter" is like hearing nails on a chalkboard... Aidan's not even ... [ Discover More ]

Rainbow within Reach

Aidan is a colourful character and when he's not being a mr-bossy-cranky-pants like his mumma he's a lot of fun. He's not even two yet and he's morphed into a little boy I hardly recognise. I've been stopping a lot lately, pausing to smell his hair as we rock gently in the rocking chair reading his favourite books. Gazing at his tiny clothes and socks which seem to get dramatically bigger every time I do a load of washing.BabyLegs sent me some goodies in the mail a few weeks back, I'd always ... [ Discover More ]

Yo Gabba Gabba at Sydney Opera House

Aidan loves music, I'd go so far as to predict that it will play a major part in his life whether it be personal or professional. My little dude can get down like the best of them, he's got brilliant rhythm and can belt out a tune, even in key most of the time! So when I saw that Yo Gabba Gabba would be in town performing at the Sydney Opera House I contacted the press office and asked if I could get tickets for their biggest fan (Steve) and they said yes! Aidan and I were pretty stoked that ... [ Discover More ]

Squeaky Clean Fun

This post is sponsored for Nuffnang Australia and VIVASo last week I shared with you the fact that I was letting the team down and not really pulling my weight around the house. Instead of pointing fingers and sulking Steve and I put our heads together and came up with a few solutions to make life at home a little sweeter. One challenge that stumped us was the bathroom but VIVA sent me a few packets of their new VIVA Shower Fast Wipes for me to try out that would hopefully stop our bathroom ... [ Discover More ]