Choo Choo

Before I left with Aidan for Townsville the Hawkesbury Show came to town and I took Aidan by myself.One thing I was really looking forward to was taking Aidan on his first show ride. He LOVED it.He didn't like getting off.At all!He rode that little train 4 times and each time he went around the smile got bigger and wider.I told Steve he had to go with us next year, he'll be progressing up to the tea cups for sure!Check out the video, Aidan's watched it a million times.It took a lot to drag him ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan Loves Pigs

Aidan loves all the TV shows (Peppa Pig is awesome, just saying) , books and songs about pigs. He used to be crazy about ducks but now he has pig fever. This does not exclude is love for his very special pig, his piggy bank. Piggy is filled with "More" as Aidan calls it, a loose translation is "Money". He isn't even two yet and he's already clued on that he needs "More" to survive.At first it was a fun game to work on his motor skills and now he can bank away 5c pieces like a pro. Now ... [ Discover More ]

Stack ’em Up

Aidan and I spend a lot of time playing,  working on his motor skills and some wicked belly laughs. Even though my to-do list seems to be multiplying by the millisecond, it's time with my son I wouldn't trade for anything. With Steve having so much time off over Christmas he's been able to see what we get up during the day.On a weekday, Steve only really gets to hang out with Aidan in the afternoons and sometimes this can be a cranky affair, he really is his best in the morning. They spend ... [ Discover More ]

Curbside Cool

Steve and I were driving home the other day and I just happened to glace out the window down a side street and saw this out on the curb along with a lot of other faded broken outdoor toys. Like a possessed woman, I made Steve do an emergency U-Turn and shoved this sucker into the back of the car. I might be mistaken but I'm pretty sure Steve slunk into the drivers seat slightly and may have covered his face with one hand. It was covered in cobwebs, spiders and ants... to put it plainly is ... [ Discover More ]

Christmas at Our Place

So... um, I wasn't really feeling the Christmas spirit this year. Sure, I was still giving, donating and appreciating my family's good health and fortune but I wasn't as into as I've been in previous years. I usually go over the top with decorations, planning the menu weeks or even months in advance, even personalising my gift wrap... but this year, I just wasn't into it. The gifts were limited and simple, we had a tiny tree, nachos for lunch and had a roast lamb for dinner. I think because ... [ Discover More ]

Family Time

 "Dad, you're awesome!"I've been trying to lay low the last couple of days and really invest in more family time on top of all the pre-christmas craziness. It's just going to be the three of us this year and I while I know I'll really miss my family on the day, I'm quite thankful for a stress free holiday period. "mum, I'll drink the bath water if I want to... just try and stop me!"We've been playing... a lot. I've been toting the camera everywhere, playing with settings and just ... [ Discover More ]

Great Grandson

Last night my grandparents dropped in for a short visit whilst traveling. We sat around the table, had a roast chicken dinner and shared stories... Aidan told a few of his own as well. We're not going to be spending Christmas with family this year as they all have busy schedules (runs in the blood?) so it was really nice to get a chance to just be together.Aidan is the first great grandson on my dad's side of the family and even though we don't get to see my Grandparents often, when we do, it's ... [ Discover More ]

In the Tub

I've been trying to practice and get used to my awesome new camera and lens as much as possible. Aidan had been playing outside all afternoon and was in dire need of a bath so I took the opportunity to do both. The light was lovely, I just couldn't resist. When I looked at photography sites and saw children with these amazingly detailed eyes I thought they were just heavily photoshopped... turns out they just had brilliant gear. Thankfully Aidan didn't mind me getting in his face as he was ... [ Discover More ]

Cool Off & Chill Out

It's a stinker today so the boy and I are taking it easy... well he is, I'm sitting on that chair researching and emailing people back like a crazy person. I was nervous about playing with the camera when Aidan was obviously going crazy with the hose but I'm glad I did, otherwise I wouldn't have this image. That happy double chin gets me every single time :DWhat are you up to today? ... [ Discover More ]

Mr Independent

Lately Aidan has been quickly developing into his own little person. He knows what he wants and is so independent that it startles Steve and I on a daily basis. I understand that being first time parents, everything is new and amazing, that our son is the sun in our universe and no other star could shine as bright... but seriously, what's with the tantrums?These photos were taken within seconds of each other. One minute he's just fine, the next... WHAMO! They don't happen every day but they do ... [ Discover More ]

Keeping Cool Competition

 Sponsored by NuffnangAidan has found his independence so we've been spending a lot of time outside lately, giving him plenty of room to do his own thing and explore. The last week or so has been really hot during the day and I know the coming summer is going to be a sweaty one.Today I dragged Aidan's highchair outside and we had a lazy afternoon tea of watermelon and strawberries. I stripped him off so he could get all messy and covered in juice. The perfect cool treat after a hot day full ... [ Discover More ]

Park Life

On Thursday Steve and I took Aidan out for the afternoon, just because we could. Lately every bird he see's goes "quack quack" so we thought it would be fun to take him by the river and show him lots of birds and let him run about for awhile.We're lucky where we live that it's right by the river, it's so beautiful. This is me trying to get a nice family photo on my iPhone but there was no chance. Getting out of the house and away from the computer was good, I felt refreshed.Aidan is a ball of ... [ Discover More ]

Little Hands

One item I was really excited about finding at the Toddler Expo last weekend were these Playon Crayons. I had a set similar to these when I was a child and they were so much fun. You could pop them on your fingers, stack them and they were really comfortable to hold. I got 12 different colours for $12. Sidenote: Aidan knows the colours Blue and Green, must be from picking out his Tshirts every morning?I brought them out this afternoon during playtime and Aidan had so much fun. He did this ... [ Discover More ]

Toddler Expo

Today Aidan and I ventured into the city for a fun, full-on day at the Baby & Toddler Expo in Darling Harbour. I decided to drive in since the weather looked rather miserable and I was a little excited to drive the new car in for the first time.Of course because it was going to be such a big day out, just the two of us, I had to take a photo before we left the house. We're both wearing new outfits and were looking pretty spiffy.Before we'd even left the carpark we'd made friends with another ... [ Discover More ]

Aidan’s Room

I thought I might share how Aidan's room has changed as he's grown older. I can hardly call it a nursery now, he's just too big and boisterous. This lovely piece of cross stitch that my mum made hangs on his door, it's terribly sweet.This is the view of his room from the door. The rug is new and from Aldi of all places. It was the perfect shade of teal to match the curtains and it's made playtime a lot more comfortable for both of us. He has a toy box shelf now and a matching miniature table and ... [ Discover More ]

30 Days – Photo 24

Today is Aidan's birthday. I've been laughing to much to cry about it, this kid leaves me in stitches. We spent some time this afternoon out on the front lawn soaking up some sun and giving each other cuddles. My sister snapped this shot, she's pretty good behind the lens. We kept his birthday celebrations pretty simple since we'd had such a big weekend. He opened one or two presents and had an afternoon tea with his best buddy Brock. I made a chocolate cake covered in strawberries and he ... [ Discover More ]

30 Days – Photo 12

Aidan and I broke out of the house to get some sunshine... and to raid the Op Shop. Ok, so I might have been doing something nice like dropping off two big bags stuffed full of clothes and toys that Aidan had outgrown, but it was mainly for the sunshine. Honest. I scored some vintage fabric for me and a friend as well as this super cute tiny aluminum saucepan with lid. It's the perfect size for Aidan and will go great with his play kitchen that I'll be making for his Christmas present... but ... [ Discover More ]

30 Days – Photo 11

I had so many different things planned for today and I achieved none of them. Instead I've stayed in my pjs, tidied the studio in preparation for revamp, started painting some frames and spent most of the day talking to my Mum on Skype because I am onto my third week without a phone. Aidan is having some lunch and my Mum is watching on the laptop. I love that she loves him like I do and that every little thing is special. As soon as he sees her he always has a smile on his face... what a great ... [ Discover More ]

30 Days – Photo 8

Today was a busy day. Aidan and I had mothers group (Pizza Hut this week... woohoo!) and in the afternoon I looked after one of his little friends for a couple of hours. Her mum needed a break and had an appointment to go to. The cool thing is that they were both born on the same day and they both have blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin... we call them the twins. They had a great time ripping around the house. We played with blocks, my box of scarves and had a lot of fun with all the musical ... [ Discover More ]

30 Days – Photo 2

 Aidan and I got creative today and I'm very proud of my little Picaso. I got the paints out and he made sooooo much mess, the only way to clean up was to plonk him in the bath... but at least I have this cute painting. Priceless. ... [ Discover More ]

30 Days – Photo 1

I'm a day late into Project 31 Days / 31 Photos so lets just make it an even 30 shall we? The deal is, I'm going to take and post a photo everyday. Sure, it's not too far from the normal goings-on at but the photos wont have to correlate to anything exciting or substantial as what I try to make my post like, they'll just be completely off the cuff. I'll still post as normal, just think of it as a little voyeuristic bonus.Day #1: This is Aidan's favourite place to play. He ... [ Discover More ]

Bouncy Babe

Sponsored by NuffnangI was given a Fisher-Price Precious Planet Playtime Bouncer to review last week and since I'd never bought Aidan a fancy bouncer I thought we'd give it a try. When I received the box I was surprised by how nice it looked and how quick it was to put together.Aidan climbed into it straight away and was happy to watch The Wiggles in comfort. Thankfully it has a removable toy bar so I could easily get him in and out of it, he's so tall now. The adjustable 3 point harness was ... [ Discover More ]

Baby Gate

Aidan thought it was very exciting when we put the baby gates up, blocking off the kitchen from his busy little hands. It was one more thing he could climb. Steve and I weren't too thrilled about the extra hurdle (one of us always managed to walk into it at night) but knew it was necessary to keep Aidan out of harms way.He thinks he's very clever when he pulls himself up to standing, hands gripping the bars and singing really loud and proud. He watches us in the kitchen and just enjoys being ... [ Discover More ]

Breadcrumbs and Riverbanks

 With all the craziness of the giveaways last week, I seem to have accumulated quite a few photos just begging to be blogged. Last weekend Steve and I took some time out to go outside, forget about the laundry and get some air. I then spent the next 30 minutes packing our basket and all Aidan's necessary baby crap and we we off.We love taking Aidan out. All those things we promised we'd show our son when we dreamed of him all those years ago, are finally turning into reality and you ... [ Discover More ]

Hawkesbury Show

When I was growing up the Katherine Show (in my hometown) was always on around my birthday. It was something I looked forward to every year and I was happy to pass over my birthday money to the carnies in exchange for rides, Dagwood dogs and overpriced show bags filled with plastic crap wonderful toys.Since we moved away from Katherine I haven't been to a show... not in 6 years! This year I was determined to go and take Aidan with me. I tried in vain to convince Steve to join me and instead took ... [ Discover More ]