Peek a Boo

Little Mezza and I have graduated to weekly Ob appointments this week and I've been told due to his growth and wellness scan that any time from now could be "go" time, very exciting! He's measuring really well and even had a growth spurt which is all good news. He was head down during today's ultrasound and I really hope he decides to stay that way. He's still laying on his side, his spine is along my right side with his feet crossed and on my left side. I'm happy with that but I know a lot can ... [ Discover More ]

Got Balls?

Aren't they the cutest little balls you've ever seen HAHAHA!!! Sorry, no cute profile photos this time ladies because my precious boy did something amazingly cheeky... he turned. He's no longer transverse, he's head down/bum up and I'm very pleased he did it in time for the ultrasound as it makes my Ob appointment tomorrow a lot easier. Vaginal birth here I come... that is if his big head manages to make it through my pelvis.Steve couldn't be there and I promised I'd bring him some photos home ... [ Discover More ]

The unveiling…

Don't we have the sweetest little baby. We had our scan and everything went so well. Steve and I were beside ourselves with excitement. We watched the screen in amazement. So much had changed in 2 weeks. We also found out I'm actually 20wks and 3days but that may be just because we've got a rather big and long baby.Little Mez takes some of the cutest profile photos. I'm a bit of pro now when it comes to visualising what's on screen. Steve's slowly getting it, I still have to point most things ... [ Discover More ]

Our Little Alien

Cute hey! lol. We got our photos today and I love them. What I love even more is that well see Little Mez again in less than 2 weeks. Man, this cracks me up every time I see it. Steve has this pic as his screen saver at work lol.Now here's a cutie photo. So sweet and less alien-like. Mama's favourite. Steve's convinced Little Mez suck up it's rude finger during the scan but I think he's full of it. My sweet little baby would never do such a thing.Look at those big feet. Dad and Mama have the ... [ Discover More ]


I guess babies are programmed from the get-go to cause trouble.Yesterday at 5pm I had a bleed.I went to emergency.I called Steve but he was at the airport.Picking up big bosses and there was nothing he could do.I called my lovely Ob and got some reassurance and 8am appointment.I called my Wom and got some "calm".I was admitted at 5:30pm and didn't see a doctor until 10:50pm.No one even checked my bleed.I called Ob and he told me to go home.Nurses wouldn't let me leave.I was left in a bed bawling ... [ Discover More ]

Hello Mum & Dad!

Here's Little Mez, such a busy active baby. Did you know you can take a USB drive and they record the ultrasounds onto it for you?!?! We didn't but we wont forget for next time. You might be able to see in the bottom left corner that Little Mez is 13 weeks and 5 days. 14 weeks on Friday. Our Ob is really nice and I'm glad my Gyno referred us to him.This afternoon felt like information overload. So much paperwork, so much money. We talked about my overall health, previous surgeries, CIN3 and ... [ Discover More ]

The week that changed my life…

Yes, I'm pregnant and Steve is over the moon. There are a lot of details that I feel need to be shared so I'll give you some time to get over the shock of it all before I get into it... there, is that enough time? That's how I feel, I'm in complete shock. COMPLETE. SHOCK. That is our baby... I'm still getting my head around the concept let alone the idea that this tiny little being is inside me. ME. So many details, where to start... ok, I'll start from where I found out... last Thursday. Yep, I ... [ Discover More ]