Still some big deal


Hi gorgeous! Before I begin I just want to thank you for keeping tabs on me and for taking the time to read, listen and feel this post. I know, it's been awhile. In fact it's the longest period I've ever gone without posting since I started my blog almost 10 years ago. I just want to take a moment to thank Ella, her comment on my last post in some ways allowed me to step away. I was so touched I cried and I'll admit I've read it more than a few times, so thank you xx At the end of 2014 I had ... [ Discover More ]

Whatever I Want


For the past two weeks I've been struggling with pneumonia and frequent (very scary) asthma attacks, not exactly how I planned to spend the school holidays. I seem to be slowly on the mend and I've been keeping my hands busy with embroidery and rolling deep with Netflix. I've had asthma since I was two so as far as I'm concerned it's always been apart of my life. When I was in primary school I'd get the odd attack, it was usually brought on by over-exertion leaving me the red-faced, blue-lipped ... [ Discover More ]

Recovery Mode


I've been stuck in bed for weeks but I've found every distraction possible it seems to avoid writing this post, obviously that is until now. I guess there are a few reasons why I'm hesitant to write about my experience: It's a story filled with gore, seriously not pretty. I'm only midway through the first phase of recovery and my body is still settling. I'm sick of thinking about my vagina but that said... ... I'm considering turning my gynaecological adventures into a book. All ... [ Discover More ]

Family Portrait 2014

FAMILY 2014 sml-3

I love my family. We're outwardly confident, emotional, stubborn, loyal and loving. I have more relations outside of this group but at the end of the day these are the ones who really know me, they're my people: Mum, Dad, my sister and my boys. Sometimes I wish we weren't so insular, that there were more bums on seats around the table at gatherings, that we weren't so co-dependant and self sufficient but then again I'm not sure I'd really have had it any other way. This is what I know, who I ... [ Discover More ]

60 Things I Adore


This post is sponsored by Active Skin I'm lucky enough to get the opportunity to try some pretty cool things (across all budgets) and this year was no exception so I thought I'd share with you a pretty intense list of things that I adore. Seriously, it took days and many edits to come up with this list and I could have added more. Some I've discovered and bought myself, others have been gifted by brands (and bought again myself) and there are also things I aspire to own... enjoy! The ... [ Discover More ]



My Dad is driven, a high achiever, a forward-planner, a charmer and a many-spinning-plates kind of man. My Mum is laid back, patient, organised and a in-the-now sort of lady. In their case opposites definitely attract and it's worked well for them and as a result I am very much a combination of their personal traits. Dad is a man with a plan and when he sets his mind to something he achieves it, he's very inspiring. Whenever Dad was juggling too many projects Mum was always there to handle what ... [ Discover More ]

Time Off


I took some time off. I didn't want to think about you and your expectations, your questions, your problems or your blessings. I was really really selfish, bunkered down and gave myself space to process my own expectations, questions, problems and blessings. Is there such a thing as a 6-week mental health break? If not I just created one. It didn't start out that way, I had every intention to keep going like I was until suddenly I missed a day, then the next and suddenly a week flew by and then ... [ Discover More ]


          ... that's where my mind's at. I've tried writing, I don't know how many times I've opened the dashboard only to stare and the blinding white screen. My mouth goes dry, my hands freeze and the words don't come out. I close the laptop and open it again hoping that somewhere in that moment I'll find the words I was trying to grasp. It happened again and again and again. Weeks have gone by, content piling up, photos lay dormant in my hard drive and ... [ Discover More ]

Bright Darkness


  The beautiful clock ticks loudly within the quiet walls of early dawn. The stillness overrides my capacity for sleep, unwavering weakness. My body aches for reprieve, my bones for slumber.   Eyes wired, dry and hazy yet unwilling to close. Fizzling memories tactile, embedded for eternity. A dull heavy force I feel the need to push through, my shoulders raw.   Some nights I wonder about the stars, still, against our axis. Time spinning, I sit ... [ Discover More ]

Mind Your Own Fatkini


Did you know SS14/15 is on the horizon and that means the annual "Body Issue" magazines will be making their way to shelves. Some covers slamming celebs for the flip from "fab to flab" and others celebrating the diversity of race, size and age. Morning television shows will be inundated with "body experts", health advisors, diet gurus, swimwear models and of course there will be controversy over runway models. It's the same thing... every... single... year. In the end it's about selling the ... [ Discover More ]



It’s almost 1am and I can’t sleep. I lay in bed the room dark and still, Steve softly snoring by my side. The ocean waves and wind chimes app that can usually lull me into slumber is obviously ineffective tonight as I stare blankly at the ceiling. My brain has been busy processing and problem solving. My hands have been busy tending our new home. My heart has been heavy, light and everything in between to the point of which I’m left dizzy. Usually I would write, finding solace in the soft ... [ Discover More ]

Tend and Nurture


I've found it really difficult to write since we moved to Old Faithful, that's what I call the new place by the way. It has nothing to do with bad juju or anything like that, entirely the opposite. I'm so happy and in adoration with this tiny home I find myself spending every spare moment gently tending it's garden, fondling the linens and cushions or finding warm spots to enjoy the breeze and soak up the sunshine. The boys have taken a walk to the park, my sister has gone up the coast to visit ... [ Discover More ]

When I’m Ready


I've learnt that there is no rushing the natural. You can't change the weather, you can't change time and you sure as hell can't blog when you "have to" and especially not when you're "expected to". The posts I feel really good about, the ones I'm proud of, the ones that seem to reach out and build an emotional bridge to you through my computer screen, they just happen. I'll be honest, I forgot that. That's right I'm flinging my hand up in the air and saying "My Bad" because it really is all ... [ Discover More ]

Nothing about this is easy


Lately, if I'm honest, there has been a lot going on and not all of has been easy to process. I'm not talking about the move, yeah sure it's affected us but as more of an inconvenience than a stress. Moving just added to the list in a big way but it's do-able. Everything is do-able. Actually, moving into our new place has got me really excited but more on that later. Last year a big, emotional, personal shift occurred within me. I've spoken a little about it here but basically I felt lost. As ... [ Discover More ]

Hall of Fame – Kidspot Voices 2014


On the weekend I was honoured to be inducted into the Kidspot Voices Hall of Fame for blogging. I've been a part of the competition since it's inception many years ago, I even came Top 5 in 2012. A special thanks to the unwavering support, love and nominations from new and loyal readers of my blog. It's so exciting to see fresh faces entering the arena even if I did feel a bit like a dinosaur, because not only was I celebrating the induction but on Monday my blog turned 8 years old. I spent ... [ Discover More ]

Dramatic Tendencies


Do you constantly feel overwhelmed? I do. Most of the time it feels as though it's one thing after another. You get through one drama only to step right into the next, you're lucky if you even get a few hours or days to breathe between them. I've felt this way for a few years but really noticed it in the last 12 months. It creeps up on you and it's hard to shake it off. I found the most common triggers fall under five major categories: Health Friends Family Self Esteem Sex Now ... [ Discover More ]

S’posed To

sposed to

I often get caught up in what I'm s'posed to do. Obviously there is the general things like be kind to people, be generous, empathetic and insightful. Be clever, witty, talented and humble. Be creative, resourceful, intuitive and a risk taker. Brush my teeth, do my hair, do my laundry. Basically all the hats. When I had a normal job knowing the focus of my day made things extremely easy, most often to the point where I was bored out of my brain. The same objectives everyday, a set list of ... [ Discover More ]

Pretty Little Life

Aussie Curves Danimezza Plus Size Australian Blogger Outfit Blonde City Chic Floral Digital Print Retro Neon Pastel Pink Lilac Cardigan WEDDING-4

On the weekend we attended a wedding, a union between two new friends and it was very special. I meet "Meeks" at Aidan's preschool and casually built up a friendship as her daughter and my son were smitten with each other. We invited their family to Aidan's birthday party and we all just hit it off, even Steve and he's a hard nut to crack. We were excited to get to know this family better but sadly a month later they had to move for "JJ's" work. Meeks + JJ got married on Saturday and it was ... [ Discover More ]

In Progress


The blog might have been a little quiet of late but my life offline has not. Actually it's been quite loud, aggressive and bossy. A part of me missed the quiet times of allowing my words to pour out onto the screen in the dark but if I'm entirely honest I also revelled in my time away. I've been dealing with things, repressed and present things, it hasn't been that easy but I'm proud of myself. There is something about this time of year that drains me mentally and physically, I pour everything ... [ Discover More ]

Hair Happens

mo kiss

I took this photo several months ago (obviously, I'm blonde now) and sent it to my sister for a laugh. I asked her if I should share it on instagram and  whilst she thought it was funny she advised against it, a little too much information. I saved it anyway and I'm glad I did because tonight it couldn't be more appropriate. One of the younger ladies in Aussie Curves brought up the topic of excess hair. You could tell she was pained by the whole ordeal and was frightfully embarrassed. It just ... [ Discover More ]

Revamp + Renew

danimezza screen grab 2014

You might remember my blog looking like this but last week I began the creative yet tedious task of redesigning it myself, you might have noticed that I went quiet. It has been several years since my last redesign, the ever lovely Liz & Jarod had custom designed my last one to perfection. Over the years though the needs of my blog changed and eventually I just wanted an overhaul. I missed the freedom and challenge of building my blog like the old days (hands up if you remember blogger coding ... [ Discover More ]

Salt + Silence

beach 2

After the Christmas holiday break with my family in Port Stephens I was really unhappy. I missed the togetherness, the seaside living and weirdly enough, the disconnect. I left my laptop at home for over a week, barely used my phone (except to take pics) and put my email in vacation mode. That might not sound like a big sacrifice to most but for me it was like going completely off the grid... and I liked it. I liked it so much that after we got home a week later Aidan and I left Steve at home to ... [ Discover More ]



Things are good. I'm neck deep in the adjustment period but weirdly enough, I feel at ease. I'm editing wedding photos, writing, drawing, shopping, driving, lunching, dressing up, going out, dancing, cleaning, drinking, cooking, playing... I'm living, but living lighter. I'm a stress head, I always have been. I wish it was something I could turn on and off but only tequila can do that. Working from home is hard, working in social media from home is harder. Not only can you never really walk ... [ Discover More ]

A Change in Direction


When I started blogging back in 2006 blogging wasn't about making money. I was 20 and I had just moved interstate with Steve, away from everyone we knew and loved. It was isolating but I loved sharing mundane photos of our new life with my family and friends, blogging was an easy and accessible way to keep in touch before the popularity of Facebook. For those who haven't read that far back (those that have I feel like I should send you a certificate!) I shared pics of our various rental houses, ... [ Discover More ]